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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya ties rakhi to Tolu/molu and they gift her money bundle and say they will come to her house next her for rakhi and if she does not treat them well, they will not give her money. She smiles. Rashi then ties rakhi and says she made it. They say it is very good. Gopi gets emotional looking at Sr. Rashi’s pic. Urmila she consoled her, then why is she crying. Gopi says she cannot forget Rashi’s sacrifice. Gaura taunts her.

Gaura starts dancing and says her son Dharam will come today. Her son enters and she hugs him. Meera reminisces clashing with him in market and tries to hide her face. Gaura introduces Kokila to him to Kokila and he asks if she is the one who has sweet voice and touches her feet. Gaura then introduces other family members and he wishes him.

She then introduces Meera and he says he met her in market and says Gaura selected a perfect bahu. Gaura says he is right, else she had selected an incompetent girl thinking her as gold, but she as brass instead. Meera gets more nervous and hides behind Ahem. Dharam asks if she is the one who troubled his mom. Ahem says she is a kid and did mistake unknowingly. Dharam laughs and says mistakes are part of childhood. Ahem and Jigar take him to show his room.

While having lunch, Ahem asks Dharam about his business and he says he stuffs chillies. Jigar asks what does he mean. He says he has chilli business. Gaura says he exports chilli to half of world. Dharam says he exports chilli and imports money into his pocket. Gopi asks about his wife. Shravan gets tensed and drops spoon. Gaura says she is not alive. Shravan says he will make a call and come back.

After lunch, Gaura and Dharam take Shravan to room forcefully and asks him to keep quiet. He says he will not tolerate anyone badmouthing about his mom. Dharam shouts at him and asks him to behave with him and baaji. He says he will not and cannot forget what they did to his mom. Gaura asks him to keep quiet, else their plan will fail.

At midnight, Dharam checks whole family sleeping, locks door and asks gaura to open her suitcase now. Gaura opens suitcase and cries looking at her brother Karunesh’s ash pot.

Precap: Gaura looking at her brother’s ash pot says she came here to punish Kokila for her mistake.

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  2. worst serial ever !!!!!! why do they drag this serial it almost touched 9 years !!! worst serial ever suhani si ek ladki is better than this

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