Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2013 Written Update

Rashi is sitting outside the doctor’s cabin. She cries and tells Koki and Hetal that her babies’ are not in the right position. Koki is shocked and tells Rashi not to worry. She asks for details and Urmi replies that Rashi may face problems during delivery. Koki assures Rashi again and says that all will be fine. She says that she will talk to the doctor. Doctor comes out and Rashi asks her to confirm that babies are not in right position. Doctor agrees and says that she should continue her walk. She leaves and Koki says there is no need to worry as Doctor Doshi is competent and decides to leave for home.
At MM, Baa tries to console Rashi but she refuses to get her delivery done by Doctor Doshi. She says that she does not want to deliver her kids in India.

She wants to go to America. All are shocked. Baa asks why US and repeats that Doctor Doshi is competent. Rashi complains that the hospital is old and they don’t have modern equipments. She says she does not want to take any risk. Jigar says there is no complication and everything is normal. Urmi asks what if there is and reminds them of the watch in Rashi’s tummy episode. Koki repeats that everything will be fine but Rashi disagrees. Jigar asks why she is being so stubborn. Urmi replies that he won’t be able to understand a mother’s feelings. Rashi, being a mother can feel the danger to her children. Rashi says she wants to go to US as Jiggy maasi (Jigna) is there and she will take care of her. Rashi calls her up and tells her that she wants to come to US for her delivery. Jigna says she will be happy and welcomes her. She asks what happened and Rashi says she does not trust Indian doctors and she wants to deliver her kids in US. Koki takes the phone and Jigna tells her not to force Rashi and let her come there. Koki tells her that it is not safe for Rashi to travel in this state and she will think over it and call her back.
Rashi pleads to Koki to let her go. Koki says she does not agree but if Baa and Hetal feel its ok then she agrees too. Rashi is happy.
Koki tells all that Jigna has assured that she will take care of everything. Rashi pleads to Koki to let her go. She repeats that she is not comfortable delivering her kids in India. Baa tells Koki that if Rashi is not comfortable then they should let her go. Hetal adds that if Rashi can travel and if Jigna has agreed to take care of her then they should let her go. Gopi asks Rashi if she will be able to take care of herself alone since they all are here and can take care of her. Rashi says Jigna is there and doctors there will take care of everything. She pleads to Koki to let her go. Koki says she does not agree but if Baa and Hetal feel it’s ok then she agrees too. Urshi are super happy and Gopi is happy for Rashi. Rashi thanks Koki but Koki looks worried. Ahem agrees to call the agent and says they will have to go to Mumbai to get visa. Koki says that RaJi will not go alone and Hetal will go with them much to Urshi’s disappointment. Urmi expresses shock at first but covers up by agreeing and pretending to be happy. Hetal hesitates but Koki says that Rashi will feel comfortable if she goes. Ahem says he will get their tickets for Mumbai for the evening flight. Urmi agrees to help Rashi in packing.
In RaJi room, Urmi cribs that she did the US kk and she cannot go. Rashi consoles her that once her babies are born there then Urmi can keep coming there. But Urmi tells her to shut up and she says she wants to go now. She repeats that she will go with them to Mumbai and then US. She says that she will move Hetal out of the way to go to US.
Urmi stands next to Meera and drops water on passport. Gopi sees and calls Koki worriedly.
Hetal and Gopi are at the dining table. Koki joins them and asks Gopi what she is doing. Gopi replies that she is packing achaar for Rashi as she likes it. Koki tells her that
Rashi is going to Mumbai just for a couple of days. She can do all this packing when Rash is going to US. They overhear Ahem confirming RaJi and Hetal tickets on the phone. Jigar asks Ahem about the tickets and Ahem replies that the tickets are booked. Urmi joins them and asks what have they packed for food and she wants to taste. Koki reminds her of her toothache and Urmi scowls. Ahem reminds Hetal to keep her passport and Hetal assures him that she has kept it on the table in her room. She reassures Jigar too when he asks her to not forget to pack it. Urmi is thinking
In MM garden, Rashi brags to SB and NB that she is going to US for her delivery. SB tells her that she is going there for the first time but her son is living there since a long time. NB laughs and asks if she is going there to escape from Koki and Rashi smiles. Koki overhears and tells NB not to interfere in other’s household matters. NB replies that she was giving tips to Rashi as she is going to US and Koki tells her that her sister is there to look after her. SB and NB leave in a huff. Koki tells her not to announce to all that she is going to US and they return home. Gopi tells all that food is ready. They all move towards the dining table leaving Urmi in the hall thinking about Hetal’s passport. Meera goes to Urmi and Urmi complains that she cannot help her but then thinks of something. Koki comes to Meera and she starts crying. Gopi comes and says she will play with Meera for a while and they can all finish eating but Urmi says she will play with Meera as she is having a toothache and cannot eat. She takes Meera to Hetal’s room and finds the passport on the table. She decides to use Meera for her kk. She makes Meera sit on the bed on the passport and tells her to do susu but Meera is not listening. Urmi is worried that Meera is not doing susu.
In MM hall, Koki asks Rashi if she has finished packing. Hetal informs her that she has finished packing too. She remembers her sinus medicine is not packed and Gopi agrees to go to her room to keep it along with passport. Urmi is trying to convince Meera in Hetal’s room but Meera is running here and there. Urmi sees water on the table and drops it on passport on the floor. She makes Meera sit on the wet passport and Gopi enters. She sees Urmi asking Meera what she has done and gets worried. She calls Koki and all come there. Urmi is trying to dry the passport. Koki asks and Urmi replies Meera did susu on it. Koki asks why she got Meera here and Urmi says Meera came there on her own. Hetal says that the passport was on the table, how it ended up on the floor. Urmi says she does not know, before she realized Meera had done susu on the passport. Koki asks to see the passport and sees that its ruined. She wonders why it’s sticky and asks Urmi if she is saying the truth. Urmi looks worried and realizes that she dropped lime water on it not water.

Koki tells Urmi that Rashi will be accompanied by someone whom she can trust. Urmi assures that she will take care of her but Koki says no. Urmi asks who will go and Koki announces that she will go. Rashi irritatedly tells Urmi that she will not go to US with Koki and tells her to remove Koki out of the way like she did to Hetal. Urmi is thinking.

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