Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says Gopi that she breaks all her relationship with her. Gopi requests Ahem to tell Kokila not to tell that. Ahem says Pari will not allow Jigar to come back now and she did a big mistake. Gopi says she did not realize that. Ahem says he is with his mom. Kokila says she has lost right as her daughter from today and walks with Ahem from there.

Gopi starts crying vigorously and says Hetal that she cannot live without Kokila’s love and she ruined her fate herself. Hetal says once Jigar comes back with Pari, Kokila will accept her back, till then she should wait. Gopi says she wanted to unite Jigar and Pari. Hetal says Kokila will understand it soon. Baa asks Gopi to go and receive kids.

Tolu/molu come from school and tell that bus conductor told someone

took Meera and Vidya from school. Gopi calls school principal and asks who took Meera and Vidya. Principal says we don’t send children with unknown person, someone from your family must have picked them. She gets tensed, runs towards Ahem’s room and asks him to open the door. He says he does not want to talk to her. She then runs to Kokila’s room and asks her to open door. She says she does not want to talk to her after today’s incident. Gopi then calls Baa and Hetal and informs that Meera and Vidya did not return from school. Ahem and Kokila come out of their room, and Ahem calls school principal who informs that his family member picked Meera and Vidya. He asks who picked them. She says 2 ladies. He warns principal if anything happens to them, he will sue her school.

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Kokila asks Ahem to call police. Radha comes and says she kidnapped Meera and Vidya. Ahem strangles her and asks how dare she is to touch his daughters. She says whatever he does to her, she will do the same to her daughters. Gopi asks Ahem to leave her and asks her what does she need. She says she needs her husband and asks how can they send Jigar with Pari and snatch her child’s father from it, so she kidnapped their daughters. Gopi says Jigar went himself as he was not feeling good here. Radha says if she does not get back Jigar, she will not release Meera and Vidya. Kokila warns her to release her kids, else she will call police and get her arrested in Urmila’s murder. Ahem says he will call police. Radha says she wants to show them someone before that and takes them to her room. They are all shocked to see Urmila confined to a chair. Ahem frees Urmila. Radha says they were frightening her for fake murder, now she will torture them. Hetal asks Urmila how did she get into Radha’s clutch. Radha says Urmila is a fool and not intelligent like her and asks Urmila to tell what happened. Urmila tells them how Radha kidnapped them.

Tolu/molu pull Radha’s hair and ask her to free their sisters. Gopi rescues Radha. Radha says she should have kidnapped them also. Ahem says he will call police and tell them that Radha kidnapped his children. Radha says he does not have any proof and instead she will tell police how they played a fake drama of Urmila’s death and get them arrested instead.

Precap: Gopi requests Radha to free her children. Radha asks her to lick her feet and request.

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  1. Radha, u r great. You and Pari are the only reason that this show is still going. Good job Radha. Amazing serial.

  2. This is crap, they are just fooling people, HW can a bad person always succeed in doing bad things? The director is just playing with our intelligence, in real life nothing as such will happen, it is high time this stupid serial come to an end.



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