Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura insists Dharam to break his fast and have some food. He says no. She shouts that Meera has done black magic on her son that he is just behind her. He keeps her hand on his head and asks to promise him that she will attend Modi family’s pooja tomorrow and will not create a scene that their family will be shameful.

Shravan applies ointment on Vidya’s leg wound. She says she is fine. He jokes that she is a superwoman. She also jokes and asks him to tell the secret which he is hiding from her. He says soon he will tell her. She keeps her head on his shoulder and relaxes.

Gopi gets a dream of her being given electric shock in hospital and wakes up shouting no… Ahem wakes up and asks what happened. Kokila comes with Hetal and Urmila and asks

what happened. Gopi says she saw a bad dream. Ahem says he will manage and asks them to go and rest. Once they leave, he asks Gopi what he should do to make her smile, if he should sing and if he sings she will smile and whole family will cry. Gopi laughs. Ahem asks her to keep smiling always. She leans on his chest and they both fall asleep.

Ahem comes to Meera’s room and asks why she is doing all this. She holds his hand and takes him to his room and says this is his room and he should stay here and not in guest room. He asks if they will stay in this room together. She brings Durga and says he and Durga will stay together here. Gaura comes clapping and asks if she is playing toy game with Dharam. Meera tells Durga that from today both Dharam and his room are hers and only she has right on Dharam. Gaura yells that she is fed up of Dharam and giving him to Gaura as charity. Meera says it is enough, she cannot insult her as she is not her bahu and is guest of this house. Gaura looks at Dharam. Dharam says it is enough. Gaua shouts he is pampering theekhi mirchi and will repent. Meera goes back to her room, locks door, and cries vigorougly thinking why she is feeling pain when she is doing right.

Durga picks pillow and bedsheet and tells Dharam that she will sleep on floor and he can sleep on bed. He asks her to sleep on bed as it is her right. She shivers. He picks pillow and bedsheet and walks out of room. He stops outside Meera’s room. Meera sleeps on bed sobbing. He then goes and seeps on swinger bed reminiscing Meera and Meera reminisces him. Saath nibhana sathiya… plays in the background.

Premlatha tells Madhuben that she was living peacefully in Modi bhavan, but Kokila and Gopi ruined her plan. Madhuben asks not to worry, she will punish Modi family tomorrow. She gets down from auto and asks Premlatha to leave. Sona clicks their pics and thinks why did not she realize that Madhuben is the culprit, when she cannot be her daughter’s, why will she spare her. She will collect more evidence and show it to Sahir/Tolu to make him realize that she is as pure as her name.

Gopi wakes up with alarm sound, finds herself on Ahem’s shoulder and asks why did not he wake her up and let her stay on her shoulder. He says he got peaceful sleep after a long time. She says even she had peaceful sleep. He keeps pillow in cupboard and says from today his shoulder is her pillow. She shyingly leans on his shoulder.

In the morning, Meera sees Dharam sleeping on swinger bed and thinks why is she feeling happy seeing him on swinger bed instead of room. He wakes up and sees her peeping from window and thinks if it is really Meera or he is getting mad. Gaura passes by and asks why is he sleeping on swinger in his own home, if Durga kicked him out, she will punish. Dharamsays Durga is innocent and he liked sleeping on bed. He says he is going to gym and will reach Modi bhavan for satyanarayan pooja and she should remember her promise. She says she remembers that she should be silent and not create any scene. Once he leaves, she thinks she cannot do drama there, but can do it here.

Precap: Kokila tells Hetal that Gopi is working hard since morning for pooja arrangements. Madhuben thinks let Kokila praise Gopi, she will destroy Kokila soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. sona will expose madhu aunty?????????

  2. I hope sona madhuben ki sachaai jald sabk samne laye……

    1. madhu aunty ka ant nikat h

  3. Nice episode…

  4. I knew that sona will try to find the truth.

  5. Sona is like gopi .but the only one difference b/w them is that sona is smart but gopi is more and more innocent so she is also interested in crying ever .

  6. You are very right akshay bai . Maduben will expose by sona and also by the entire MD family

    What is the Secret which shravan is hiding from vidya? anyone can guess? Meera is more beautiful in salvar and saree(saadi).

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