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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Gopi trying to tell Kokila repentance and seeking forgiveness with Kokila’s childhood friend who is angry over a misunderstanding and clearing the air is the way forward.

Kokila is in very sorry mood and regrets and repents over her lapse with her friend, recalling the closeness of the childhood and the friendship. Recalls also how she, Kokila, found it difficult to act on stage and how easy her friend Gaura found acting. The respective parents were found of them and Kokila recalls the cherished, happy times.

Gopi tell Kokila that a stopped watch can be started, likewise the broken relationship could be mended. Then on Gopi’s pleas, Kokila reveals the cause and nature of the misunderstanding.

Kokila, after etching the closeness of their

– Gaura and Kokila’s – friendship, tells that one day Gaura’s brother, seemingly misbehaving with Kokila’s sister Jigna. Kokila slapped the brother and the matter blew out of proportions and hands. The elders came into picture and Gaura and her family had to leave their hometown.

Later Kokila got to know the real story from Jigna, that the Brother was only helping her, Jigna to detach the shawl from a thorn or something, but for Kokila who had just arrived, it appeared that the brother of Gaura was misbehaving. Kokila then tried to contact Gaura but by then it was too late, for Gaura had left, was untraceable.

Gopi then says that she knows what her next step is.

Hereabouts, In Mogi Home :- Meera is packing, Vidya asks Meera to stop pack and not leave without informing Ahem.

At Gaura’s home :- Gopi arrives and Gaura is in acting mood, appears that she is suffocating, Gopi brings water. Gaura laughs it off.

Gaura says that, so drama Kokila had sent her equally drama doer daughter in law as an emissary, peace maker. Lot of talk then takes place, with Gopi trying to placard Gaura with lot of similes and examples. That relationship and friendship could not be broken on some misunderstanding. That Kokila repents her action and doing, seeks forgiveness. That Kokila is indeed upset and sad about the whole matter. But Gaura is adamant.

In between, in Modi Home :- Paridhi and little Raashi reconcile and try to sort out the hard feelings, all from Paridhis’s side, and Little Raashi takes the first step by addressing Paridhi as Mother and says that she, Raashi did not know her mother was so bad and created much trouble for the family. That little Raashi would do as Paridhi says.

At this point Paridhi hears the commotion between Meera and Vidyu. Paridhi in Meera’s room says that she, Meera, cannot leave in without Kokila and Ahem’s permission. Meera is adamant and tries to remind of Kokila’s statement, that Meera could live on her terms and without hindrance. But Paridhi puts her foot down and says Meera has to listen to her, Paridhi, and she is in charge till the rest of the elders arrive in the morning or later. The twins are called in to help, by Paridhi, to control Meera.

At Gaura’s home :- After relentless pleas and cajoling by Gopi, Gaura relents ; Gaura throws down the flute, which she earlier played, the flute is broken into two. Gaura says that she will forgive Kokila and mend relationship with Kokila on condition that Gopi fixes the flute into one.

Gopi then says ; Relationship is between two human beings, who have a heart, emotions and feelings. But a flute is after all a piece of Bamboo / Wood. Flute does not have heart, emotions and feelings. The Living Human has a heart, emotions and feelings. Broken relations can be repaired and mended but not a broken flute.

Gopi tells Gaura to think about what she, Gopi had just said.

Somewhere else, Ahem and the two ladies wait for Gopi, Ahem is agitated ; just then Gopi arrives . on learning Gopi’s visit to Gaura, Ahem and Hetal tell Gopi is wrong to visit Gaura as Gaura had insulted Kokila.

Kokila then says Gopi did the right thing and further adds that she, Kokila knows what to do next.


The Episode EndsOn Kokila’s Pensive Face ! ! !

Precap :- Kokila is in a very happy frame of mind and tells Hetal that she is happy that her childhood friend is coming over and she, Kokila that is, is very happy that she has an opportunity to redeem the wrong. Later as Kokila opens the door the supposed dead body of Kokila’s friend, Gaura, is brought in. Shocked Kokila goes over to her friend.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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  1. what’s going on?? itni jaldi gaura ki maut???? kal hi to entry hui thi

    1. Shahbaz gaura acting kar rahi hai…..aur abhi woh suddenly uthegi aur kokila ko challenge karegi ki woh uske shanti se jeene nahi degi…

  2. Baad mein gaura ke bete ki entry hogi jo ki modi family mein aur saari problems create karega aur uska badla lega kokila se

  3. disgusting

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