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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya asks video grapher how dare he is to shoot her sister’s sari removal scene. He says he was just obeying Gaura’s orders. She asks to give footage. He says footage did not record properly, so they need not worry. She relaxes and leaves with Shravan. Videogrpaher then calls Gaura and says her grandson and his wife had come and he lied them and sent. He sends footage to her mobile. She sends it to Vidya’s moble and from there sents it to Gopi and continues her usual witty dialogues.

Gopi with Hetal and Kokila is busy in kitchen preparing dishes for her daughters. She gets Vidya’s message and is shocked to see Meera’s sari removal video and starts crying. Kokila asks what happend. She shows video and they all 3 starts showing concern for

Meera. Ahem comes and asks if they prepared food, Vidya and Shravan must be coming any time. Kokila says almost done. He asks what are they seeing on mobile. Kokila says Vidya has sent bhajan videos on Gopi’s mobile. He asks them to hurry up and leaves. Gopi asks Kokila why did not she tell truth to Ahem. Kokila says she knows Ahem’s nature, he would not tolerate his daughter’s vastra haran.

Gaura laughs thinking her sent video would have created a high voltage drama and thinks Kokila must have panicked by now, but she should not keep their granddaughters there, else her plan will fail. Durga brings hot kadi for her. She sips and throws it on her and says she needed kadi to drink and not burn her mouth.

Vidya and Meera with Shravan and Dharam reach Modi bhavan. Vidya hugs Gopi and then Ahem. Meera proceeds, but Ahem stops her. She asks if he is not happy seeing her here. He says no. Gopi tries to intervene, but Kokila stops her. Parag takes Shravan and Dharam in.

Kokila takes Meera and Vidya to a room and tells Meera that she will not go back to Gaura’s house. Meera asks why. Hetal says they saw her video. Meera asks what video. Kokila shows it and says Vidya sent it. Meera shouts at Vidya how dare she is to sent that video to these people. Vidya says she did not and does not know anything about it. Kokila says that means Gaura sent it. Meera asks why did not dad react even after seeing this video. Gopi says they did not show it to him and Kokila says Ahem would have created a big problem if he had seen it. Meera continues shouting that they don’t want her dad to compromise with her and when they complaint her each silly mistake, then why did not they show this video to dad. She says she saw Kokila challenging Gaura and knows they will using her, so she will not stay here and leaves from room.

Precap: Kokila throws Urmila out of house and asks never to come back. Meera says her naani will stay with her in Gaura’s house.

Update Credit to: MA

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