Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2013 Written Update

Ahem is in the main hall with Gopi (she is holding Meera), Koki, Hetal and Baa. Gopi tells the senior Modi ladies that she is very happy that there are 2 kids at home, they will grow up together and study together..Vansh will take care of his sister..Hetal adds just like Ahem used to take care of Kinjal and Jigar. Ahem smiles and leaves for office after kissing Meera. He tells Gopi to take care of Meera. Gopi calls Meethi for help but Meethi says she needs to get some stuff for Vansh. Gopi agrees. Rashi comes down and calls Meethi and says she wants her room cleaned with antiseptic, she wants to change her room curtains. She warns Meethi not to do any other work. The elder Modi women especially Koki are not happy with Rashi’s attitude but Gopi agrees with Rashi.
Koki shows Hetal Ahem’s childhood sweater, Hetal says Rashi is very happy after getting Vansh. But Koki tells Hetal that she is wondering how the orphanage gave a baby to Rashi so soon. Hetal replies that Urmi did show the adoption papers to them. Gopi comes there with Meera and a bag and Koki takes the bag from her asking what is there in it. Gopi replies that these are gifts that had come for Meera and some clothes can be worn by boys also so she got them for Vansh. Koki points out that Gopi has been holding Meera since morning and asks her to hand over Meera to her. She is pleasantly surprised that Meera is not crying even after she touches her. Gopi tells her that Meera is sleeping and Hetal and Baa start giggling. Koki asks for Rashi and Gopi says she is busy with Vansh. Koki is annoyed that Rashi is not doing any other work but Baa says javadena.
Rashi is in her room trying to pacify a crying Vansh and says Meera likes making faces and starts making faces. Meanwhile, Urmi in RN thinks that she should tell Rashi not to leave home with Vansh. She calls up Rashi. Rashi gets irritated and asks if she wants more jewelry but Urmi says not to leave home with Vansh as someone may cast their evil eye on him.
The elder Modi women and Gopi come to Rashi’s room with gifts for Vansh. Hetal happily shows her Jigar and Ahem’s childhood clothes and sweater respectively but Rashi refuses that V will not wear all this. Hetal is hurt. Meethi enters and tells Rashi that her stuff has arrived and a man comes with new clothes, sweater and imported diapers for Vansh. She shows them all along with new curtains for the room to Koki and Hetal. She tells them that everything will be new for her baby, even a new room. Koki reminds her that she had told her in Meera’s time too that for 1 and half month baby should not wear new clothes, but R says that for Vansh, this is a new home so he should get everything new. All are shocked and hurt.
Dhawal and Kinjal get off an auto and Kinjal tells him that she is very excited about seeing Jigar’s baby. She holds Dhawal’s hand in excitement and says she cannot wait to see the baby. She realizes and leaves Dhawal’s hand and goes ahead. Dhawal smiles in happiness.
Hetal comes to Rashi’s room saying that Kinjal and Dhawal have come to meet Vansh. Rashi says that Vansh is sleeping and she cannot wake him up. Hetal suggests that she will get them to the room to see Vansh but R refuses saying Vansh will wake up hearing all the noise. Hetal gets hurt and says that they have come to meet Vansh, how will she tell them that they cannot see him? Rashi replies that even Meera gets irritated if she is not able to sleep properly so Hetal should understand. Meanwhile, Kinjal and Dhawal are in MM walking towards Rashi’s room with
Koki and Gopi along with Meera in Gopi’s arms. Rashi tells Hetal in an irritated way that Kinjal should have called before coming and she will not let them in. Vansh starts crying and Rashi gets busy with him. Hetal is hurt and turns to leave wondering what to tell Kinjal and Dhawal but all are outside the room and have heard Rashi. Kinjal gets upset and leaves even though Koki calls her. Hetal looks sad.
Meanwhile, Vansh’s real mother is crying and asks her mother for her baby and begs to know where her child is. She warns that she will kill herself if she does not get her baby. Her mother gets scared and tells her that she left the baby in an orphanage as she is an unwed mother. She tells her not to worry about her baby as he will be fine in the orphanage. Vansh’s mother gets angry and says she wants to go to her baby now.
Meethi is pressing Rashi’s legs and Rashi tells her to do it properly as new mothers need proper massage. Gopi comes there and tells Meethi that Koki is calling her as she needs something from the storeroom. Gopi smiles and tells Rashi that Vansh is happy with her and Rashi agrees happily. Gopi tells her that they should go to Urmi with their kids as all women go to visit their mother after becoming a mother. Rashi tells her that Urmi has told her not to leave home with Vansh, but Gopi tells Rashi that Urmi is her mother and she cannot cast an evil eye on Vansh.
Vansh’s mother and her mother come to the orphanage asking for the baby but the orphanage people don’t know as they did not find any baby. Vansh’s mother gets very angry on hearing this.
Koki tells Baa and Hetal that Rashi’s behaviour is not right, Hetal says she does not understand. Baa explains to them that Rashi desperately wanted a baby so she is being extra careful with Vansh, she will be fine after some time.
Rashi and Gopi come down with their babies. Rashi calls for Meethi. Koki sarcastically asks Rashi why she needs Meethi now. Rashi replies that she needs her help to pack bag for Vansh and Koki asks why. Rashi says Vansh is going to visit his maternal grandmother and leaves for her room. Koki asks Gopi if she gave this suggestion to Rashi. Gopi explains that Dhawal and Kinjal were upset on not being able to see Vansh. They will be happy to see him when Rashi goes there. Koki and Hetal are pleased. Koki says she wishes that Rashi also could be this sensible. They bless Gopi as she is also going to visit Urmi along with Rashi (hope it’s not an overnight visit or Ahem will storm in for his beloved ladies).
Urmi is at RN balcony and overhears some women saying that there are many instances about babies getting stolen and the police are very alert now. They suddenly see cops and Urmi gets scared.
Urmi comes out to the balcony and overhears women talking. One asks the other why did her kid not go for the picnic. She replies that she was worried as there many recent instances about kids being stolen. They see cops nearby and Urmi gets scared looking at them. She runs back to her house and locks the door from inside. She wonders what the cops are doing there. She wonders if anybody saw her taking the baby from the orphanage and thinks the cops are looking for her. She is annoyed that she is getting into trouble because of Rashi. Someone rings the doorbell and Urmi blocks the door in fear. Kinjal comes and asks why she is not opening the door and goes to open but Urmi stops her. Rashi calls from outside and Kinjal leaves from there irritated. Urmi opens the door to see Gopi and Rashi with Meera and Vansh.
Urmi looks out from the window and sees cops talking to someone and wonders if they are looking for her.
Gopi greets Urmi but Urmi tells them to come inside quickly and locks the door. Urmi asks Rashi why she left home when she had warned her. Gopi replies that it was her suggestion and Urmi is irritated. Gopi asks for Kinjal and Urmi replies that she must be in her room. Gopi leaves to meet Kinjal. Urmi looks out of the window and sees cops talking to people there and she is scared. She wonders if they are enquiring about her and they have come to get her. Rashi asks her what she is looking and Urmi closes the window. She scolds Rashi again for coming there, what if anyone had seen Vansh. Rashi asks who would see, Urmi tries to cover up and replies what if someone casts his evil eye on Vansh but Rashi says she will not let that happen. Urmi looks out of the window again and sees cops talking to her chawl neighbours and gets scared.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Some women come to Urmi’s house and say they have come from the orphanage for donation. Urmi looks scared but Kinjal agrees and says even they have adopted a baby few days back. They ask for the name of the orphanage. Kinjal wonders about the orphanage name and asks Urmi.

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