Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2013 Written Update

The show begins in the kitchen of Modi home with Hetal Kokila and Gopi missing Raashi, each in her own way. Hetal is downcast, without Raashi. Kokila says who she shall shout at if the person who makes the everyday mistakes is not around.

After lot of talk by Urmilaa ;

In the Shah home, the babies cry and Raashi in her drowsy state requests Jigar to take care of the children. Madhu comes in and wakes Raashi up, says that how could Raashi be so irresponsible, cannot even take care of her children, much to the discomfort.

Later, in Modi Home, Gopi accidently spills puja materials and makes a mess. While cleaning she finds an artificial coin and not useful. Somehow Gopi feels that it is a sign of good omen.

Raashi in the Shah kitchen does not

find sugar and goes and asks Kinjal to help and find the sugar. Kinjal retorts in her own harsh way that Raashi needs to find things on her own and not disturb Kinjal. This gives way to fight to erupt. Raashi says that Kinjal needs to work around and picks up the magazine that Kinjal was reading and throws it around. An angry Kinjal in addition to lot of things said and shouted, says that Raashi since she fought with her husband Jigar and family Raashi is back here at Shah Home. Just then Madhu and rest enter. Madhu asks Raashi to be quiet and go to her room. Then tells Urmilaa to make Raashi Understand the situation in the right manner.

Later Madhu and Dhawal calm down Jitu and Kinjal respectively.

Modi Dining hall : Kokila finds a dish very sweet, sans sour taste. Tells Gopi, Gopi says some of the items are missing along with the lemon.

In between, Meethi wants to go on a holiday,, seeks permission. Then the Artificial coin subject is brought up by Gopi, she wants to discard it. But Kokila wants it to be kept back in it place at the prayer / puja area. Kokila says it has been there ever since she entered Modi Home as the daughter in law.

While a silent Jigar listens, Kokila says not one thing in the home and family is indispensable, each in its own way has a place and importance. In a way this bit of discussion is being played out to straighten out Jigar’s feelings.

Baa then says her husband, Ahem’s grandfather brought two coins, one genuine, gold I think, and another this artificial one. Told Baa that to keep both the coins safe and both the coins is very important. So also in life, not a thing is unimportant, all things have a place and role of importance.

At five in the morning, Urmilaa is awakened by knocks on the door. She goes with a vessel, but as she opens the door, she finds Kokila standing. One by one the other members of family come into the picture. No Jigar.

All the rest, come out and Raashi to comes out. Hetal takes her grandchild. Kokila asks Raashi to return home along with them.

There is a long pause and silence. Kokila breaks the pause and says Ahem ; Ahem brings out the bags. Kokila says that whole family would stay at the small Shah home and live with Raashi since they miss Raashi.

Urmilaa begins her tirade that they cannot stay in a small area, their big talks do not fit here and so on and so forth. Urmilaa makes Money an issue. Kokila says money might be important to Urmilaa, but to Modi family will win Raashi back with love and affection.

In between, Raashi tells Modi family, yes, you people came to take me back, but the important man, Jigar has not come to take me back. She off course, in the beginning itself was searching for Jigar.

Episode Ends On Kokila’s Stern Face ! ! !

Preview : – Urmilaa hands over the key bunch to Kokila and says to her that she, Kokila, run the house with the small budget. And Urmilaa lays down the unsavory condition that Kokila hands over the Keys of Modi Home in exchange, shocking others present.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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