Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila does the aarti of Kanha ji and sings the bhajan. Jigar cries and folds his hand. Vidya, Paridhi and Ahem pray for Gopi’s recovery. Gopi is being operated by the doctors. Suddenly the lamp sets off on the puja thali. Electricity goes off at the hospital. Kokila prays to God and says she wants to see her family united. Ahem says how will Gopi be operated now. Doctor gets shocked as the generator doesn’t work. He says I can’t operate now. Vidya gets tensed. Ahem gets worried and threatens Doctor to start the operation. Vidya asks what you would do in this situation. Doctor says we can shift her to the nearby hospital and tells that it is one hour far. Ahem says he can’t take risk of shifting her.

Vidya says we can’t wait and take risk. Vidya says nothing can happen to

maa. Ahem says Gopi’s condition isn’t good, we can’t take risk. Vidya says we don’t have time to think. She gives Gopi’s hand in Ahem’s hand and assures that nothing can happen to her. Saathiya song sad version plays…………….

They are on the way to nearby hospital. Vidya tells Ahem that nothing can happen to maa as you holds her hand. She knows that you are with her. Mansi asks Meera to relax. Meera says they should go to hospital. Mansi says everyone will get angry with you. She asks her to sit down, think and react. Meera looks on. Paridhi talks to Jigar and says she shall reach there soon. Hetal and Kinjal come in the car. Paridhi informs them that Gopi is being shifted to other hospital. She sits in the car and leaves with them. Kokila says electricity went off because of changed weather. She says today light will come in our lives. She asks did you talk to Gopi? Jigar is shocked and says I didn’t call her. He says he will call after sometime. Kokila says she will make kheer for Gopi and Ahem. Rashi says even she likes it. Kokila say she will make it for everyone. Rashi asks Kokila to make kheer for Dhaval also. Kokila says yes.

Gopi is shifted to the hospital. Vidya tells her name. Doctor asks the nurse to shift her to OT immediately. Ahem is holding Gopi’s hand and looks on shockingly. Vidya asks him to leave Gopi’s hand. Ahem leaves her hand. Gopi is taken inside the OT. Doctor asks Ahem to sign on some papers as per the formalities. Ahem asks Vidya, if anything will happen to Gopi. Vidya asks him not to worry. Hetal, Paridhi and Kinjal come there. Vidya asks her to take care of Ahem and goes to sign on the paper. Hetal consoles Ahem.

Gopi’s operation is going on. Kokila worries about Gopi and touches hot vessel mistakenly. She shouts. Urmi comes and asks what happened? Dhaval says he will do. Jigar asks her not to worry. Kokila says I shall go to Modi Bhavan. Urmi warns her not to go. Jigar says she might come here. Kokila asks are you hiding something from me. Jigar says no, I will take you to Modi bhavan if she didn’t come. Kokila feels that they are hiding something from him. Paridhi calls Jigar and tells about Gopi’s operation. Jigar says I have to assure her that everything is fine else she wants to go to Modi Bhavan. Paridhi says no, she won’t bear it. Jigar says he will bring Meera and asks her to tell Kokila that everything is fine. Paridhi asks him to call Tolu and Molu, and contact Meera. Meera tells Mansi that she didn’t hurt Gopi intentionally. She says she will tell the truth to everyone. Mansi doesn’t permit her to go and asks her to stay silent.

Kokila tells Rashi that she will give bhog to God and then she can eat. Tolu and Molu tell Jigar that they will ask Meera to talk to Kokila. Suddenly a black cat crosses over the kheer making it fall down. Urmi comes and says it is inauspicious. Kokila says she have to go to Modi Bhavan. Kinjal acts sympathetic towards Ahem. She says everything will be fine. She says I never wanted anything bad to happen to Gopi bhabhi. She says we are all with you and pray. Gopi’s operation is still going on.

Jigar asks Tolu and Molu to reach hospital. Kokila hears him and asks who is in the hospital. Jigar tells about Gopi’s accident. Kokila gets shocked.

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  1. wid passing days directors r mkin’ dis serial a piece f shit,dese bullshit drama’s goin’ f electricity wile operation n al dat cn hppn only in serial saath nibhana saathiya,get a life director,nthin lyk dis hppns in reality,face it n let ppl watchin dis serial face dat,u mke dead ppl alive or announced dead ppl back 2 normal,seriously man!! Get a lyf :@
    Stop o’er drama’s!!

  2. H. T. Chaudhary

    Why do they stretch the story for this many episodes.? I’m tired of watching this hatred in that Modi Family.

  3. H. T. Chaudhary

    Everyone should watch English thriller drama “Person of Interest”. Search on google.

  4. sruti

    Dnt drag des serials….if u dnt hv a proper story den jst stop the serial…dnt simply show bullshit things

  5. Edwin Xavier

    Shurti u plz shut ur mouth coz if u think dis was a flop serial den y it is in the top trp list n the best evergreen serial n the best

  6. Alisha

    If u gonna say the program is rubbish I recommend you to get off this coz sns is the best

  7. daisy

    sry to hurt ny1 emotions bt truth is actually this serial is being draged…. even though d current track is ok den too it fails to awe audience….. it myt b at trp list top bt just being at d top doesnt certify dat its good or commendable….. sry to d fans but truth cant b evaded….. its nt nly fr dis serial but dere r many dat shud hv stopd long b4 but r still being dragged……… y dont any1 learn nythng frm ek hasina thi?? it came,it went… n it marked its presence in evry1’s heart…… dat is wat a entrtaining serial shudb lyk…..

  8. kajol

    Do lafz ki h baatein kahi
    Q darmiya fir ruki ruki
    keh bhi na paye reh bhi na paye
    Q bewajhh ye bebasi
    tum me humh
    hum me tum ho
    tumse hum h
    humse tym ho
    kismato se milte h do dil yha
    har kisiko nhi milta
    yaha pyar zindagi me…

  9. daisy

    @indian…… please dnt voice ur opinions using slangs…. this is a public site…. so wudnt it b better to present our views in a healthy manner???? rest z ur wish

  10. kajol

    I think no1 is here…
    ok bye den will cm aftr smtym arnd 12
    plz smone cm till thn
    bye bye

  11. Liya

    R u [email protected]

  12. Liya

    Hai adri…nd what is [email protected]

    • janu (john ka beta)

      nangal means ghar ban ne k bad puja path krwa k ghar me pravesh krte h use nangal kahte h

  13. Meera

    no ystrday’s meera ws me sry I saw d cmnt latr & I had to reply mails fb watsapp etc so I cd nt reply

  14. Liya

    Thnx broak 4 clearing my doubt.oh…it was u swthrt.k [email protected]

  15. Liya

    2 broak’s new house [email protected]

  16. Liya

    Ok cum u sad when iam hr 4 u.i ll surely tell him nd i ll c u later.u carryon updates r still remaining 2 read.

  17. Liya

    Athuuuu…….my dr athu…hmm is this ur 3 days?me nd pradishma were missing u a lot.nji…nji…

  18. Liya

    Oh k swthrt…thnx a lot bestiee 4 ur support at nauc.he is a stupid,idiot malayali.destroying v malayalies gud name.@riya

    • jerry

      without knowng truth ,dont say cheap..u ll get slap.mind ur tongue.. dont have problem with shut up @meera

  19. unknown

    Now wat wil they do? If gopi dies…the directors may resurrect her from death…that resurrection wil b the plot fr nxt six mnth

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