Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona tells Pari that she is sad see her sisters Vidya and Meera’s condition. Pari says Vidya and Meera are more than daughters to her. Sona says even she is Gopi’s daughter. Sona says if she becomes Gopi’s daughter, she will suffer like Meera and Vidya. Hetal shouts what is she telling, why is she hating Gopi so much. Pari says she is telling truth and walks from there. Gopi starts crying. Kokiila asks her to relax and says Pari is good hearted and she is hurt seeing Shravan and Sona’s marriage without her knowledge, so she is reacting.

Vidya brings water for Naiya. Meera says she should care about herself first as this family is worried about only Naiya and wants Vidya to just bear a child to give it to Naiya. Gaura fumes and yells. Durga pampers

Naiya and Naiya says she is fine.

Gopi at home temple cries and prays god not to examine her children so harshly, else they will shatter. She prays to give them strength to face any problems that come in their way.

Vidya cries in her room. Meera asks her to not to cry and says if she does not sleep, her child will be party animal like his maasi and if she cries more, he will be cribbing child and will come daily from school with complaints. Vidya smiles. Meera asks her to keep smiling and rest now. Vidya rests and reminisces recent events.

Meera goes out of Vidya’s room. Dharam passes by. She tries to talk, but he ignores her. She asks if she was pregnant with their child, would he have given it to someone. Dharam stands dumbstuck but leaves ignoring her again.

Vidya prays god to protect her child. Shravan enters (wearing more lipstick than Vidya) and tries to calm her. She says she does not want to talk to him. He says nothing will happen to their child. She asks if he really thinks he can take responsibility of child, he was standing like a puppet in front of Naiya’s family. Meera comes and asks him to stay away from her sister. He says he is talking to his wife. She says he betrayed Vidya and hid such a big truth. He says he did not want to lose Vidya. She says he wants to emotionally blackmail Vidya and convince her to his lies and shouts to get out. He leaves. She hugs Vidya and asks her not to cry, else her child will know even before coming to this world that her father is a lier.

Precap: Meera points sword at Gaura and asks her to stay away from Vikdya. Dharam asks if she will kill even him. She says anyone who will try to harm her sister.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. disgusting serial.chi chi chi chi.

  2. sns since 2010 :'D draggers!!

    i would more likely say a big ‘LOL’

  3. Thanks for the fast update!! I m glad that Shravan is supporting Vidya now!! But idk why Meera is coming in between them. It’s a husband-wife thing and I guess they should be given some time! But Meera is constantly poking her nose. Shravan actually loves Vidya and doesn’t wanna lose her. Ik he should have told Vidya the truth, but it was Meera who always came in between and never let him speak. Even during Holi, that was what happened!!! I really want Vidya to understand that Shravan is on her side and not on Naiyya’s side.

  4. Thanks for the updates. The lipstick part is so funny. ???

  5. Meera pagal ho gai precap main,oh naiya kiya natak karti hain sab naiya naiya ka name lene lage bechari meera akeli ho gai

  6. Don’t say chi chi say wow wow.

  7. Who say me pagal rocks

  8. Shravan dont suport vidya only meera suport her vidya ke liye usne dharam tak talvar rakh di she loves more than shravan

  9. Awsome wow ep who say chi

  10. I have a guess. They are bringing Naiyya into the serial to get Jodi for molu

  11. She is protecting her sister from evil gaura n her stupid people n y dharam don’t say anything

  12. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

  13. Meera is overacting….

      1. Its an amazing serial and i dont like shravan vidya jodi …….but meera is overracting she always come btwn both

  14. Meera acting too good than shravan vidya

  15. They r showing the sisterly love between meera n vidya which is good…i lyk it???

  16. What lipstick?????????

  17. When will this serial end ?????

  18. crappy crap!!

    probably never

  19. Its an amazing serial and i dont like shravan vidya jodi …….but meera is overracting she always come btwn both

  20. You r right.

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