Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Rashi tells that the room is so unclean and dirty , she gets angry and pass comments on the room . Urmi tells not to be so proud of herself and this is her house and not modi mansion and since she has been born she’s been living here only. Rashi says she cant stay there and she will sleep in dhawal’s room.Rashi goes and knocks the door of dhawal and kinjal’s room she asks why it is locked to which urmi answer that its always locked.Kinjal opens the door and says she is the maharani of her house and for what she came there. Rashi angrily says she wants to sleep in their room.Kinjal says why not but say it politely.Dhawal comes there .Rashi tells how his wife is talking to her . Kinjal moves forward to say something but dhawal stops her.Dhawal

takes her inside and tells rashi is pregnant so they have to take care of her needs and its only a matter of few days . Kinjal agrees.Kinwal comes and says rashi to come and take rest. Rashi comes and sit in the bed and asks for nuts and urmi says she dont have but rashi says go and buy.Urmi gets a call from gopi.She cuts the call and says she will not leave Gopi.Urmi comes to MM place and says kokila has said her not to come there and what will she do if koki see her.Urmi wears pallu and makes the sound of hen.

Urmi calls Gopi but she didn’t here her. Urmi thinks of an idea to sell toys so that gopi will come and buys toys for meera.Urmi shouts everyone to buy toys . The neighbors going there says why she is shouting and urmi says its not their business . The ladies say that they will have to see her face . Gopi from her room sees Urmila.Urmi says her face is not nice and they should not see it .The ladies say that they will call police.Gopi comes there . Urmi says due to her rashi left the house. Gopi says she only wanted rashi to realise her mistake.Here Kokila sees Urmi . Urmi says gopi to tell rashi that she will not say anything to kokila and request her to come back. Kokila shouts out at Urmi . Urmi and Gopi shocked to see Kokila. Kokila asks what she is doing there as she has broken all relations with her. Urmi says Kokila says she didn’t even come to MM she just had to come there to take some stuff of Rashi . Koki asks what she wants and urmi says her sarees and as she know rashi is addicted to some things and no one can be able to change that.And she cant see her daughter sad. Kokila says if Rashi went from MM then she would bring lots of sarees and for other things she herself need to come to MM. Koki says gopi to come with her and tells Urmi not to even come near her house. Urmi is shocked.

Gopi and meera come to Urmi’s house and is welcomed by Rashi. Rashi is elated to see Meera and tries to take her but goes form there . Gopi is sad tells her to listen to what she say . Urmi says she finally came to apologize and take Rashi from there.Gopi says yes she came to take her back to MM. Gopi begs her to come back.Rashi is happy and says now she will stop giving her damkiyas about Koki.Gopi says Jigar miss her alot.Rashi says to leave all that and is she agreeing to what she wants . Gopi says no and says she cant do it and she knows it. Rashi tells she knows what is good for her and what is not.Urmi says Gopi why she came there just to show off that she will be queen in MM . Urmi says her to shut up and says maybe Rashi will miss MM but her mother is there for her and she is not a orphan like her. Gopi is teary eyed. Rashi tells gopi to leave as she’s not coming. Rashi close the door.Worried gopi goes from there. Rashi says will Urmi give her food by her extra love . Urmi says why didn’t rashi become gopi.

Rashi in KinWal’s room and says she will sleep there. Kinjal says it was hers and after her marriage its not her one.Dhawal says leave it . Kinjal says why dont he tell his sister to understand . Rashi says by mistake gopi to stop teaching her what is right and wrong.Kinjal says tell her name properly.Urmi comes there rashi again tells gopi is not allowing her to sleep in the room and urmi asks gopi?Kinjal says urmi that if rashi miss gopi that she can go there . Urmi tells if Rashi wants to sleep here that means here. Kinjal says absolutely no.Urshi are shocked. Urmi takes Rashi from there.Here Rashi is unable to sleep due to Urmi.

Gopi tells Meethi to give green tea to Ahem and milk for Rashi.She realizes what she says and is sad. She ignores and says meethi to go.Here Rashi is in the kitchen and is irritated by not seeing the wanted things .Rashi is opening the cupboards and sees achar.Here Hetal is saying Vansh is happily staying with her mom and sad is that rashi is lonely now.Gopi comes and takes blessings from her.Hetal tells Chirag has some busy work . Hetal asks when Rashi is coming back as she wants her dil to be with her in this time.Gopi is tensed.Kinjal comes and asks what she wants and rashi tells gopi to help her.Kinjal taunts saying is this the result of pregnancy.Kinjal unknowingly keeps the bottle of achar on a place where there is going to break .Rashi is eating achar when the whole place falls . Urmi comes and asks what happened and rashi says when gopi kept the achar bottle their it fell.urmi is shocked to see the whole place ruined. Rashi says she got saved but it all due to Kinjal.Urmi says Rashi to shut up and since she came she is ordering.Rashi is shocked .

precap:Rashi shouts at Urmi if she had any problem with her she would have left earlier.She didn’t tell her previously so she didn’t leave and now since she has said she is leaving . Urmi is shocked

Update Credit to: Muskii

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