Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2016 Summary


The episode starts with Vidya asking God to show some miracle and save Meera. Baa too prays. At Gaura ‘s house,Gaura ‘s goons tie the Modi family in ropes. Gaura asks Durga to go from there. Gopi and Koki start with their dialogues asking her to believe that Gaura is lying and Dharam is alive.

A boggled Durga goes to her room and recalls Gopi ‘s words. She says that she has to find the truth.

The jailor gets Meera red sari and Meera gets happy. She says to jailor that u must be thinking that I am mad but I know that Dharam ji will come.

Koki tells the family not to lose hope and they chant shloks. Durga goes to Gaura room and secretly steels the key. She goes to the room where Dharam is kept and is shocked seeing him.

PRECAP:Gaura scolds Durga. In return Durga slaps her.

Credit to: Tanvi

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  1. OMG DURGA SLAPPED GAURA DURGA??? the shy weak woman slapped Gaura????
    But spoilers say Durga will die so Gaura will eventually kill Durga

  2. Good Durga gaura u deserve even more than a slap

  3. Gaura should not be slapped….But KILLED??????

  4. Wow yaar it’s great

  5. All background music should be more soft and kokila should speak normally not like she is asking for votes

    1. ??????

  6. Ranju Ranu Benedek

    Gaura is a real evil woman she should be hanged to death

  7. Gaura deserves a slap not one more than one…✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  8. Gaura should be slapped by dharam isn’t it guys

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