Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mona informs Pari that Gopi is in both Premila’s room and hall. They check Premila’s room and see Urmila massaging Premila’s legs wearing Gopi’s clothes. They then thinking what to do and see Jai and Veeru playing with toy rats and shout loudly rats, rats.. to wake up Premila. Urmila hopes Gopi comes on time. Gopi comes and sits back. Premila sees that but acts as not seeing anything.

Vidya sees Meera and Naiya discussing somethng and thinks of informing Shravan about Meera’s rude behavior and decision to send Priyal to boarding school.

Prakash tells Naiya a dhamaka will happen today. Naiya says she wants to see the dhamaka and Meera/Vidya’s reaction. They both hug.

Premila gifts her family bangles to Gopi. Gopi tries to

speak, but Kokila comes and says Gopi means bangles are really pretty. She seeks permission from Premila to take Gopi away for sometime and takes her out. Premila thinks Gopi is playing bahugiri game and let Urmila massage her legs and went out, so even she will play her saasgiri game. Gopi asks Kokila why did not she let Premila tell truth. Kokila gets a craftwoman’s call and goes to meet her. She comes back and sees Gopi feeling guilty that she could not tell truth to Premila.

Shravan comes home and sees Meera doing some legal formalities and asks what is all this. Vidya also comes down. Shravan asks again. Meera says she is sending Priyal to boarding school. He asks who is she to send his daughter to boarding school She says she is Priyal’s mother now.

Kokila tells Gopi that she did not do wrong and says duty and responsibilities are different. Her business is her duty and taking care of family is her responsibility and she needs to maintain balance between them. Gopi asks till when she will do injustice to maintain balance. Kokila says it is god’s wish and when bhagwan Krishna used same tactics to maintain balance. She says as a saas and then mother, she knows it is not easy to establish a name in business world. Gopi says she is really lucky to Kokila as her maa. Urmila says whatever happens is for good.

Meera shouts she is Priyal’s mother legally and shows adotion papers. Priyal comes and Meera says she is going to boarding school now. Vidya says she did not sign adoption papers and these are fake one, then realizes Meera took signatures with a trick. Meera asks Prakash to take Priyal to car. Vidya stops him and says nobody should dare touch Priyal. Meera calls bouncers and they push Meera. Shravan gets angry and fights with bouncers. Bouncers hold Shravan. Vidya asks Meera why she is doing this to her.

Precap: Meera asks Vidya to touch her feet and apologize her. Premila speaks to someone over phone and orders to do as she says. She says now she will see what Gopi will do.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Happiness personified

    Its interesting

    1. But sometime boring

  2. Happiness personified

    Hope pramila n gopi come together like kokila gopi

    1. Not so soon coz Mansi entry will create more conflict in raheja house

    2. I really miss dhaval n jiger uncle in comment section also

  3. Happiness personified

    Then we will have the new team of pramila gopi kokila

  4. Happiness personified

    Pramila will say meri gopi nuuuuu ???

    1. Finally gopi will take adieu from modi house with heavy heart n go to Krishna house. Dr Krishna will be slapped by pramila..

  5. Happiness personified

    Gopi will say maa ji, mummy ji

  6. Happiness personified

    I miss hetal What say guys ?
    I miss hetal , baa parag chirag (the modi bros) kinjal dhabal pappu

    1. Exactly

    2. Really miss all of them especially tu tu main main between kinjal n Urmila

  7. Happiness personified

    Meera plz sudhar jaa dikra Bachpan mein kitni sidhi saadhi thi I!

    1. Agr meera sudhar gyi to suryavanshi family me dekhane ko kuch ni rahega abhi to sharavan meera ko Marne ki koshish krega pr vidya bich me aa jayegi…

  8. Happiness personified

    When will gaura come back she is so nice I miss her guys

    1. May be gaura will return becoz she is in jail n will release soon

  9. Premila is crazy person can’t she clam dwon. I hate Meera and Naiya and how dare Meera ask Vidya to foregive her when shes the 1 who is always rude. After the truth about
    Naiya is revealed i think Vidya should never foregive Meera because Meera is always mean.

  10. What is going on here?
    I cannot understand!!

    Meera is perfectly a shadow of radha on the other hand,’rather than that
    The surroundings around gopi which is not good and also irritating .
    The track Through which meera is going totally rubbish.
    How she could ??
    Shameless ……..
    What the writer actually want?
    Sravan you should be more strong.

  11. What stupid is this the kegal papers should be registered in court what rubbish serial you are doing it is a great headache like this nonsense stories u are playing in the serial

  12. I think Belji bhai is Gaura’s admi, she must be released from jail and will take revenge again and will reach back to Suryavanshi haveli, In this serial we hardly see any male character, only femaile character jumping here and there. They should change Saath nibhana saathiya to Ladies bhavan.

  13. Happiness personified

    Shravan is stupid. He only knows to put pink lipstick

    1. You are right HP

  14. Shakaib

    Nice episode

  15. There can only be one Isaaq and that’s me.

  16. You are right janki
    Her dialogue BASSSSSSSSSSSSS i really misseg it
    How the time changes that she fogot the riaringBASSSSSSSSSS
    And “Aage ek shabdh nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”,
    “Pran lethi hoo …………”,
    “Mein kokila modiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” ETC

    1. *missed*
      * roaring*

  17. Oh really?
    That’scrusl na

  18. Me too.. when Meera is misbehaving with others they will enjoy right…. So now it’s Vidhya’s turn…Vidhya will look like a very comedy piece when she is shouting with full mouth open….

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