Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi runs to Kokila crying and tells her that Pari kicked her out of Modi bhavan. Kokila asks what happened. Gopi says Pari told when her husband, children, or mother-in-law don’t stay there, why should she be let in. Ahem gets irked and asks if Pari really told that. Gopi says Pari crossed all her limits today. Mansi gets restless waiting for Ahem in a restaurant and leaves back towards home. Gopi tells Kokila that she tried her best for her family, but did not know she would face this day. Mansi while walking breaks her sandals. Kokila says Gopi she cannot believe Pari can do this. Urmila asks if Pari is the same girl who looks like lizard, she did not know she is so bad. Gopi says she realized a woman is nothing without her man, she is worried if Pari will kick out even


Mansi stops temp and asks driver to send taxi if the finds on the way. Driver says she will not get taxi at this time here. Mansi asks him to drop her. He asks to sit backside. She gets nauseated seeing goat inside, but sits in hesitantly.

Kokila says she and Ahem are not staying there, that is why Pari took over Modi bhavan. Gopi continues crying and telling she does not know what to do, where to go now as some people don’t like here, she is realizing she is orphan with no support. Kokila asks not to say that. Urmila comments that Pari made a hunterwali helpless. Gopi runs outside. Ahem goes and holds her shoulder and asks not to worry. Mansi comes and is shocked seeing them together. Ahem turns and asks if she is fine. She says she is not and says she was waiting for him like a man in restaurant, but he is enjoying with Gopi here. He says she is thinking wrong. She says she realized everything and asks how can he do this to her. He says again same. She says she will go back now. She asks him not to take wrong decision. She says she will not stay and leaves chawl. Urmila gets happy and says servant left at last.

Ahem says Kokila he will go to Modi bhavan to stop Mansi. She asks him to go in the morning. He says has to console Mansi as he knows how it feels when one’s partner leaves him/her in the middle of way, looking at Gopi. He leaves towards Modi bhavan.

Kinjal praises Pari for kicking our Gopi and asks her to continue to be strong. Jigar comes and gives her phone. She speaks to Gopi and says she is feeling very guilty pushing her out and says Kinjal is trying to provoke against her always. Gopi says Kokila their plan is working well. Pari reminisces how the made their drama. Gopi says Ahem already left for Modi bhavan. Gopi says they should make sure Mansi does not realize their drama and asks Pari not to trouble Mansi much. Kokila asks her to stop being so good and says she is Ahem’s wife and not Mansi. They all 3 share a lighter moment.

Mansi comes to Modi bhavan crying and goes to her room. Meera tries to console her and asks what happened. Ahem comes to Modi bhavan door and calls Mansi. Pari sees him and sends Hetal to take Mansi’s phone out. She goes and while talking to her picks her mobile and gives it to Pari. Pari cuts Ahem’s call. Ahem gets irked. Pari then goes and invites him to come in. Ahem says he will not come in and asks how dare she is to kick Gopi out.

Precap: Pari says Ahem that Gopi deserves insult and it would have been better if she would have died in jail itself. Ahem angrily tries to slap her, but Jigar holds his hand.

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  3. Nice episode….awesome plan by pari,gopi n kokila….ahem should realize his feelings for gopi now

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