Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Jaggi that he is thinking right. He asks her to get pakoras for him now. She goes to kitchen. Jaggi thinks he explained her so well, even then she did not understand much. Urmila gives him microphone and says he should fix it in his ear, whenever he does overacting, she will alert him. He says she does not know his acting skills.

Jaggi dresses as Ahem and meets Mansi in living room. Mansi says she is wearing his favorite color sari. Jaggi srarts romantic chat. Urmila hearing his conversation with Tolu and Molu on phone via microphone says he is overacting again. He hears that and asks what…Mansi says she did not say anything. He says he can hear his name in her breaths.

Gopi stands in balconry trying Vidya and Meera’s numbers.

Mansi sees her and asks Ahem/Jaggi to push Gopi down from balcony if he really loves him. Urmila with Tolu/Molu listens that. Jaggi asks what to do now. Urmila asks to do what Mansi says. Tolu/molu silently spread bed on floor. Jaggi pushes Gopi from behind and she falls down shouting. Tolu, Molu, and Urmila silently take Gopi to her room. Jaggi/Ahem goes back to Mansi and says what else he has to do to prove his love for her. Mansi says she knows his love is pure for her. He says he is going, smoke starts and he leaves. Mansi calls Ahem..Ahem…Premila comes. Mansi thinks whenever mom comes, Ahem leaves. Premila takes her to room and Mansi says her and Ahem’s love is pure, so only she can see Ahem. Premila thinks Mansi is getting illusions again, whom to take help from even Krishna is out of station. She calls her friend and asks to arrange holy gathering.

Urmila sees Gopi got leg cramp after falling from balcony. Mansi comes and Gopi starts writhing in pain. Mansi gets happy and thinks Gopi always escapes death, when will she die. Gopi is taken to hospital by Urmila and Tolu/Molu. Pari watches them going out. Jaggi comes back and Pari inofrms him that Gopi is taken to hospital. Jaggi thinks because of him, Gopi is injured.

Meera and Naiya finalize wedding card. Dharam comes and Naiya asks him to finalize wedding card. Vidya hears that and thinks when card is finalized already, why is Naiya asking Dharam again, she must be up to something.

Gopi comes back from hospital with bandage on her leg. She tells Urmila that to get property papers back, they are playing with Mansi’s emotions, Mansi really loves Ahem. Jaggi comes and holding Gopi’s leg apologizes tht because of hi, she is in trouble. Gopi asks him to leave her legs. He continues. Once he leaves, Premila comes and says a lot of weird things are happening in this house, so she is planning to keep a pooja.

Precap: Urmila says Gopi if their plan goes well, Premila will believe that Jaggi and Ahem are 2 different people. Gopi this they should not make make any mistake this time. Urmila says no…Gopi sees someone and stops.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,
    Soumya,Raina,Shakaib,Issaq,Saba. Hw was todays episode friends.
    I think paridi’s character is turning positive .

  2. sowmya

    hi !! good evening all sunshiners and saathiyaa friends
    yes siddarth bhai we all will definitely be in touch with each other even if sns ends but i wish sns goes for 2 or 3 more years

  3. sowmya

    krishna is out of station so sad then who will give injection to mansi
    i wish by the time krishna comes back premila also falls in trap

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode,the show to witness high voltage drama as Pramila is making tea for her and Mansi in the kitchen.

    Just then Urmila comes there and asks her to make tea for her as well but she refuses to do so.

    Then she goes to Mansi’s room with tea and sees that there is so much darkness in the room.

    Mansi and Ahem are getting married

    Mansi holds Pramila and puts knife on her neck, she pushes her back and get shocked to see Mansi.

    Pramila says that you have gone crazy, Mansi asks her to give Modi house papers.

    So Pramila says that she will give her the papers once she gets married with Ahem.

  5. Geetu

    |Registered Member

    Where is Kokila.. Watching pari after a long timee.. where is her partner mona… I am missing her way of saying “mom jii” badly… 😂 Is this the reason that molu joined with tolu and gang
    Hii sunshiners… How are you… Hope all are well…

  6. Shakaib

    |Registered Member

    Hi Sunshiners Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,
    Soumya,Raina,sid,ragini,zain,Issaq,Saba. Episode rocks.
    Jaggi’s style equally match to ahem. Of saying sorry. How was today’s episode in your opinion! I think they will expose jaggi till October. Let see.
    Guys where you read that sns will end. I hope it will complete 4000 episodes. What you think. After lot of time, we are enjoying episodes. Good night sunshiners. Have sweet dreams.

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      Hi shakaib! Today’s episode was so good! We all had doubt how did gopi survive with just leg cramp falling from top…today its got cleared…yes shakaib i also hope dis serial will complete 4000 episodes…it shud surpass balika vadhu and old mahabharatha serial episode numbers…

      • sowmya

        but now yeh rishta kya kehlata hai is ahead of saathiyaa and still running strong nandhini balika vadhu ended so it is easy to cross it but wish some day our saathiyaa crosses yrrkkh also

    • lara

      I also agree with u John, just all hypothetical scenes are created, like hiding some place where u can be seen clearly, someone call u and just like no brainer will stop going further. As long as public support such stupid serial will go forever even our kids their kids will go on seeing, and heard Kokila is going to quit hope she does as her role is like a poor cow, but it make sense she will be as she grown to grand grand dadi and her sasu still surviving at 110 years as Gopi is 50 their kids 25, Kokila 75. Need to ask what type of skin lotion using so that look so young at this age.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    We are Fyn gettu wer is our other friends Nandini,Raven,Akshay,Shakaib,Saba,
    Raina,Issaq still no comments.

  8. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Sid you are right we sunshine family will stay in touch forever😊 sowmya sure we will all pamper you because you like little baby kid to all of us even though you are studying 12th😀 nisha i referred accountant to siddharth, nurse to shreestee, writer to shakaib as he writes many fan fictions and business person to me…missing raven’s comment for a very long time…Akshay is also kinda missing…yesterday he gave only one comment…i am happy that vidya is getting wiser and using her brain to find about naiya…

  9. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Sid i saw ur comment at morning and i too replied it but after sometime telly updates removed it…dont know why they removed that comment and that “Ahem ji” also commented today morning replying me using offensive words and i also replied him back in his way and those comments are also removed…i hope he wont disturb us again and if he does so then the TU team should look into this.

    • Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Nandini morning i commented today 😊. After 8.30 i dint watch this page and evening wen i saw my comment was not der even i commented at 5pm after some time it got deleted. Don’t worry Nandini that idiot wl not comment. If he repeat we all Sunshiners wl deal with him .

      • Nandhini

        |Registered Member

        Thank you Sid! Until you all sunshiners are there with me i wont worry about that basher’s comments😊 and telly updates please dont delete our comments…we are visiting this site regularly in middle of our works and commenting our best using positive words unlike those bashers…please dont disappoint us again.🙏🙏

      • Ahem ji

        u will not pluck anything..ur …tera paidha yahaan ho gaya kya…chup sale… wuckers..coming here and not following telly rules and bragging telly wil see…go read tellyupdates about how to comment ..Tellyupdates are watching not just me..all comments..when someone didnt like some sequence yoiu dirties poking nose in asshole ..get lost

  10. Akshay

    I m sorry sid nandi. Little busy in study so today i am late. When sns will go off air we will keep in touch so don’t worry n BTW sns team is also quite smart they will drag this serial more than 2 years. When gopi n ahem will become great grand parents. Well now lot of new twist new cartoons r in queue. So enjoy bestum best serial.

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      Its ok Akshay! Since you are one best sunshiner who keeps us all cheered up with ur lovely comments,, after seeing only one comment from you last day we all missed you a lot! Now you are back so everything became normal here😊 as you said i am waiting for the entry of new cartoons…and the writers will drag the tracks for a long time so cleverly so dat we will never get bored watching them.

  11. anamika

    What the Hell Naiya is doing?? After all after her marriage with Prakash she have to leave for her sasural. Why is she creating problem to Dharam and Meera?? She cannot stay in Suryavanshi after her marriage. So let her go to hell.

  12. Saba

    I have also Facebook my name is Sayyeda in my face profile,someone add me in desi tv box please? I don’t separate from sunshine friends because when SNS finishes we always be friends.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Saba we sunshiners not commenting much in desi tv box . Don’t worry Saba we wl make arrangements to chat with each other after SNS ends k .

  14. raven

    hey there Sunshine Friends what’s up? did you guys miss me? how are you my Sunshine Friends SID,AKSHAY,NANDHINI NISHA,AISHA SHAKAIB,SHEEBA and sorry for i know i have probably forgotten some of the names,and lara and john why are the two of you on this forum? if you have nothing proper to say keep your bl**dy trap close,no one is forcing you to watch this serial,and yeah its a serial,so if Kokila ji is looking young good for her why is it bothering you? are you 18 and looking like 70? poor you,dont mess with us or you will be one sorry a*s, as i said we are family here, mind your own business, do not poke your nose where it does not belong,and guys i hate the role that Mansi got but i like her she is pretty,we tend to hate the villains on these serials but not all of them are ugly, so tell me guys what is new you have to fill me in on all our new friends names etc it is nice to be back but not for long i will be leaving this forum soon i will miss you guys a lot i am actually crying i love you guys so much,my parents wants me to get married, and i dont want to but if shove comes to push there is really nothing i can do,they love me a lot but they fail to realize i am already married [to my work] and i dont even like the guy,i mean he is okay,but……he is also a doctor i wanted someone who would have swept me off my feet like those story books i never had a boyfriend,never been intimate with anyone,never been kissed damn it i am bl**dy proud of myself i never trade my respect, i could’ve been like my other friends any time i wanted to in fact i can be them,but they can never be me will let you guys know what is going on please bear with me will try my utmost to come on later love you guys a lot

    • nisha

      Pls if you dont want to get married so pls dont let to happen it and i know that your are only 23 years old ,and its not an age to get fly like a bird and so enjoy the job
      Pls continue here and its my humble request.

    • nisha

      Pls if you dont want to get married so pls dont let to happen it and i know that your are only 23 years old ,and its not an age to get fly like a bird and so enjoy the job
      Pls continue here and its my humble request.Like you i dont have a love(boy friend)

    • Aisha

      Raven di please don’t cry. I’m actually crying too because i’m helpless. I really want to show you that i care but like nisha said, please do not marry! No one not even your own parents can force you to do anything against your will. Do as you please and do enjoy your life.

      I know that you are made of strong stuff. Also please don’t leave the forum because we feel empty from the inside when someone like you doesn’t comment.

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