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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera asks Kokila’s permission to go out. Kokila says she cannot go as today is raksha bandhan and she has to tie rakhi to tolu/molu. Meera says she will never tie rakhi to them as they are still jobless. Kokila asks her to stop thinking bad about her brothers. Meera asks if her lecture is finished, she will go. Kokila says no. Meera says she will go her room then. Gaura comes and asks her to help her mother in kitchen. Meera leaves fuming. Kokila asks Gaura to stop bothering Meera.

Gopi goes to Urmila’s room and sees her crying looking at Rashi. Gopi says even she remembers Rashi a lot and if she would have been alive, she would have been very happy seeing Vidya’s marriage. Urmila says she would have found out Gaura’s kundali/whereabouts as she

feels she is weired. Gopi asks if she also thinks same. Urmila says Gaura behaves wierdly, talks to someone secretly on phone and even to her suitcase. Just like magician’s life was in parrot, Gaura’s life is in suitcase. Meera escapes via window. Gopi sees window open and closes it.

Jigar with Pari and tolu/molu distributes sweets to orphan children on Rashi’s annual death anniversary/barsi and tells Pari that Rashi would have been proud on tolu/molu and promotes prime minister’s beema yojna/term insurance for sisters for 12 rupees. Tolu/molu says they distributed policies and sweets to all sisters. Pari says she wants to talk to them.

Vidya and Shravan walk towards shop after getting out of car. Shravan forgets car keys. Vidya says she will get them. while walking, she clashes with Gaura’s son and his wallet falls. She picks and gives it to him. He blesses her to be happy and leaves.

Pari asks Tolu/molu if they are okay with her decision of getting them a sibling. Jigar asks her to stop discussing this issue here. Pari says she is talking to her children and needs their decision. Jigar starts fighting. Tolu/molu say they are with Pari and don’t have any problem with her decisions, but have problem with their fighting asks them to stop fighting. Pari asks Jigar when her children are with her, then why is he against her decision.

Shravan and vidya enter jewelry shop to buy engagement rings. Gaura’s son also enters asks for golden rakhi. Salesman says he can get it in a nearby shop. He walks out. Vidya and Shravan continue shopping rings. Meera reaches there wearing burqa and burns shravan’s selected ring with lighter thinking if his ring will burn, engagement will stop. Owner asks Shravan to try ring. Ring falls down. Vidya picks it and says it is very hot. Salesman says it cannot be, checks CCTV footage and sees Meera burning it. He asks Meera why did she burn ring. Meera panics and runs out of shop.

She clashes with Gaura’s son and his rakhi falls down. She asks if he she is blind. Meera asks if he is blind. He says she broke rakhi. She asks so what. He says her parents did not teach her how to behave with elders. She runs and he follows. she gets into auto and escapes. He clashes with motorbike, falls into ditch and smears his body with dirt. He orders his servant to bring car in front of jewelry shop.

Kokila asks Gopi if she finished all work. Gaura says her bahu is very intelligent and does all chores efficiently. Kokila smiles and asks when will Vidya and Shravan come. Gopi says they are on the way. They both reach. Meera enters back home via pipe and window. Gopi comes to her room and knocks door. She comes and says she will come in 2 min. Gopi asks why is she gasping for air. Meera gets nervous.

Precap: Gaura opens her suitcase and tells her brother’s ash pot that she will punish Kokila soon. Gopi hears her conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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