Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th January 2013 Written Update

Rashi brings vansh to kinjal’s room where kinjal is playing with mira. Kinjal taunts rashi that she has arrived their without informing before. Rashi says she dint mean to hurt her. Rashi gives vansh to kinjal but she ignores and plays with mira. Gopi explains kinjal that they should love and take care of the new member into their family with whole heart. Kinjal understands gopi’s words. Urmi comes there and tells seriously to kinjal that not to touch vansh if she isnt interested. Urmi when taking vansh into hands grabs her plait and pulls it. Kinjal feels happy that he is modi and knows very well what to do. Urmi gets angry that all modis will be suffering her.

In modi bhawan, Vansh will be keep on crying and rashi manages to make him calm. Meeti comes there and asks rashi to come to make mira calm down. Rashi takes vansh along with her. Their rashi makes few faces and dances before mira to make her calm. Finally she stops crying. With cooker’s whistle vansh again wakes up. Later, Urmi calls rashi and asks whether vansh is fine. Rashi says he hasnt slept all night and just slept. Urmi asks rashi not to go out for few days and hangs on. Rashi sleeps beside vansh but he wakes up with cooker whistle. Rashi makes faces to make him calm. At urmi’s place, Dhawal shows few gifts for vansh & mira. Kinjal sadly tells that no one gives any gifts for her. Dhawal replies kinjal ji u doesnt like my gifts na. Kinjal feels bad. While leaving kinjal takes off the plaster which stuck to dhawal’s shirt. Dhawal feels happy that falguni’s plan has worked out.

Urmi and rashi will be talking on mobile, Rashi says with the whistle sound vansh is waking up so she is thinking to ask modis not to use cooker for few days. Urmi says rashi to cool down modis as they are angry about her odd behavior with kinjal. Rashi hangs on the call and goes to kitchen where she finds koki and gopi working on the cooker. Koki leaves giving gopi some work. Rashi asks gopi not to cook rice in the cooker rather to cook in a vessel. Gopi agrees to it. Urmi peeps out and feels happy to see no police in the chawl. Urmi closes the door and comes in but door knocks. Urmi opens the door and finds few women from some orphanage. They asks urmi to donate some money. But urmi denies to donate. Kinjal passes by and hears these words. Kinjal comes to them and says they would donate money. And they have adopted a baby from some orphanage. Kinjal asks which orphanage it was. Urmi checks her wallet to donate money and says she has no money. Kinjal brings 1000 rupee note and gives but urmi grabs it and keeps it in her wallet. Urmi takes out 100 rupee note and donates to the women. They leave.

Rashi will be peeping into kitchen and feels happy that no one is using cooker. Koki comes there and doubts why is she peeping into kitchen. Rashi says she came to have juice. Koki asks rashi not to leave vansh alone in the room. Later, Jigar & ahem return from office. Koki asks both to have dinner with them. But ahem denies and leaves to his room. Koki asks whats the matter to jigar. Jigar says he is worried about new project. Koki asks gopi to prepare meeta chawal in the cooker for ahem. Rashi feels tensed that vansh might wake up. At urmi’s place, Urmi reads her forecast in newspaper that she would suffer because of her sins. To overcome them she need to donate. But urmi thinks only nani should do dhaan why not dadi?

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