Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar and Pari get into car to go to the airport. Pari calls her papa and says she and Jigar are coming to Delhi. He says once Jigar comes here, he will make sure he will not go back to Rajkot. Kokila and Jigar also leave for airport to stop Jigar. Both cars stop in a signal and Kokila sees Jigar in car and calls him.

Radha shows Meera and Vidya’s torture video by her goons and them pleading to leave them. Gopi starts crying seeing that. Hetal calls Kinjal and informs her about Meera and Vidya being kidnapped by Radha. Kinjal asks her to give phone to Urmila. Urmila gets afraid and says she cannot hear Kinjal’s taunt. Kinjal says she will come to Modi bhavan right now.

Jigar and Pari check into airport. Kokila and Ahem try to get in, but security officer

says they cannot go in without ticket. Kokila requests to let her in as her children’s life is at risk, she wants to just take back her son from there. Officer does not allow her even then. Kokila sees Jigar and runs in breaking security. Ahem asks security officer to send even him. He says he cannot break rules. Pari sees SMSes of Radha kidnapping Meera and Vidya and gets worried. Kokila sees Jigar at a coffee stall and calls him. Security officers stop her. She shouts that her children’s life is at risk and continues shouting Jigar’s name. Jigar hears her and goes near her. Kokila tells him about children’s kidnap. He leaves with her. Pari also joins and says they have to go home soon to save kids. Kokila asks Pari to stop her drama. Jigar says Kokila to stop complaining and says they should reach home soon.

Jigar reaches home back with Kokila, Ahem and Pari and asks Radha to release children now. She says he has to spend some time with her and her unborn child. Pari warns her not to touch her husband. Radha says she cannot touch her and shows Meera and Vidya’s kidnap video. Kokila asks her to stop her drama and to leave kids as they brought back Jigar as they promised. She says as they wish, calls someone and asks to bring. She praises herself that she is genius and will rule this house with her magic wand. Pari starting fighting with her. Gopi asks Pari how can she be so selfish and did not even pick her calls. Pari says she did not know about kid’s kidnap. Kokila asks her to stop her drama. Gopi hears footsteps sound and thinks her kids are coming, but lawyer comes instead. Radha says she called him and shows Jigar and Pari’s divorce papers. Jigar asks what rubbish she is talking. Pari says this will not happen. Radha says this will happen and asks Jigar to sign papers. He says never. She asks if he really cares about his nieces or not and shows him their torture video. She says Gopi that if Jigar does not divorce Pari, she will kill her one child. Gopi pleads not to do that. Jigar takes papers to sign, Pari requests him not to sign them. Kokila alleges Pari that she is selfish to not think of Meera and Vidya. Jigar signs. Pari says she will not. Kokila asks her to sign.

Precap: Gopi requests Pari to sign divorce papers.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, why don’t the men in the family just kill radha, I would just smash a pole in her head blo*dy annoying filthy witch

  2. if they dnt drag d shw hw would they get their trp’s so they gona drag as much as they can/even more than dat to test patience of people who watch their shw!!

  3. Radha is the best. Love your acting. Please continue this serial, hope it never ends. Best serial.

    1. Shit with the serial …. No normal human will like this serial and especially Radha….. Insult to gods name

  4. I hate radha

  5. Wat rubbish! Bullshit! Smthg dt cn neva happens in real life. Wat do u think? Why are u playin wit our intelligence. Beta end this ur stupid, nonsense,idiotic series. Even an illiterate wl neva act like this. A small,illiterate girl like Radha playn wt d intelligence ov educated people does it make sense? Even an illiterate director wl neva plot such a film. Nonsense! To hell wit u Kokila! To hell wit ol other members! U ol dnt hv beta things to do in life. Hw cn a person who ws charged wit attempt to murder be released in jst some mnth? RUBBISH! DAMN U OL!!!

  6. Why don’t they snatch radhas mobile and show it to police.stupid show.can’t they able to find the other lady who is helping radha.if rashi was there she would have saved this stupid family.gopi knows to cry,kokila knows to shout,baa hetal & ahem to shock only.we should blame ourselves stupid to watch this idiotic serial(only after rashi’s death part)

  7. Can’t these modi people keep an eye on radha like where she is going,to whom she is talking.where is madhuben?gopi’s father?instead if simply sitting in urmila’s house why don’madhubhen kill radha and sit in jail.what concept is this always bad people are getting success.

  8. radha is pregnant with her ex husband…she s not carrying jigar s child..

  9. exactly devika zahra n jeena

  10. bt jeena that donkey ex-husband death has hpnd past in the ages right,,,,yup devika gopi knws one thing perfectly ie 2 cry …die hard perfectionist in crying…..hetal,baa,other men r given no other work i gues,,,thats y kokila has 2 use her energy 24/7 in yelling…radha shld b traped …n dis pari dumbo is fit 4 nothing now i gues…

  11. yaeah….ur ryt

  12. Why don’t they all gang up on her, take her by surprise, how many of them is there, theyv r all cowards,be realistic and call police, or do u not have them in India,,

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