Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona serves dinner to family and then serves diet khichdi to Pari. Pari says she does not need it. Sona tries to convince her, but Pari pushes her hand. Sona leaves silently. Pari sees Hetal’s plate empty and tries to serve her. Hetal pushes her hand and leaves. Whole family follows her while still Pari tries to stop them all. Kokila sits on table and smirks.

Naiya locks her room door and looks herself into mirror. She changes her dress and wears modern clothes with make up and thinks she is suffering since childhood because of Daadi’s promise. Now, she got a chance to change her life. Once Vidya’s child is born, it will be given to her and with her child, she will be queen of her in-law’s wealth and will enjoy wealth alone.

Pari sees

Kokila smiling on table and says broke her promise and provoked family to go against her. Kokila shouts in her usual style that she does not break any promise and their family’s reaction was obvious.

SNS spoiler

Naiya continues laughing and dreaming of enjoying wealth like a queen. Gaura knocks door. She hurriedly rubs lipstick and makeup and wears her black drress over colorful one and then opens door shedding fake tears. Gaura enters and consoles her. She sees lipstick on Naiya’s lips and asks why is she wearing lipstick. Naiya lies that daadi saas hit her with slipper and it is blood. Gaura curses Kadambari and leaves.

Gopi sleeps (wearing makeup, jewelry, and costly sari) and wakes up shouting after a bad dream. Kokila comes and consoles her with long emotional dialogues. Gopi smiles.

Dharam comes to Vidya’s room with food and consoles her. He says he is not her sasur now but a helpless father and says she can have another child in future, but his Naiya will not. Meera enters, gives his knife and asks him to give his heart. He asks what rubbish is this. She asks if he cannot give his heart, how can he expect Vidya to give her heart, part of her body, her child. Gaura enters and shouts to stay away. Meera says she will not spare anyone who will trouble her sister and pushes dharam. Gaura shouts and Meera confronts her.

Precap: Gaura says Meera that she will not let her stay in her house even for a min and drags. Meera frees herself and says she will not go out before 6 months and will not spare whoever troubles her sister.

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  1. Meera’s acting is fantastic. Then Gaura and Paridhi.

  2. Oh , you meant this lipstick…………

  3. Naiya is a clever lady. She is not fit for molu.
    And she is not also fit for md family.
    She is only looks for the wealth. I don’t like her………….
    She is the ” mirror like ” form of gaura….

    1. But was not rashi and urmilla after the same? Rashi got married into the md family for wealth at the start and then turned good later on.

      1. Her evil laughs are so fake- makes me cringe LOL

  4. Am i right?

  5. You are right same here naiya acting is so poor

  6. they keep bringing in more evil people on top of evil in this show…now they have Gaura’s granddaughter. Seriously, anyone who has to live in either family like that for real with such stressful lives…they would die of depression…just looking at this show makes me depress. Just think there isn’t any happiness in either household…Yikes!!!!

  7. Ya naiya is not suitable for modi family.she looks innocent by face but not in actual

  8. Naiya look like she comes to take over

  9. Yes,Naiya is not of good character .but may become good in future as said by Isaaq.

  10. Naiya is a fake woman…like elephants teeth khane k alag n dikhane k alag….????

  11. wow nice story today shows. all friends watch the show and enjoyed real life

  12. Right naiya is not fit for molu naiya is a very very clever and evil lady I think paridhi will give more importance to naiya then sona

  13. in what year the writers of this show are living, do they think that they are still living in the jungle.the writers n the production team are stupid and dumb.

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