Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi imagines Dharam walking out of house and walks down stairs, following him. Kokila gets out of kitchen calling gopi, but goes back when Dr. Krishna calls her

Dharam’s birthday party starts. Meera and Dharam greets guests. Pari, Monica, and Molu enter and wish Dharam happy birthday. Meera hugs Monica and Pari and greets them in. Vidya comes. Monica and Pari insult her that she is very sweaty and stinking. Urmila enters with Tolu and Sona and their kids and says sweat comes with hard work, which people who apply 1 kg makeup on them wil not know. Monica says it is called hygeine. Sona taunts Monica that one does not need 1 kg makeup to be hygeinic. She then hugs Vidya and says they are meeting after a long time. Vidya sees her bulging tummy and says she has swollen up. Sona gets shy, thinking she is pregnant instead. Meera comes and meets them. She orders Vidya to go and serve starters to guests. Vidya leaves. Tolu, Sona, and Urmila feel sad for Vidya.

Vidya goes to kitchen and Sona follows along and asks where is her daughter. Vidya says must be playing somewhere around. Sona says her Jai and Veeru will find out their sister somehow. Jai and Veeru are seen playing with Vidya’s daughter and they say let us go out and play. Daughter says Meera aunty will scold her if she goes out. Sona and Vidya share lighter moment. Vidya laughs. Sona asks why is she tolerating Meera’s nonsense, she should leave this house. Vidya says this is her house and she does not feel bad about Meera’s misbehavior. Vidya asks how is she. She says her Jai and Veeru trouble her a lot and 2 more are on the way, soon she will be having kabbadi team. Vidya continues laughing.

Gopi walks out of house imaginging Ahem and time spent with him. She comes in front of car and car driver scolds her. She continues walking on road. Kokila and Dr. Krishna bring food for Gopi and don’t find her in her room. They search her in whole house. Kokila gets worried. Dr. Krishna walks on road searching her and shows her pic to many pedestrians. He hopes she is found soon.

Precap: Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think only sona is the same in sns . all the others are changed , kokila became old , jigar became angry man , paridhi became modern .

    1. And Urmila is back to normal: the Notanki one

  2. I feel so bad seeing Vidya and gopi like this. This is why Sona is my favorite

  3. I really feel makers r dragging the show too much and creating too much suspense in 1 go only gradually they should build up suspense and make the show a bit faster. Even gopi one does not get a good feeling seeing her sick face they should add some positivity too instead of giving the viewer a high dose of negativity and yeah STOP MAKING KRISHNA THE HERO!

  4. Paridhi you are the worst. And fon’t apply so much make-up on your face or else it can get spoiled and you may look like a clown. And you Monica don’t even dare misbehaving with people and especially with elders .

  5. sunanda chowdary

    nee paranjathu shariya.nonsense serial

  6. Why is meera not concerned about kokila and gopi? And the others also seem to be not interested in knowing about kokila n gopi..really feeling sad for kokila n gopi..

    1. Know right
      No one cares much in this year leap of Gopi n Kokila!… like they forgotten they’re still alive

  7. Sona is expecting twins?

    1. I think so

  8. True Saathiya Fan

    Meera is a b*t*h so is paridhi and Monica what happened to jigar no man can be with gopi except for ahem why is doctor flirting with her where is vidya husband it used to be my favourite show take it of air dafe o kute

  9. I want to know what happened between tolu molu

  10. This my throey about what did Vidya do to Meera. I think Vidya didn’t do anything .Meera is upset that Vidyas baby wasn’t a boy.

  11. Maybe that’s the reason between the change in the sisters but what happened between the brothers

  12. Sons family is best others r showing attitude worst story now..

  13. Meera plays the real b*t*h, Paridhi and Monica how dare them! ???

  14. I miss u rashi without u this serial is just shit. It has been 2 years since u have left the show all characters are bullshit and even they add more 100 characters and actors nobody can take ur place u r d best rashi.

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