Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2014 Written Update

*Kids-Gopi reached the place where the circus is , Gopi starts finding out whether people have seen Rashi or not. She figures out that Rashi is in the box, which in underneath the logs. Someone sets it to fire.

*Gopi yells and says no, people are shocked. Gopi yells Raashi Behen. Rashi also shouts back, Gopi starts fighting the fire, by trying to get the logs out of the way. The kids go home and tell everyone, Everyone comes rushing. Parag helps by putting out the fire, the kids and other help but the fire is still going strong.

*Gopi’s dupaata catches fire. Ahem & jigar reach the venue and dont understand what is going on. Ahem sees Gopi’s dupaata on fore and takes it off of her. Jigar hears Rashi voice and is shocked. He too is worried. Finally the fire is doused. Gopi burns her hand will getting Rashi out. Rashi is soughing but in good shape. Everyone is happy. Ahem gives Gopi his jacket. Hetal-Madhu smile at this. Gopi-Ahem have an eyelock.

* Rashi is out the kids and Jigar hug. Gopi and Rashi also hug. Rashi then faints. Kids are crying, they go home, Ahem calls the doctor but the doctor doesnt arrive yet. Jigar sprinkles water on Rashi, she gets up and says no need of a doctor. Urmila ia happy that Rashi is fine. Radha tries to comfort Rashi. Rashi flinches away and asks her to stop giving fake feelings.

* Madhu says lets go, Urmila doesnt want to go home. Kokila-Madhu taunt each other and leave. Urmila and family finally leave.

*Rashi and Samar-Sahir hug. Then Rashi-Gopi hug. Vidya joins them. Rashi thanks Gopi for saving her. She tells Gopi that she is a member of this house, a DIL and Ahem’s wife. She asks her promise that she will stay. Ahem-Kokila disown Gopi. Kokila leaves. Ahem has a burn on his hand. Gopi-Ahem have an eyelock.

* Ahem also leaves. Gopi is worried.

Precap : Rashi asks Gopi to promise that she will not leave her and this family and go anywhere. And stay with us. And at any cost you will not let Ahem remarry and as long as you life you will never let go of you patni dharma. Hetal looks on proud.

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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  1. cant wait pls update fast @DancinDiva

    1. Hi Ganga! how are you?

  2. Plz quick with update

  3. Yea! Dear wat about u somany days passed I just cant wait to see you dear Shambhavi

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  4. good episode. make radhas truth reveal quick.

  5. Hi Shambhavi Hi Ganga what’s matter? I never saw you commenting in this web

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  6. dont be in hurry dancing dive otherwise u will update it in very puzzled manner

  7. hate you kokilaaaa as well as Radha! Frnds I would like to slap Kokila and Radha Harddddder

  8. hate you kokilaaaa as well as Radha! Frnds I would like to slap Kokila and Radha Harddddder

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  12. He love this Show

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  14. So lovely! Ahem Shud begin to love Gopi

  15. Wana bring the true faces of Radha soon to dear kokila and Ahem..

  16. when will the modi parivar get to know about radhas evilness. When is meera going to enter the parivar. losing patience now. rashi missing episode took a whole week. When will Ahem become a true husband and father as of now his only ma ka laadla and nothing else.

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