Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura shouts at Meera to stop troubling her son, else she will punish her. Meera drops water on her, taunts her if she will punish her like this, and asks her to go and get ready for pooja.

At Modi bhavan, all members get busy in pooja arrangements. Molu asks Hetal why they are preparing mud stove via potter woman. Hetal says it is a ritual and they have to follow. Sona enters as potter wearing veil and holding pot. Tolu clashes with her and pot falls. She scolds her and he apologizes and helps her pick broken pieces. She says she will pick them and once he leaves, she thinks he does not trust her but is looking like devdas without her. Meethi comes and takes her in.

Gaura orders Vidya and Durga to prepare sugar syrup for pooja and yells at them to hurry up. She orders Meera to get ready soon. She silently drops oil on floor. Meera comes down and Durga brings sugar syrup, slips on slippery floor and falls on Meera. They both fall down, but Meera does not scold Durga. Gaura yells at Durga and asks her not to give excise of leg sprain now. She ges into car with Vidya, Durga, and Shravan and Meera goes to change her clothes. Servant calls Gaura and says he did his work and locked house from outside. Meera goes to her room to change and sees a rat. She pampers rat and sees room filling up with rats and panics. Dharam while wrestling falls down and feels pain and thinks why is he feeling pain. Meera climbs chair, but falls down and rats surround her and she shouts for help.

Gaura reaches Modi family with Vidya, Shravan, and Durga and starts her witty dialogues. Vidya reminds her of Dharam’s promise. Urmila taunts Gaura if she was missing her. Gaura says he was not able to eat without her. She again starts her witty dialogues. Ahem fumes.

Precap: Ahem tells family that they got happiness back after a long time and wants to do garba with Gopi. Kokila says even she wants to see them doing garba.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. paridhi ko wapis lao

  2. happy leap dayyyyyyyyyyyyy 29 feb i guess next leap year tak ye serial finish ho jayga aur is serial ko like n hate krne wale log fir kisi aur serial ko continue krne ya finish krne k piche pd rahe honge. pr har forum pe john jaise viewer bhi ho jo serial k die hard fan ho jo hamesha hi serial k liye positive rahe really i admire him. main is keval is daily soap ko dekhta hu but ye mera first n last serial h. is serial me tripti ki reentry dekhna chahta hu

  3. Lubna Amiraly

    precap is ok but episode is not ok because of gaura

  4. Sona facial expressions and acting is superb. She is the phenomal one.

  5. dharam ka mama karunesh is still alive!!!!!!!!!!!! next tufani twist soon before u

    1. wat??????? karunesh zinda h kya yahi secret shavan vidya se chupa raha h?

  6. Sona looks smart…. She will fulfill rashi…

  7. I hope sona catches madhuben n record everthing she do n play it for modi family

  8. Karunesh mama zinda h kya ? Aur gaura aunty ko ye patha h ki nahi?ya tho phir ye sab jo kuch b gaura aunty ne koki aunty se kaha vo sab joot h? Tho agar karush mama zinda ho tho gaura aunty ko koki aunty se itni nafrath kyoon h? Karunesh mama zinda ho tho kahaam raha h?
    Ye bath daram uncle ko b patha h ki nahi?tripthi ki reentry kyoon karoo ?
    Akshay bai aap hameesha astrologer jese new twist lekar aarahi h. Its nice.
    Sona raashi kaki jesi baal banathi h aur uski jesi smart b h. Ye ek hi serial h jo me zindagi me ithni pyaar se aur attention se dekthe aarahi hoom. Aur kya kya evidences sona ko milega ? Koki aunty or sona,’ kon layega ye sab sachaayi samne ? Oh my God kith saree saval udthee h man me ye serial dekthe!
    Phir b tho me sow baar kahna chahoo gi ki this is the best in the world for ever.
    Reshmi sharma you are really admirable………


  9. That’s what Shravan is hiding!!! Then why did gaura want to take revenge from koki

  10. Very very stupid

  11. Shivam saxena

    I alwys want to see happy ? to gopi bcz c is my fav. Character in this searial anddd i alwys wannna to finish the stupid story to take revenge of Gaura n madhu to Gopi…”Gopi is innocent ?”…what gopi maked a mistake if c muder to radha….?…..
    And why gaura’s hate for modi family is not finishing yet even after this his son DHARAM is ok nw… why c not making hand with their son…….I also like meera (sakshi)

  12. Shivam saxena

    That’s what……….?sravan’s hiding from vidhya

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