Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha informs Modi family that she kidnapped Meera and Vidya. Gopi requests her to free them as she is their aunt. Radha asks her to clean her feet from her mouth if she wants her kids back. Gopi is about to lick her feet when Ahem stops her. Radha asks Ahem to back off and says Gopi is her biggest enemy now as because of her Jigar went with Pari and asks them to call Jigar back to get back their children.

Pari is with Jigar in a hotel room. She asks what he wants to have for lunch. He says whatever she likes. She calls her dad who suggests her to bring him to Delhi. She says he will not get convinced easily. Dad says he needs break from his family and that is the good reason and says once she brings him there, he will not let him go from there.

Gopi nurses Urmila’s

wounds. Urmila says she cannot think Madhuben’s daughter is so cruel and she was punished by her for no fault of hers. Kokila asks if she does not consider Meera and Vidya as her granddaughters. Urmila says she considers. Kokila says everything is happening because of Gopi. Hetal asks her to stop blaming Gopi again. Kokila says because of Radha, they had to be away from Meera for 8 years and now since Gopi sent Jigar, she kidnapped Meera/Vidya.

Ahem calls Jigar, but he cuts his call. Pari says him that everyone knows us in Rajkot and our family will know our whereabout easily, so she suggests they should go to Delhi, they can spend a quality time there. Jigar says he will not go anywhere, he left house for some day as he wants some space, he will not go anywhere. Pari gets Gopi’s call and she cuts it. She says Jigar his family will repeatedly call him and trouble, so he should agree. She sees Ahem calls on his number and cuts it. Kokila asks Ahem to SMS Jigar. Gopi repeatedly calls Pari’s number, but to no avail. Kokila says Pari got what she needed, now why will she pick her call. Hetal suggests Gopi to SMS Pari, she will come back as soon as she sees it. Gopi calls again. Pari shows it to Jigar and says if we stay here, they will pester us like this. Pari picks call. Gopi asks her to come home with Jigar. Jigar cuts call and says Pari she is right, they will go to Delhi now. He switches off both mobiles.

Radha Modi family still at home and asks what are they still doing here, she is waiting eagerly for Jigar. She says the more time Jigar takes to come back, the more time Meera and Vidya will be kept hungry. Gopi requests Radha to feed he children. Radha smirks. Hetal asks how can she be so cruel. Urmila asks what proof she has. Radha shows video of their confinement and asks to bring back Jigar soon, else they will lose kids. Ahem rushes to hit her, but Baa stops him. He gets travel agent’s SMS about Jigar leaving in a flight in 2 hours. Gopi asks him to do something. He says his flight is in 2 hours and check-in will be after 1 hour. Radha says she does not care if they take 15 min or 1 hour, if Jigar does not come back, she will kill kids.

Precap: Kokila requests security officer to let her in. He says without ticket, he cannot let her in. She sees Jigar getting in and calls him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wt d f…k
    now jigar wants to be with sl*t paridhi

  2. Once again any BS serial…what happened after Rashi left…the writers have cobweb for brains…

  3. Omg this is so lame!

  4. Dnt get to watch it so i just read it

  5. Radha u rock, u are the BEST television serial villain I have ever seen. Amazing acting Pari and Gopi.

  6. Beyond pathetic

  7. U Pari !!!!!!! Hell!!!!!!!!

  8. silly drama is going on ……….idiotic stupid, nonsense

  9. dis is one such crap vch has 2 end

  10. I think seriously they should end the show it is horrible. Kokila with her screaming may get brain damage . That Radha is nuisance and Gopi stop crying. If they are so smart how come they do not inform the police or are the police just as dumb as the show. Your ratings are going down stop before people stop watching it. Radha can delver in the jail.

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