Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokilla feel on the floor as Gaura drags her foot, gets hold of the stick and calls her goons inside as well. They get hold of Modi’s as they over-numbered them. Gaura attacks Kokilla with her own stick while Kokilla shouts. The goons tie Modis with a rope, Gopi and Ahem harassed the most. Gaura orders Kokilla to be tied with rope as well. Durga cries why they are doing this, Meera killed Shravan’s father and now they want to hit Gaura. Gopi shouts Gaura is taking revenge, her daughter isn’t a murderer; she must tell Durga what the truth is. Gaura asks Durga not to listen to her, but Durga was concerned for Gaura. She turns to go to her room, Gopi shouts that Dharam is alive, Gaura kept him hostage somewhere. Gauran interferes, and comes harassing Gopi. Gopi insists on Durga to trust her, but Durga questions why should she trust them, they only wants to save their daughter. Gopi insists on Durga to find out about Dharam. Gaura shuts Gopi and shouts at Durga to go inside. Kokilla advocates Gopi, confessing she has also seen Dharam alive. Gaura heads to leave, Ahem warns Gaura that he won’t leave her alive if something happen to Meera. Gaura warns them to shut up, and orders her goons to take care of them.
Durga comes to her room, Gopi’s words echo in her mind as she stares at Dharam’s flowered photo. She thinks Gopi would never lie to her, and wonders what to do. She thinks about finding an injection, and is determined to find out the truth.
Gopi was worried, Kokilla had faith on God. Gopi cries for Meera, Kokilla advices them not to lost hope.
The inspector gets Meera her saree and sindoor. Meera cheers Dharam would be happy watching her in these dress, she was always crazy in his love and he would come save her for sure. The inspector caress her and leaves. Meera was excited to meet Dharam. Kokilla prays.
Durga comes to Gaura’s room and carefully takes the key bundle. She comes to basement store room with a lantern in hand and was shocked to see Dharam lying on floor bedding there, asleep.

PRECAP: Gaura insults Durga to stay as a maid, she never spoke in any matter. She lived under her for whole of her life and will live the same way for the rest of it as well. Durga resists this time and slaps Gaura.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awsome…Awsome….Awsome precap!!!!

  2. Good for gaura durga should drag her ass out the house n take Dharam to court to save meera

  3. Awesome episode

  4. Wow what a crap episode, just outnumbered Modis, Gaura you are so strong that kagdi can’t do anything instead of kaav kaav. Wait n watch Meera will be hanged as Gaura will tie Durga also, can’t u see size of both, whoever will come will be tied by her goons.

    You are fantastic durga aunty.

  6. excellent precap

  7. Someone plz write today ‘s update…

    1. sunn saathiya

      todays episode was fantastic…..
      durga broke the window and took a piece of it and kept it on Gaura’s neck and asked her to untie modi people and then tells them where is dhram… kokila asks ahem and jigar to go and find out dharam… ahem carries dharam in his shoulder and fight with the villans…

  8. kokila keeps shouting but do nothing

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