Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2013 Written Update

Episode Kick Starts With Kokila finding the watery substance sticky and says so. Urmilaa stutters some excuse. Meantime Meera knocks out the Passport and then does her call of the nature. Passport is beyond repair. They all ‘ family – gently tell Meera not to do things which are not good.

Mother and Daughter are inwardly happy that their deed is successful. Kokila and others after few deliberation decide that She, meaning Kokila would accompany Jigar and Raashi to U S of America. Much to the disappointment of Urmilaa and Raashi. Urmilaa seems like she wanted to accompany Raashi.

Kokila is not sure of Urmilaa being responsible. Then Kokila and Gopi go off to pack things.

Urmilaa and Raashi are unhappy, Raashi does not want to go with Kokila. They plan


Kokila is apprehensive that long travel would not be good for Raashi in her advanced state of pregnancy. But she agreed only for Raashi to be happy. Right or wrong. Gopi calms her, meaning Kokila, with soothing words, that if it ‘ going to U S of A, – makes Raashi happy then it is fine.

Dou of Mother and Daughter are still planning.

In between Urmilaa says that she would make a call to claim Nani as ill. But Raashi is not convinced. Somehow Urmilaa convinces Raashi.

Kokila is playing with Meera, running after her, finally catches the child. At this moment, telephone rings ; Urmilaa and Raashi are watching the scene below from upstairs, overlooking the hall. Call is from Urmilaa. Receiver is knocked down by the child Meer, and Gopi hands the receiver back to Kokila.

Urmilaa pretends to be Nani and after small talk of enquiring of family’s well being, Urmilaa as Nani, says that she is ill and feels lonely. Although Kokila is not convinced, because she was not sure of her mom’s voice. Kokila kept asking about her mom’s voice. Finally Kokila says that she will come over immediately.

Family is informed, but new problem of who to accompany Raashi to Bombay, for Visa request. Then with much thought and elimination, Kinjal too was thought off but left her because of her ‘ Kinjal – new found happiness with Dhawal.

Urmilaa in her home is happy, dancing and singing. Later she finds her clothes worn out and old, she feels that people at the embassy might think of her as an Antique piece. Thinks of Kinjal’s latest trendy dresses. She goes to Kinjal’s room and selects a dress, red, tries it on, but it is few sizes small hence it gets torn. Hastily she puts it back into the cupboard. At the bedroom door she comes face to face of Dhawal and Kinjal. Urmilaa excuses herself with reason that she was looking for a bag, and they should be knowing of Her, Urmilaa’s impending U S trip. Kinjal says Hetal already informed her. Urmilaa leaves hurriedly.

Dhawal tells Kinjal to get ready to go out for shopping and he would wait in the hall for her.

Raashi gets call from Aunt Jigna. That to get Visa for a pregnant woman is strictly no allowed, hence Raashi should wear loose clothing to conceal her pregnancy.

Raashi gets into finding suitable clothe. Meeti is helping with a bag. Then Gopi comes over with juice, gives it to Raashi. Raashi drinks the juice, gets pain ; says to Gopi that it is the baby’s kick. But then Gopi says a baby’s kick will not cause pain. Raashi’s expression is guilty look. She lays down.

And Episode Ends on Gopi’s face with a strange look ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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