Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Jaggi that she is worried about maaji/Kokila and wants to meet her. Jaggi says at this time khadoos constable will not let them meet, so the will go in the morning. Kokila thinks she has to informs Gopi and Jaggi about Gaura at any cost. Constable comes and says she knows she wants to elope, but she will not let her elope and sits near her cell. Jaggi takes Gopi to kitchen and says he is preparing ginger tea to lessen her cold and serves her tea. She sips and says it is nice. Jaggi sips it and says ginger flavor is very strong. Gopi says she is just thinking about maaji. Seeta watches them standing near doo and thinks their friendship is very unique and may god protect it. Jaggi sees Seeta and asks her to come and prepare tea.

Kokila sees constable sleeping,

silently, takes out keys and unlocks door. She walks out silently and sees constables using landline, thinks she should call Gopi somehow. Once constables move aside, Kokila calls Gopi, but Gopi’s phone switches off due to battery drain. Gopi tells Jaggi how will she find out who called it. Jaggi asks to charge her mobile and then check and takes her to living room. Kokila calls on landline. Gopi picks it, but constable disconnects it and drags Kokila to her jail cell. Jaggi asks Gopi to check if her phone is charged to see who called her.

Gopi checks and says this is maaji’s jail landline, she is worried now Jaggi asks to call right now. Constable picks call. Gopi says she is Gopi Modi, Kokila Modi’s daughter, she got a call from this number, her maaji is fine. Constable says maaji is fine and is resting, someone must have called by mistake. Gopi says she needs to talk to her maaji. Constable says she cannot.

Constable calls Gaura and informs that Kokila tried to escape. Gaura scolds what was she doing and orders to kill Kokila. Constable says she will finish Kokila tonight. She sends criminal inmate into Kokila’s cell. Criminal inmate takes knife. Constable orders to kill Kokila soon. Gopi gets bad dream about Kokila and thinks her maaji is in dancer. She rushes to home temple and prays kanhaji to protect her maaji. Criminal tries to stab Kokila overpowers criminal and beats her till she falls unconscious. Puppet constable then enters fuming and tries to beat Kokila with wooden rod, but Kokila snatches rod and beats puppet constable till she collapses. She apologizes god for doing crime and prays god to help her protect her family.

Precap: Kokila steals scooter and escapes. Scooter owner complains police that a lady wearing white sari with blue border stole his scooter. Police jeep follows scooter. Kokila mingles among temple devotees.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. go and read my comment for yesterday isaaq siddarth and others do not miss it and love today’s episode kokila was a real hero

    1. Siddharth

      Leila u are right we should not feed snakes it wl bite us anytime.
      Ysdy u were acting as a very nice person wat happened within a day u showed ur true color.
      we all sunshine Group know wat to do if you mess with us better stay away from us Leila understand better u understand

    2. Hi Leila, u are right kokila is the best like sunshines, iam oldest here and i wish u be happy with us and member fogive is the best tink in life. GOD bless u always.

      1. Siddharth

        Saba di read leila’s comment on 27thfeb written episode page

    3. Leila I read your comment.But failed to understand what are you thinking about us?Sid is Sunshine group leader.Because of this reason he told you he don’t take you in group.If you think with some peace and cool mind you understand Sid and other Sunshiners. From some days negative commenters like john,rushing,adi and some others wants to join our group.And Sid whole heartedly welcomes them in our group.But with in hours they show their true colours and bashing Sunshiners and Sid and group.You know you also hate our Sunshine group before some days.And suddenly you want to join in our group this is obvious people will have some doubts on you.If you are be being part of any group or not you can comment here.No one stop you.But you also know bashing others are not good.And you bashes Sid because he gives you reply in respectful manner.why?Me and all Sunshiners not support this thing.You said your opinion to join our group and he gives reply in good way .He didn’t bashing you.But you bashing him that is not good.

  2. Hi all Sunshine friends.Thanks Sid and Chithudi for registration information.

    1. Chithu

      Hi Rose. Ur welcome dear. How r u

  3. Leila I am shocked because till now you hate our Sunshine family and suddenly you change your opinion and want to join our group.But If I hurt you I am sorry.

    1. Siddharth

      Rose Leila still hates our sunshine group she Ws playing prank with us.

      1. Yes I read that comment few seconds ago.Don’t why people are behind our group.Failed to understand which problem they are facing us.Such a bad words are using by these people.Don’t want any other pranks and ugly comments.Only want some peace.

    2. can I join u ppl plss

  4. Siddharth

    Star Plus leading show Saath Nirvana Saathiya is currently facing the turmoil of Gaura and Bhawani who are together busy plotting against Modi family.

    Meanwhile, Kokila has returned to save her family from Gaura and this gas Gaura a lot more because she knows its hard to defeat Kokila and with her return in the family, Gaura’s game is sure to end.

    Furthermore, Gopi gets a call from Singapore and she is informed about her lost son there, she us too much excited to learn about the presence of her son.

    Jaggi’s new look for Gopi

    Gopi will be seen leaving for Singapore and Jaggi will also come behind her but in a new getup.

    Surprisingly Jaggi’s look will contain somewhat messy hair like that of malinga one followed by long mustaches and a tint of indian getup.

    Keep reading.

  5. Siddharth

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Namratha,Sia,Sadia .
    Hw was episode tomorrows episode is gng to be interesting kokila wl escape from jail i think gaura’s track is gng to end soon .

    1. Siddharth

      Hi friends this is our group members list ?.
      In our group regular commentators and close friends are
      Ramona,Rani,Rose,Neha. Rest everyone comments very rarely . Wt to do

      1. Siddharth

        Hi Raina i am really very sorry i missed ur name while typing fast ?.

      2. Riana

        Its okay☺

      3. Saba di i hav read all the rules yesterday i m preparing fr my Neet xam if i dont reply for a week dout u consider me as a mem aftr dat 🙁

    2. Nandhini

      Hi sid! The episode was okay..i just liked the devotional music played at the background…it was little dragging…koki escaping from jail is taking one whole episode…i too think when gopi’s son arrives, by that time gaura will be gone.

    3. Hai sunshine group members this is Sarayu can i join u plss

      1. Hi sarau, welcome to sunshines family Ho i love and comment every Day. .

      2. Sarayu.

    4. Tq Saba di

  6. Sorry sunshiners if I wasn’t commenting since I was very busy.

    1. Siddharth

      Its k rani?

  7. Riana

    Loved today’s episode???….Kokila is a real Tigresss!!!…

  8. Hi sunshines, boss, shakaib, akshay, rose, ramona, sowmya, nisha, aisha, pratyusha, mahi, chithu, chinu, s. p, V. p, Ann simona, average girl, arvind, pratheek, raven, Bhaghya, , amalina, raina and all SNS family o love today episode. I hop Gaura go to jail soon.

    1. Chithu

      Yeah she should be caught and sent to jail. Her plot should come to an end. Its really dragging n irritating

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    We buzzed Director Pappu Yadav who said, “Well, there are lot of things that happen between an actor and director. Does anyone leave a show because of an argument with the director? Having said this, I have no problems with them. You can ask them about the reason behind them quitting the show.”
    We also buzzed Co-Producer and Director Pawan Malhotra but did not get any revert.
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    1. Riana

      Thanx for spoilers…Alexia?

  10. Pari and mona darling forget about working
    I can call it unprofessional behaviour tooo bring friendships into the environment work

    I love devo and rucha they did know work is work

  11. Hi Sabadi.Glad to know you comment regularly here now onwards.Sid I will be Register member soon.But I don’t want any e-mails from TU about comments and replys.Isaaq’s rules are good.But If any one didn’t give comment for continuously one week they are not remains a Sunshiner.Why?For suppose any reason people didn’t give comment they will suffer with this rule.Plz think again about this rule.

  12. Siddharth

    Hi Regular Commentators of Sunshine group Are

    1. Where is my name Sid?Are you forget me?

      1. Siddharth

        Hi sorry Rose i missed chithu,Raina,And urs name

    2. Amalina

      Hi sid! I usually comment on every epi since I joined the sunshine group! But I was busy studying so I couldn’t comment on yesterday’s epi. I was thinking about commenting in the morning but then I thought no one will see it, so I decided to comment that n the next epi!

  13. wow what a crap of a episode. It seems like Kokila is Superwoman. No one can beat her.

    1. LOL, she and Gaura both of them at age of 75 or 80 they can fight and look young.

  14. Please end this serial. Can the directors show some storyline that make sense. This show has done nothing great.

  15. Kokila is an old woman but she is does her makeup and action as if she is a young woman

    All Kokila does is shouting but she doesn’t do anything.

  16. Hi boss, when sowmya come back? Please call akshay to comment again. I be registered member soon and i possible talk to evry one .Boss stil i have problem to be registered member but me daughter come from uni and se go to help me.

    1. Chithu

      Hi sabi di. Just search ur inbox thr might be a mail from tu and my clicking it u will get registered

  17. you guys do not understand proper english it is a very difficult language to comprehend.i did not bash anybody i simply had asked you people if i can join your group your answer was no so what is the big deal you are the ones that do not have a clear and clean conscience agreed i was not happy with some of the comments made here but i read someone said opinion are cheap you do not have to pay for it so i had given mine the only sensible ones in your group that comment sensibly are SABA,NANDINI,AKSHAY,SHAKIB SIA,ROSE ,AND RAVEN all the rest of you are comics as i said i will comment i am not asking you to read my comments read at your own risk jai ram shri ram jai jai ram i have said ENOUGH

  18. sorry sia i said you are in the group but no one mention it i sincerely apologize for saying you are a sunshine friend i just read the names and your name is not there

  19. Shakaib

    Hi sunshiine are you..?? OMG! Tigress has come back. In today epi..I enjoyed kokila beating inmate and constable scene alot. Hi saba di…you are right, it will be not okay to give me your gmail. It can be harmful. BTW…can you please tell us about your daughter. Please, who has come back from us. Please….

    Hi chithu di…. Yeah all males should get equal importance.

    Jasmine di has raised a good question. If radha was considered Jigar’s wife by taking just 7 pheras with Pari. Then Rashi has also taken 7 pheras with Gopi in Gohem marriage after 8 years leap. Then both sisters were Devrani and jethrani as well as Sautans. Lol….!!!!!

    Hi isaaq di…I try to find links but I could not. I was not really angry on her. It was just a joke-you can say.I can’t be angry on my friends at all.

    Hi Raina…I’m talking about that links that where we can vote for our favourite couple. If there is no link for can tell me….sorry..if you were hurted by my words in previous update. Sorry….

    Hi nandi di…lool…. You said right..even I got scared is it true.. Authors’ minds are fill with evilness. God may leads them to right

    Hi isaaq di.. Your rules are like to strict lawyer. Lool. BTW…you’vemake right laws. You can be a politician.
    In 25th Feb update..when Leila said that your writings are clear so you reply to her, ” OK truce”,I thought its true.. Sorry for mistaken…!!! I will do what you people want.

    Hey Leila…please for god sake…stop defaming us. We agree you’ve right to share your views about show but please don’t accuse anyone. No one is forcing anyone to comment or defaming.

    *Sorry, if anyone is hurted by my words.

    1. Hi shakaib, Wath do u want no about my daughter?she 19 years old and she start in last September bio medical,she like uni a lot.i have 3 daughters and 1 son.

    2. Riana

      Shakaib this r the links…

      Vividha-Ravish/Atharv (Jndsd)
      Jaggi-Gopika (Sns)
      Raman-Ishita (Yhm)
      Raghav-Naina (Pardes)
      Chandragupt-Nandini (Cn)
      Kartik-Naira (Yrkkh)
      Shivaay-Anika (Ib)
      Omkara-Gauri (Dbo)

  20. I think kokila will be on the run n vidya will have to save modi family n dharam will end up killing his mother wen he find out what she did to everyone

  21. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch series today but the update is very nice and enough for me, thanks TU.
    Finally gaura’s dreadful games will come to an end, I can’t wait to see her get exposed soon.

  22. It was awesome to see kokila beating up gaura,s puppet that constable.

  23. OK. What the heck. In the police station NO-ONE saw Kokila making a phone call.

    Also Kokila looks a witch with all that messy hair.

    I just love it how Gaura doesn’t think twice before killing anyone.

  24. shakib do you know the meaning of the word defame?when did i “DEFAME’ anyone and you stated if anyone is hurted by your words you are writing ff and do you think hurted is correct english? i did not play any prank on anyone i was very sincere in my request but even if god come and told me to join your group now i would say i prefer to be within wild horses than ever join your group and rose which part in any one of my comment did i ever say i hate sunshine group?enlighten me please that is why i am saying the english language is very hard for you people to understand the same goes for you too siddarth when did i ever state that i hate your group think before writing nonsense

    1. Siddharth

      Hello Leila we understand everything first u started bashing shakaib&Issaq it means obviously u wl hate our group.

  25. Chithu

    These jail constables are real culprit. They work for murderers and former jail inmates.

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Chithu…the police constable lady must be brought to law and punished severely…i think these people dealing everyday with criminals and murderers in jail so they also got that criminal minds…as they say one rotten apple in a fruit basket will spoil all the remaining fruits…like that this gaura is when living in jail will spoil all the people around her.

  26. Chithu

    I liked the way kokila fought back. She teached a good lesson to the inmate. I wish Vidya tpo fought back with Gaura

  27. Riana

    Poll: Saathiya’s most irritating character (female)…

    Paridhi n mona

    Pls vote???

    1. Riana

      My vote to Gaura n pari n mona….they r the most irritating charcters for me??

    2. Amalina

      Gaura, kokila’s “baaaaaaaaaaas”, bhavani, parifdhi and Mona!

    3. Isaaq

      Gaura- her revenge is pointless. Why is she still avenging her brothers death? It was her brother choice to commit suicide, why is Kokila blamed? Did Kokila tell Karunesh to commit suicide? No she didn’t.

      Gaura and Radha are both irritating. Radha revenge was illogical because she found out Tripti killed Umang so why was she still Modis enemy when the Modis tried to help her???

      I remember when I was sick and tired of the Radha track. I remember my sister complaining that Radha always wins and gets away with everything. It’s the same with Gaura. She gets away with everything and it’s so annoying

    4. Nandhini

      Yes Chithu…the police constable lady must be brought to law and punished severely…i think these people dealing everyday with criminals and murderers in jail so they also got that criminal minds…as they say one rotten apple in a fruit basket will spoil all the remaining fruits…like that this gaura is when living in jail will spoil all the people around her.

    5. Nandhini

      Gaura is the most irritating lady…sorry riana my previous comment got posted above…

  28. Riana

    Bored with all these episodes….by the way saathiya will take a leap as per sources…though what will be the leap duration??…

  29. Kokila is a Super Womannnnn…loool???…i mean how can that buddhiya do this!!!…Goshhh…

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