Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameera takes aarti thali from Seeta’s hand and asks Modis to decide if they want someone who respects them or god. She does aarti while Pinku plays bell. Modi family pays behind her fuming.
Dharam sits for breakfast. Meera says she needs to talk to him something important. He says he does not want to listen to hr. Meera says she wants clear misunderstanding regarding yesterday photographs. He shouts again he does not want to listen to her rubbish ad leaves. Vidya comes. Meera cries that Dharam ji does not want to listen to her, she has to do something.

Ricky wishes Sameera good morning and walks towards her to hug her. Pinku hugs her instead. He scolds why he is hugging him, he wanted to hug his wife. Pinku says for time pass. Sameera says let us plan our next move.


tells Kokila that Sameera was right, dedication should be seen and not clothes. Daima enters and says Kokila she must have face a lot of problems with her other bahus and must have adjusted at the beginning. Kokila says Sameera is her poti bahu, she knows what to do. She asks Gopi to inform Sameera to get ready for muh dikhayi ritual tomorrow. Gopi goes to Sameera’s room. Ricky yells if she came here to scold again. Gopi hugs Sameera and says let us forget all differences and move their relationship further. She informs Sameera that tomorrow is her muh dikhayi. Once Gopi walks out, Daima enters and says how can Gopi change suddenly, something is wrong.

Vidya walks into Bhavani’s room and says she will clean floor. Bhavani says she is fit for that and asks to continue. Vidya drops tea cup on floor and then Bhavani’s mobile in water bucket and apologizes. Bhavani yells and leaves shouting her phone is not working. After sometime, someone throws a note on stone via window. She reads it that her mobile is off and he does not get money soon, he will expose her. She gets tensed and walks down. Meera and Vidya smirk seeing her. A man comes and asks why did she switch off her mobile, where is his mobile. She asks him to go. Dharam comes down. She asks man to hide. He hides behind pillar. Dharma says he is going on business trip. Bhavani tries to speak. Dharam asks if she needs anything. She acts as collapsing. Dharam goes to bring water. She signals man to run away. Vidya and Meera notice man running. Bhavani taunts how is her acting and sleeps again. Dharam comes and she acts as waking up. He gives her water.

Sameera picks skimpy clothes and says she will wear it in muh dikhayi. Pinku say it is very hot. Kokila enters with clothes and jewelry and says she will wear these. Pinku says Sari is very heavy. Gopi and other family members enter. Sameera throws tantrum. Urmila and Jaggi smirk that Sameera will be taught a lesson now. Kokila picks Sameera’s clothes and takes them to backyard, throws Ricky’s beer on them and burns it. Sameera and Pinku stand fuming.

Precap: Kokila shouts that everyone are disobeying her since she is silent. She shouts at Sameera that she forcefully married Ramakanth and entered Modi bhavan, she will get ready for muh dikhayi tomorrow or get out of her house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Star Plus’ longest running show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will showcase high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

    As reported earlier, Dharam has given wife rights to Bhavani sidelining Meera from his life.

    However, Meera decides to win Dharam’s heart and vows to throw Bhavani out of Suryavanshi house.

    On the other hand, Dharam will be seen missing Meera to the core and further will be seen romancing her.

    Bhavani’s masterstroke to throw Meera out of Dharam’s life

    Dharam and Meera will be seen dancing in rain and romancing each other.

    While Dharam will get startled to see that it was his dream and not reality.

    Further, on learning about Dharam and Meera’s dream romance, Bhavani will be seen fuming and will hunt for a master stroke to throw Meera out.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates

  2. Good that kokila burned that sameera clothes, sameera deserve it.

  3. The background music when showcasing Sameera’s and Pinku’s expressions is very tasteless and annoying.

  4. only three comments? my god there use to be so many comments,what happen suddenly? when the serial will come to an end then every one will become sad saying oh how i miss this serial and they are sorry and so an so bullshit and i know you guys do not like me but you had a friend here by the name of Sia,Isaaq i think you use to say hello to her sometimes she was an attorney-at-law she died by consuming poison i read her cousin writing about it it is so sad i just wanted you guys to know

    1. I am glad that there is less comments. At least we do not get to read all the nonsense comment about unnecessary stuff
      John is giving us spoilers
      Amirul us giving her opinion
      And new people are complaining about this show.
      This is awesome.

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