Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila returns to Urvashi’s house without Jaggi. Urvashi says she knew Jaggi would not agree, so she should go back home. Jaggi comes and gives Urvashi 5000 rs and says he earned it as promised. He sees Kokila and says why she is following him, he will not do her work. Urvashi asks to try at least. Kokila says he has to come to her house and act as her son and shows Ahem’s pic. Jaggi says it is his pic, but when did he wear blazer. Kokila says it is her son Ahem. Jaggi says he will not come.

Kokila returns home sadly. Urmila asks where she had been. Kokila says she went to take hher from her last hope to save Gopi, but could. Urmila sees Jaggi behind Kokila and gets arfraid. Kokila says Jaggi. Tolu’s son says he is Ahem dadaji. Jaggi asks Kokila

if she will not greet him. Kokila asks Sona to bring aarti thali. Jigar says it is old way, plays music and starts dancing on Baby ko base pasand hai song…Sona brings aarti thali and Urmila performs aarti. Jaggi says laddoo is hard. Jay says againe looks like Ahem dadaji. Sona scolds him to behave. Jaggi says if child will not be mischievous, will she be. He asks to prepare something for him. Urmila says she will prepare his favorite dishes. Jaggi asks how doe she know what he likes. Urmila stands sadly. Jaggi asks to get some 10-12 paranthas, butter, sabji, etc..

Mansi comes to Gopi’s hospital room and starts her witty talks. Goipi holds her hand tightly. Mansi shouts to leave her hand and calls peons. Peons lock Gopi among mental patients. Mansi says now all her bravery will be gone and she will beg for life. Mental patients start torturing Gopi. Mansi asks what happened to Kokila’s daughter super woman Gopi.

Inspector comes to arrest Prakash. Dharam says even if he wants to arrest Naiya, he will not interfere like a good father. Inspector says he came to arrrest even Naiya. Naiya apologizes Meera and asks to forgive her. Even Prakash enters and apologizes. Dharam fumes that he brainwashed Naiya’s brain. Naiya says she loves Prakash and did not know meaning of life, her husband died in childhood because of Shravan and now she is getting love from Prakash who is not at fault.

Jaggi enjoys food on sofa with Jai. Sona scolds Jai to have food silently. Jaggi says he cannot eat food without watching TV, swithches on TV and enjoys food on floor with Jai. Sona and everyone smile. Jaggi says Jai he is a cartoon like him and plays cartoon channel. Kokila says he and Ahem look same, but their characters are different, she does not know if it is a fate that she got Jaggi now.

Precap: Kokila and family gives Ahem’s clothes to Jaggi and make him wear them forcefully.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. gopi ahem modi

    Aaj to maine mast hath pakda na mansi ka bechari mansi

  2. gopi ahem modi

    Are koi to bahar nikalo mujhe yaha se kitne din ho gye maine na to makeup kiya h na hi heavy jewelry pehni h

  3. Isaaq

    I dont understand why people like me and Gopi always suffer from evil people? I wish people like me and Gopi finally win all their battles and have happiness?

    1. Isaaq

      Unfortunately, I have had villains and vamps in my life as much as Gopi has

      1. Im sorry to hear that Isaaq. A nice person like you doesn’t deserve to suffer.

        These villains and vamps make me sick. I can’t stand them being mean to a nice person like you.

    2. I don’t know about you or your problems. Hope your battles are small and your war is over. May happiness follow every storm. As for Gopi, ever think god is trying to tell her something. Like Urvashi said the Modi are always fighting someone. Maybe Gopi has a curse or is curse, all I know when she was away there was peace. But the same can be said about Kokila. And yes, I know it a t.v. show but I’m waiting for Ahem to leave Gopi and Kokila for good and married someone that will give him a son.

      1. I agree with you ruby2star

      2. Thank you all very much. I’ve had really big battles like Gopi has. Lots of villains and vamps have tried to destroy my life but I’ve become more confident and courageous. Gopi used to be so innocent and shy, I used to be like that. I’ve won every battle because I always have faith in God.
        I always have someone like Ahem and Kokila in my life who have guided me. I’ve destroyed all my villains and vamps. God punished them.
        I am very happy now after 18 years of struggles I am about to study law. However, like Gopi has been separated from Ahem, I have been separated from my lover. Whenever me and my lover try to unite we always separate. Due to fate, we have met at the right time, I am destined with my lover. Now I’m fighting for my love now…

    3. gopi ahem modi

      Dear issaq kanhaji always with you.

      1. Oh issaq di Everything will be fine
        GOD will save you.
        And i know you are a well determined person so no one can destroy you dhidi.

    4. Riana

      Hey isaaq be strong and always happy….god bless you…

  4. Whenever Gopi suffers one person defintly help Gopi now jaggi is her helper

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Nahi mujhe to Krishna ke sath hi rahna h mujhe nahi jana us lallu ka sath nahi nahi nahi

  5. I always love dis serial even it is good r bad

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Dhanywad parveena ji aap isi tarah humare serial ko pasand karti rahe taki ye serial hazaro saal aise chalta rahe

  6. I always love dis serial even it has low r high trp

  7. Gopi ahem Modi s comments are super entertaining. I am literally dying laughing. ???

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Thank you QWERTY i am feeling good my comments make smile on your face its a big compliment for me.

    2. Hello QWERTY keyboard

  8. Mona146

    I thought Parag is a nice guy. He has second family with illicit children as well. Why was jaggi
    s mother saying that kokila took away her daughter? Was kinjal jaggis slibling?

    1. Hii.. Episode is awesome.. Aap sch me gopi ahem modi h.. I am a very big fan of you.. I love your style… Its too good..

  9. How come jaggi is happy when kid calls him dadaji…haha, he himself accepting as grandfather,,no way

  10. Annah bcoz he is ahem only so he got happy wen jai called him dadagi.

  11. Hey Ruby2star hw can u say that ahem should marry again to have son r u out of ur mind . This shows your low mentality you are talking like illiterate jahil,gawar . Still u,r not developed ur mind idiot.

  12. Isaaq after every night there comes a new dawn,dont worry hun, be happy ,god is looking over you,you have been through so much and yet there a lot of positives in you,dont worry happiness will definitely knock at your door and you will be so happy that you wont even realize you have been through so much my blessings and prayers will always be with you cause you deserve it and much more good luck

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