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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura alleges Meera that she poured petrol and tried to kill her and asks Dharam to punish her. Meera says she did not. Gaura says when she can hate her family and harm them, she can kill her. Meera says she cannot think of harming Gaura even after knowing how she tried to kill her Kokila. Gaura says when she can try to kill her mother, why will she spare her, she knows her well. Vidya says she does not know her sister then. Meera tells Dharam again that Gaura herself poured petrol and is trying to punish her. Dharam asks Meera if she is telling truth. Meera says yes. Gaura shouts if he does not trust his mother. Dharam says she is dearer to him than his life, but he should give once chance to Meera also. Gaura is shocked.

Kinjal tells family that Tolu/molu should

have returned by now. Gopi says let them mingle with girls well. Hetal says they liked girls’ family and let boys also like girls. Sona comes sadly. Madhuben takes her to a corner and asks when will she express her love to Tolu, when his children call her bua/aunt. Kokila thinks what Madhuben is murmuring with Sona. Tolu/molu enter smiling and sit on sofa. Hetal asks Sona to bring water for Samar and Sahir. She nods and leaves.

Kinjal asks Samar and Sahir how are the girls. Kokila asks them if they liked twin sisters. Gopi also asks to speak. Sahir smiles and says meeting was good, but Samar keeps quiet. Gopi says then alliance is fixed from one side and asks Tolu/Samar if he liked girl. He looks at Sona. Madhuben hope he did not like girl. Tolu says he also liked girl. Sona drops water glasses in a shock. Kokila and Gopi ask what happened. Hetal says sometimes it happens. Sona picks glass strands. Kokila watches her face. Baa says Kokila that Samar and Sahir gave them good news and she should serve sweets. Kokila watches Sona and Samar’s facial expressions and goes towards kitchen. Sona injures her finger with glass strand. Tolu gets up, but Molu stops him.

Hetal asks Sona if she is fine. Sona with teary eyes nods yes. Madhuben tells she should not shed tears and even if she sheds blood, it will not affect them. Kokila comes and asks who will not get affected. Madhuben says Sona broke glass and she was explaining her that one glass will not affect anything. Kokila serves sweets to Baa. Tolu says he is tired and will go and rest and on stairs looks at Sona. Kokila and Gopi watches that.

Dharam keeps Meera’s hand on his head and asks to take his oath and tell if she poured petrol on Baa or not. Gaura says Meera does not love him and does not care if he dies. Dharam asks again. She takes his oath and says she did not do anything like this. Gaura shouts not to make her childless with wrong oath and tells Dharam this girl does not love him. Meera shouts to shut up and hugs Dharam tightly.

Gaura starts her drama and says her son is trusting Meera instead of her and prays god to kill her. She then says she will finish Meera’s unfinished work and will die. Dharam stops her. Gaura says she will feel bad if he trusts new girl than his mother, what happened to her son who loves her. He says she is equal to god for him and knows she loves him, but Meera also loves him and proved that she did not do anything, even then if she thinks Meera should be punishe,d he has only one solution now. He walks out and everyone walk behind him calling his name.

Kokila calls Asian paint consultant and asks her to paint her grandsons’ room as they are getting married. Consultant says Asian paints knows their customers’ demands. She clicks wall pics and shows them with different colors to choose.

Dharam says Gaura that he cannot punish Meera as he loves her, so he will punish himself. He removes kurta and lashes himself with hunter. Shravan and Durga try to stop him, but he continues lashing himself. Gaura starts crying. Meera cries that he is punishing himself to protect her.

Precap: Kokila warns Madhuben that if she tries to harm her family, she will kick her out of house.

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  1. All the villians in this serial either turn good or go to jail. Radha is the only villian to die.

  2. On top of too much fake drama in this serial out of no where Maduben has become a villain..uffffff

  3. stupid drama thu ek maa apani beti se ethna kiya so bore .last villan win so poor plus serials are too bad .abuse the people

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