Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Koki coming down to talk to Madhu Ben and she sends the saree wala away. she asks Madhuben what she wanted to speak. Madhu ben asks what she is upto,does she think her daughters are utensils, that she uses them when wanted and throws them away. she asks her if she cant see anything except her sons happiness. She says Radha can never be the bahu especially marrying Gopi’s husband.

At the school, gopi tells Tolu Molu and pappu that she will teach something and they should follow. She tells them that whenever they leave the home or enter the home they should touch the feet of elders and take their blessings. They agree and they say that they will start from now itself and they take Gopi’s blessings. She gives chikki(a kind of sweet

with jaggery).

At MM, Madhu ben remembers meera and says that the loss of meera had its maximum effect on Gopi but they didn’t understand her. She also tells Koki that she was never Gopi’s mother and proved Mother inlaw can never be a mother. Radha buts in and says the marriage is decided after her acceptance. Madhuben is shocked. Radha says that the family has done a lot for her so its her chance now and says that she will do anything for the family and ahemji. Koki tells that she tried calling her as she wouldn’t decide her daughters marriage without consulting her but her phone wasn’t reachable. Madhu says that when everyone have taken their decisions she cant stop them but tells radha that she will regret her decisions.

At school the kids get excited to see the car but are disappointed to that only driver has come. They question the driver and also call Jigar and asks rudely why didn’t they come. He says they had an urgent work so they couldn’t come. He apologizes but saher says he doesn’t want to talk and cuts the phone. Gopi comes to them and tells them that they shouldn’t speak like that to his dad or any elders. She asks him what did their dad say, saher says that his papa and bade papa took someone to hospital so they didn’t come. and hence couldn’t come. Vidya starts crying. Gopi asks why is she crying if their dad didn’t come. She tells gopi that she wants to tell something. The trio are shocked and covers up saying she will miss them and take vidya aside and tell her not to disclose anything as they want to surprise everyone. They promise that they would make ahem come soon. Vidya agrees. They leave.

The kids reach MM and run towards baa and touch her feet. Everyone are shocked and the kids touch all the elders feet. They wish everyone jai shree Krishna and say that they will be good from now on. Kinjal is shocked looking pappu with TM and he says that now they have become friends. Rashi is also shocked. The kids ask why did they call them and koki says its coz of ahems marriage. They are shocked and says it cant happen. Hetal says it’s a big thing and kids shouldn’t involve in it. rashi and urmila accept to what kids say and urmi says that may be even God wanted this. Ahem is annoyed and leaves. Kinjal is also annoyed and says that TM have spoilt pappu and leaves. Hetal tell rashi to take care of kids and leave. Radha thinks now that the kids are also against she should manage them.

Precap: ahem asks TM about vidya,how she is and all. They say she is good but if you speak with her she will be better. Ahem tells them if that’s the case he will speak. They say on one condition, he asks what, and they say he shouldn’t marry radha maasi !

Update Credit to: madhu

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