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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura holds Kokila hands and asks her to come. Gopi and Jigar ask her to leave Kokila’s hand. Gaura takes Kokila to room where Karunesh’s photo with garland is hanged on the wall. Kokila says Karunesh. Gaura says Gopi saw this same photo on sangeet day, he is my brother Karunesh. She says your small thing killed my brother. She says you have punished him for the mistake which he didn’t do ever. You have blamed him for the crime he didn’t do and that’s why he couldn’t bear and burnt himself. Kokila says this can’t be possible. Gaura says you blamed him, but then didn’t turn back. Kokila says I saw Karunesh pulling my sister Jigna’s dupatta and thought she is playing with her respect. She says it was villagers decision to throw you out of villagers. She says when Jigna

told me that it was not true and Karunesh is innocent. I came running to you, but you all were already left. Gaura asks her to stop her acting and says villagers threw them out of village. She says Karunesh took us to many villages, but nobody gave him job and let them stay in the village. She says Karunesh never saw any girl, but you blamed him for molestation. She says my brave brother decided to die a coward death.

Gaura says I have seen my brother screaming and burning in fire and couldn’t do anything. Kokila apologizes and says her motive was not wrong. Kokila tries to touch Karunesh’s photo, but Gaura stops her. She tells her that she was blinded with one eye because of the fire in which Karunesh was died. She says people would behave with her badly because of her eye defect. Kokila remembers Gopi saying that Karunesh is dead. She says whatever my bahu said was……….Dharm says it is right. Gaura wears lens in her eye. Kokila says my best friend came to take revenge on me. Gaura says right, and I got succeed. She shows the kalash and says I ties Rakhi on this kalash. Kokila says this can’t be true. Gaura says this is true, your bahu tried to stop the wedding, but you didn’t listen. Kokila tries to touch the photo, but Gaura stops her and says you are his murderer.

Kokila says I never thought that our Karunesh………Gaura says Karunesh is not yours, but only mine Kokila Modi….She says I should not have allowed you to come to his sacred room. She throws her out of room. Ahem asks how dare you to push my mum. Dharm says let the women talk. Kokila says why did you take revenge from my grand daughters. She says you should have punished me and give me death. Kokila says I want to see you die every day, just like I suffered for my family. Everyone is stunned.

Gaura asks where is Kokila Modi? She says you are so egoistic that you named your son Ahem, but sadly I have broken your Ahem and ego. Ahem says my mom’s ahem and ego are alive. Gaura says even your samdhan Urmila warned you, but you didn’t listen to her. She asks Kokila to look at her face and says you are looking like sucked mango. Ahem asks her to be in her limits. Gaura says my life is not left to be in limits. She says you said that your and Gopi bahu relation is like hindi films and you both understand each other without saying. She asks if everything finished. She says you can’t control others with your make up, kajal and bindi. She says your condition is worse than a servant today. Dharm says wow, you said right. Ahem, Jigar, Gopi and Kokila are shocked. Ahem warns Gaura to stop else………………………Dharm says then what…Ahem bhai. Gaura says ahem is your sasur. Dharm says it has become confusing. Gaura tells Kokila that Gopi’s two daughter life was ruined because of your stupidity.

Kokila apologizes to Gaura with folded hands. Gaura pushes her and makes her fall. Ahem and Gopi hold her. Vidya and Meera looks on shockingly.

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  1. Kokila should be slapped tightly on her face by gopi
    She is responsible for the condition gopi tried to tell her about gaura but she always scolded gopi for her over thinking

    1. true son love ur sense of humour!!

  2. waiting for gopi action

  3. Ahh.. Show going off track…lame… Let it end bro.. Fir God sake

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