Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar stops Ahem from Slapping Paridhi. Meera tells Mansi that Ahem came to take her. Jigar asks Ahem not to slap his wife. Ahem says she deserves to be slapped and asks Jigar, why didn’t you support your bhabhi. Paridhi should leave from this house. Jigar says he won’t hear anything against Paridhi and asks him to keep quiet. Ahem gets angry. Jigar asks him to leave and not raise the issue. Kokila hears everything on phone. Paridhi drops her phone by mistake. Kinjal picks it up and sees the call. Mansi tells Ahem, you are amazing. Ahem says I came to talk to you. Mansi says you came to talk about your wife. Ahem asks her to try to understand. Mansi says it is all over now. I am going from your life and city. Ahem calls Mansi. Mansi goes inside. Meera asks Ahem to understand and goes


Kokila tells Gopi that Ahem loves you even now and didn’t give your place to Mansi. She is not understanding that Ahem loves you. She will ruin three lives. She will get more pain if she is with Ahem. She will not be able to make place in Ahem’s life. Gopi says you are saying right, but now I have to call someone. She calls Paridhi. Paridhi says Ahem fighted with me because of you. Gopi scolds her for talking rudely to Ahem. Paridhi says Gopi Modi is upset with me. She says this is cheating. Gopi asks her not to take it jokingly. Paridhi says she is joking. Gopi asks her not to talk rudely with Ahem else no one is bad than her. Jigar asks her did you feel bad about Ahem’s words. Paridhi says she didn’t feel bad as Ahem understood Gopi’s place in his life. Jigar prays that they get successful and Ahem-Gopi unite.

Paridhi gets Gopi’s call again. Kinjal hears her talking to Gopi and thinks there is something going on between them. I have to be careful. Paridhi tells Gopi that their plan will be successful. Kinjal hears it and thinks they have acted with planning. Paridhi says her idea worked and congrats her. She disconnects the call. Kinjal gets irked and thinks to spoil their plan.

Ahem asks Gopi, whether Kokila took her medicines. Gopi says yes. Ahem asks are you fine? Gopi says yes. Kokila says you will reach your destination as you have chosen the right way. Meera tells Mansi that she will talk to Ahem. She asks why you are upset thinking about Gopi. She says our ex mum can’t come in our life again, you are our everything. Kinjal comes and tells Mansi not to go back to Mumbai. She tells whatever has happened yesterday was full proof plan. Paridhi was acting with Gopi. I heard her talking to Gopi over phone. Hetal calls Kokila and asks about her health. Hetal says she is very happy to see Ahem at the door steps. She says I would have been more happy if he comes back home. They disconnect the call.

Mansi informs Ahem that Gopi acted yesterday and no one threw her out of the house. She acted to gain your sympathy. Ahem says it can’t be. Mansi asks him to enquire with Paridhi and Gopi. Ahem says my kaki doesn’t lie. Mansi asks him to call Hetal and enquire. Ahem calls hetal and asks him whether you people threw Gopi out of the house or it was just an act. Hetal asks what are you saying? Ahem asks her to say. Hetal says Paridhi said she will decide who will stay here. Ahem says if you really respect mum then you should throw paridhi right now.

Ahem tells Jigar no one has right to throw Gopi and asks Jigar to throw Paridhi right now. Jigar says this is the difference between you and me. I loves her very much and will never leave her.

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