Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi cries in hospital temple and prays god to not examine Jaggi and cure him soon. She prayed god for Jaggi’s speedy recovery, but she did not listen to his prayers. Jaggi encourages and an cheers up everyone, but if he shatters, who will control him.

Urmila feeds dalia/porridge to Jaggi and says he will not get kachori and samosa for some days. Kokila says Urmila is right, once he gets well he can. She asks Sahir and Sona where is Gopi. Sahir says she is not around. Gopi says when it comes to dear one’s safety, she can fight even with god. Doc comes and asks Jaggi how is he. He says fine and asks Kokila where is Gopi. Kokila says don’t know. He says he know where she is, asks her to go and get her from temple. Gopi is seen still praying god.

Doc examines

Jaggi’s legs. Jaggi says he cannot sense anything, may be because of being idle for long time. Family discuss once Jaggi gets well, they will take him home. They see Gopi in front of god’s idol. Kokila asks what happened. Gopi says Jaggi ji. Kokila says he is fine and will walk in his feet. Gopi reminisces doc telling Jaggi suffered a spinal injury and may not walk again. Doc asks peons to help Jaggi get up. Jaggi says he is fine. Gopi says family that Jaggi is not well. Urmila asks what happened to him. Jaggi tries to get up unsuccessfully. Kokila asks Gopi what is the issue. Gopi says Jaggi’s spine is injured and he may not walk. Jaggi tries to get up and falls on floor. Nurse and doc try to get him up. Gopi enters room. Jaggi says good she came, his legs are insensitive. Gopi and peon get him on bed. Jaggi asks doc when can he walk. Doc asks to stop talking and rest and leaves. Jaggi asks why doc left. Gopi says his legs and cries turning. Jaggi asks if his legs are gone forever. Gopi says he needs treatment and will be fine. Jaggi says he is fine and does not need treatment, tries to get up, Gopi tries to stop him and he falls down with Gopi. Gopi calls peons and gets Jaggi back on bed. Jaggi asks if she is fine. She says yes.

Imli sips juice and gets tensed seeing poison bottle nearby. Bhavani enters and laughs that she could not stop her hands from poisoning her food. Imli panics and pleads for help. Bhavani laughs and says she just joked, but she may poison her any time.

Urmila asks doc if Jaggi’s condition is incurable. Doc says with positive thinking and physiotherapy, he may walk on his feet, but don’t know how much time it will take. Urmila gets happy. Kokila says she will try her best to get Jaggi back on his feet, seeing his mother’s situation, it is her duty to get Jaggi back on feet. Urmila says they are all with her.

Jaggi tells he was lying on road unconscious for 3 hours and nobody helped him, how can one be so ruthless. Gopi cries that even she is responsible for his condition. She was traveling via that road and did not know whose accident it was. She got out of car, but due to traffic jam and pooja muhurath passing away, she left for poja. Hope she had seen his face that day, his condition would not been this worse. Kokila and Urmila enter and tell Gopi if she has finished talking to Jaggi, give them also a chance. Urmila says she brought Jaggi’s favorite laddoos.

Precap: Man who took Jaggi to hospital gives Jaggi’s items to Kokila. Kokila checks and says chain and locket are missing. Man says he does not know anything. Kokil thinks who must have taken it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap looks boring

  2. I wonder who took it??

  3. i have not watched this serial in a long while i am not getting the time my grand children are a handful can any one tell me if they find out any thing about ahem or if jaggi is ahem any information will be helpful to me thank you

    1. Ahem died 5 years ago. He was killed by Gaura as part of her plan to get revenge for her brother’s death. Jaggi is Ahem’s half-brother, and Gopi’s husband, but she regards him as her close friend.

    2. Sayyeda

      Hi Jayashree, ahem died Jaggi is he brother.

  4. Sayyeda

    Hi sunshines, boss, Shakaib, raven, mahi, nandhini, rose, amalina, chithu, rani, akshay, sowmya, averege girl, nisha, raina and all sunshines Ho i episode is very sad.

    1. Siddharth

      Hi Saba di hw r u. Ya episode was bad

    2. Riana

      Hi saba di…Episode was bad Saba di…But precap is Awsome ???

  5. These bhavani deserve to be getting tight slap on the face.

    1. Riana

      Amirul stop saying this else bhavani will never get slap….I wish your words comes tru….?????

  6. Riana

    In the upcoming episodes…

    Kokila will get to know the truth of locket where she will reveal to everyone that Gaura is the mastermind behind this mess….Jaggi,Gopi n others will vow to avenge Gaura!!!…Means Soon Gaura will die in a shocking episode…

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