Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naiya tells family that she hates Shravan as she became widow in childhood because of him. She is jealous of his happy life and her sorrowed life. She hates even Meera as her problems inceased since she came into their lives. She now realized how wrong she was.

Jaggi does not like videos on laptop and immerses it repeatedly in water bucket. Kokila reminices Gopi doing same during her youth. She with family members gets Ahem’s clothes for Jaggi. Jaggi says he will not wear it. Kokila calls Urvashi and asks what did she eat when Jaggi was born, he is very stubborn. Urvashi says he is since childhood and she sould have kept his nme as Ziddi instead of Jaggi. Kokila asks how she controls him. Urvashi says by beating him with broom. Kokila beats him with broom and

then cries. Veeru says Ahem daadu made chodi daadi cry. Kokila says he cannot be her Ahem and walks out.

Prakash also apologizes Dharam’s family and accepts he kidnapped Priyal and not Naiya. Naiya it was her plan and not his. Inspector says they both are culprits and arrests them. Vidya stops inspector and takes back case. Inspector says they both are still under supicious of trying to murder Vidya and he will investigate the case. Once inspector leaves, Dharam hugs Naiya and says he is happy that she told truth. Vidya says they should get Naiya and Prakash married now. Shravan says even he wants world full of happiness for Naiya.

Tolu and Veeru forcefully make Jaggi wear Ahem’s clothes and spectacles. Urmila comes and stands dumbstuck seeing his complete resemblence to Ahem. Jaggi says he does not want to become Ahem. Urmila says it is very difficult for Kokila to see him as Ahem, but there is not other go to save Gopi. Jaggi thinks why did his mother send him here.

Mansi comes to mental assylum. Doctor says Gopi cured 3 mental patients whom she is with and they are behaving well. Mansi asks her to kill Gopi and not inform Krishna and Premila, she wants to complete her revenge.

Kokila gets disheartened and cries. Urmila tries to console her. She sees Jaggi coming down wwearing Ahem’s clothes and spectacles and points him. Jaggi comes down with stooped gait and says he cannot wear this tight suit and tie. Veeru gives him water and says he should remove his blazer. Kokila asks him to go to his room and Veeru leaves. Jaggi asks to loosen his tie and says he does not want to become Ahem, Ahem is well educated and speaks English fluently, but he is 5th std fail.

Precap: Kokila asks Jaggi if he cannot see tears and hope in their eyes and wants to break their hope, before he leaves she wants to show him something.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think Meera desire to have a miscagg I mean she take power over Naiya. Naiya had to the house work along with Vidya and the servants. Meera dose nothing. How can Meera look after a baby.

  2. gopi ahem modi

    This lallu can’t take space of ahemji in in my life please maaji forsake of you now i am in hell and again you are doing same again

  3. gopi ahem modi

    Hey kanhaji mujhe to kokila maaji se bachao meri zindagi ko to practical lab bana rakha hai.

  4. gopi ahem modi

    Mujhe to krishna ji k sath hi rahna hai nayya ki shadi main bhi main to krishna ji ke sath hi aungi

    1. Idiot tumhe sharam nahi ata hai aise ghatiya baat karte hue iss page pe.

    2. Idiot comment
      You are a shameless guy

    3. You are shameless too

    4. You are shameless ,idiot,stupid etc who are you shameless? you are always replaying me .i don’t need your support,reply etc vagera

    5. Don’t try to negatively comment about me again.


  5. gopi ahem modi

    Koi mujhe bachao mansi mujhe mar degi ???

  6. Good serial.

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Dhanywad john ji

  7. Love Dharam Ji. Why has Meera not confessed her sins? The new wannabe Ahem is a joker and his jokes are pathetic.

  8. Fake Gopi ahem Modi are u gone out of ur mind . U want be with that evil Krishna . Bt reality is Gopi going to unite with ahem soon ?so u don’t worry.

  9. Oye nakli Gopi ahem Modi actually tumhe mental hospital ma dalna chahiye tumara dimak tho sach me Karab hogaya hai tumhe hi thoda shock lagana hoga.
    Kyu Gopi ke naam se faltu comment kar rahi ho . Comment karna hi hai tho positive comment karo

  10. Muhammed nazim looking very very handsome when he is smile i mean he is smiling like child ♥

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Par wo mere ahemji nahi h ???

  11. Aaj gopi ko serial pe nahi deka.kahaa gayi ?, hosital mein atak gayi?

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Ha dekho to sahi mera ek bhi scene nahi tha ???

  12. **hospital*

  13. Gopi ahem modi.. stop it… u r doing over…!

  14. I think koklia will show him gopi in the mental hospital n then he Wil change his mind

  15. i think Kokila will show parag ji ka picture…. 😉 🙂 3:-)

    1. So what?

  16. :|] (^^^) ^_^ waiting for todays episode

  17. Bye guys . nice episode. Hope mansi’s truth reveal soon

    1. Bye mathlab? Where are you going?

      1. Happiness personified

        Hi nisha di kaise ho aap
        Akshay Bhai aajkal dikte nahin

      2. Hi my HP how are you ?b e conte hr mery yaar

        Akshay baai kahaa chla gaya ye mein b tho nahi patha h .ithink wo apne study se kuch busy h .

  18. what is the age of jaggi?when did parang had child with urvashi?I would like to know if jaggi is your or not

  19. Boss dont stop commenting please you alone can take those fools on never quit at what you are doing,cause a winner never quits,and you are a winner

  20. Once again thank you very much raven bhai. U r encouraging me i wl never quit this page and i wont stop commenting ?. I wl raise my voice who ever comments bad or negative.

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