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Rashi comes home and says she brings the tuitor with her. She says, she thought Masterji will teach Tolu and Molu too and that’s why he will stay at their home. Now they can study at any hour. Gopi says, it is good. Ahem says, what is good in this and rejects Rashi’s idea. Rashi says, her kids are weak in studies and she wants them to become topper. Ahem says, he was the topper in class and never took tuition. Rashi says, your studies was easy but it is difficult now.

Ahem says, giving tution is like spoon feeding them. Tuitor says, he already told her that no one will agree. A flashback is shown where Rashi asking him to stay at Modi Bhavan to teach her kids. He talks to Gopi’s pic and says he will come out of the house with Gopi. Flashback ends. Rashi stops the tuitor

and argues with Ahem saying kids have so much activities to do along with studies. Ahem says, you are making them dependent. Rashi says, kids are hers and she knows what is better for her kids. Ahem says, he is saying again that she is not doing right. He says, Tolu and Molu are our kids too.

Kokila says, if Rashi thinks this is right for her kids then we shall give her a chance. She says, if Tolu and Molu couldn’t get good marks in the next test then tuition will be stopped. Tuitor asks Kokila not to worry as he will handle the kids. He thinks to elope with Gopi. Rashi asks the tuitor to sit. He stops Gopi and says thank you very much. Gopi asks why? He says, he got this new work because of her. Ahem calls Gopi and asks her to give his green tea. Gopi says, she will bring it. Tuitor thinks Ahem is a villian between them. He thinks Gopi loves him.

Urmila asks 2000 Rs from Dhawal. Dhawal says, he already gave her 5000 Rs in the morning and he doesn’t have any more money. Urmila says she needed it for her medicines. Dhawal gives her the money. Kinjal comes and takes the money before Urmila can take. She asks her husband not to give the money to Urmila. She tells him that Urmila needed money to repay Sushma as she brought bangles for her. She taunts Urmila. Dhawal asks her to stop it. Kinjal asks her to sell her bangles if she is short of money. Urmila pretends to cry. Kinjal asks, shall I sell Dhawal ji. Pooja comes and asks Shall I brought him. Kinjal is shocked. Dhawal invites her inside.

Rashi tastes the biryani and says it is very salty. No one will eat it now. Gopi takes out lemon juice and mixes it in the biryani and add garam masala powder. Rashi asks what are you doing? You spoiled it. Gopi asks her to taste it now. Rashi tastes it and says nice. Gopi smiles. Rashi says, you are giving me tuition now. She asks her not to feel bad about Ahem’s sayings. We shall show the right path to the kids. Rashi says, you hired the tuition teacher for Meera and not for my kids. She says, I never differentiated among the kids, but you did it. Kokila scolds Rashi. Hetal asks her to stop as Master ji is there in the house. She asks Gopi to take care of kids.

Urmila asks Pooja, do you really want to buy him. Kinjal says, she doesn’t have any objections. Pooja asks Dhawal’s permission. Dhawal says, if they are happy then he is fine with it. Pooja smiles and says lets buy it. She says, I will complete the legal procedure and take this precious thing. Urmila and Kinjal are talking about the bangles, where as Pooja is talking about buying Dhawal.

Rashi tells Hetal that Kokila always scolds her badly and she never took her side. She says, you are like my mom and you also praises Gopi. Hetal says, you both are same for me. Rashi says, you takes their side and not me. Hetal says, you are like my daughter and hugs her. She asks Rashi not to cry and makes her smile.

Gopi asks tuitor, are you searching something. He says you. Gopi asks, what do you say? He says, he is searching the kids. Gopi says, she will bring the kids. He laughs. Tolu and Molu are hidden under the dinning table and think they don’t want to learn from the tuitor. Gopi comes to her room and sees Ahem sitting sadly. She tells him that she knows that he is tensed about the morning incident. She explains that small things tends to happen in joint family. She says, we all are worried for the kids. Ahem understands her point. She kisses him on his forehead. Ahem says, you have changed a lot and says he is liking the change. Music plays. Gopi smiles.

Ahem comes to the tuitor’s room and asks him why he is angry. Tuitor holds Ahem by his collar and looks angrily. Gopi comes there.

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  1. Wow…!!! I said no this kinjals story is going to be another judaai film…..and today’s episode is same as everyday I don’t have even words to praise their great work….. Bored of eatching This stupids characters n plot….when gopi can bring a tutor for meera then why can’t Rashi for her kids…..stupid story all the characters r doing over action they really deserve an Oscar for their over action…….

  2. Hey guys I am new here can you help me by suggesting what gift can I give for my little bro on rakshabandhan…plz..

  3. Seriously this is nonsense they should show family’s love toward Rashi now like seriously they should show some good scenes between rashi and jigar and rashi and family members…after radha chapter.. i was so excited to see this series.. but no. .They again started this stupid things..kokila scolding rashi as always.. and now kokila saying gapi bahu gopi bahu.. kokila where did your sense go when u blamed gopi for meera`s death. ABSOLUTELY STUPID! !!

    1. she didn’t apologise did she ?

      1. rashi helped save them and now Gopi’s character is really annoying

  4. Sure..lily how old is he..make him a card..with all his picz

    1. He is 20+ n I’ll try this…..surely thank u

  5. Heres an inside scoop Gopi ji goes missing On Rakhi day after learning master ji real agenda

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