Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila prays god for Gopi’s success in her new challenge, her new relationship with Dr. Krishna, her mission of reuniting family, etc. She goes to Gopi’s room and says she wants to talk about Dr. Krishna and takes her to home temple instead and says she is talking about Krishna bhagwan .

Vidya wakes up from sleep. Shravan asks her what happened. She says she is sleeping without Priyal for the first time. He says sheneed not worry as Meera will take care of Priyal well. Vidya says Priyal does not sleep without her teddy, so she will go and give it to her. Meera tries to make Priyal sleep in her room and Priyal insists to go back to mamma. Meera lies that mamma/papa have gone out. Priyal says they won’t go out without her. Meera says they go out daily when

she sleeps. Priyal sleeps. Vidya comes and says she will take Priyal to her room. Meera says Priyal slept just now and will wake up if she touches her. Vidya gives Priyal’s teddy and leaves. Priyal wakes up and calls mamma. Meera gives her teddy and makes her sleep again.

Gopi tells Kokila that Krishna bhagwan took everything away from her, her Ahemji. Kokila says she should not act like atheist, god gave her beautiful children, family, etc. and will solve all her problems as usual. She gives her jewelry and says she can pawn them and start ehr business. Gopi says she cannot take it. Kokila insists and then says they should light akahnda diya/lamp for her business’ success. Gopi says she will not. Kokila lights lamp with trembling hands, Gopi holds her hand. Kokila thanks her for agreeing to her words. Pari hears their conversation silently hiding and thinks she will not let Kokila sell their family jewelry.

Jig is busy convincing foreign client to visit Rajkot and visit his business. Pari comes and tells Kokila gave Gopi their family jewelry to sell or pawn and start her business. Jigar says he thought Gopi will not start business due to financial constraints, but Kokila is spoiling his plan, he will never let this happen.

Vidya gets breakfast for Priyal to Meer’a room and thinks Priyal will get happy seeing her favorite breakfast. She does not find Priyal in whole house and sees Meera coming from outside. She asks where is Priyal. Meera says she got Priyal admitted to one of the best English School in town. Vidya gets very happy. Gopi calls Vidya and Vidya tells her about Meera getting Priyal admitted to one of best English school in town. Gopi gets happy. Vidya says Meera did not even inform her and went alone for admission, she feels something is wrog. Gopi asks her not to worry, nothing is wrong.

Precap: Jigar shouts to Gopi how can she pawn their family jewelry. Pari snatches jewelry from Gopi and says she will not let her sell family jewelry. Kokila shouts at Pari to return jewelry.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. shreya shetty

    HAAAH U EVIL CLOWN pari now lets see if u capable enough to spoil gopi and kokila huh??????get lost from this show paridhi,monica and the rest of the villians for ur evilic roles and don’t u ever dare mess with gopi and kokila at any chance because for I have faith instilled that they shall soon kick that baddie dr Krishna out of the modi bhavan on realizing his true evil colours and finally be successful in reunting the entire family once again

    1. What are evil colours of dr.krishna?

  2. Over dose serial

  3. Sravan haven’t any job?????????????????????

  4. He haven’any right on his father’s property??????only meera has the right?& what about vidya??????

  5. i hate JIGAR AND MONICA

  6. Please end the serial

  7. This rashmi sharma…if she comes before me am gonna kill her…can’t she show us shows wch have got some sense??? Except for vidya and shravans bonding…this serial has got nothing great…y don’t they end it…Saath nibhana saathiya…sasural simar ka and now swaragini….this lady is famous for torturing the audience!! Idiotc shows produce karti…bheja fry hota hamara..hamara dadi mummy log dhekte…I jus wsh she gets some brains!! Argggghhhhh!!!

  8. Is something wrong with Writer why they make kids a scapegoat, even when Meera was small she was used by Radha, now Meera doing same thing like her Massi so this is in their blood just harm kids, tomorrow Priyal will be big and will be having some sister and will do same thing to her kids, wondering how Vidya and Meera will look, then Priyal will call double badi dadi ma, and Vidya will be Sasuma, Shravan will be sasurji and so on.

  9. Can someone slap Meera. I have never seen a self centered woman like her in my life. always complaining about the unfairness that has been dealt to her. If she wants to get was her selfishness that made her dad go off on her wedding day to get her her Dharamji and then got himself killed…does anyone remind her of that, no because they don’t have such low mentality. She can think her own sister kills her baby but her stupid mind can’t remember it was because of her happiness her dad went out and got himself killed…someone should put the blame game back at her to see how hurtful it is. IDIOT

  10. Pari needs a hard slap from gopi n kokila

    1. Kokila will actually slap paridhi…

  11. Dr.krishna is manasis brother and he came to modi bhavan to take revenge for his sister. The spoilers say he was the one who killed ahem..lets see how much of it is true

  12. I think paridhi monika are doing some Plan to make gopi leave the house so that they can live in peace forever why is meera taking priyal away from vidya so she can separate them forever and so meera was trying to do drama in front of vidya saying sorry to her as of the real culprit is naiya how dare she

  13. Naiya and meera should be ashamed of this

  14. I think Meera might throw Priyal off the cliff like Radha did. Meera is becoming like Radha now.

  15. I think Monica will leave Pari;s side when this gets bad. and how come only Kokila and Gopi so smart? no one else? wow. no wonder they made a shpw for them. lol

  16. I Love Hopi

  17. I Love gopi

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