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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura starts yelling at Kokila that she will torture or even strangulate her granddaughter, what problem she has. Gopi says she is will not leave her daughter in criminal’s house, so will take Vidya home until she delivers her baby. Gaura yells her to stay away as she is talking to Kokila and says her she lost her brother because of Kokila, so Vidya will lose her child as a revenge. Kokila says it was misunderstanding. Gopi tells Vidya let us go home now. Shravan apologizes Vidya and requests not to go. Vidya tells her family that she will stay back here to fight for justice and gives justification. Family gets convinced.

Kokila asks Meera to take care of Meera. Gaura says whatever may happen, she will not break her promise made to Hansa ben and if Kokila interferes,

a new chapter of enemity will start. Kokila says how shameful she is to ruin her whole family’s peace for the mistake happened long ago. She is ruining Naiya’s life because of her false ego. She still has time to correct her mistake, else she will repent. She asks her to also tell Kadambari and her bahus to change their low class thinking. Once Modi family leaves, Gaura yells Kokila does not know who she is, she will create instances in her favor that Kokila will be forced to give Vidya’s child.

Meera feeds water to Naiya. Gaura yells why is she feeding watger instead of juice. Meera says disgusting and leaves looking at Dharam. Gaura shows her fake love for Naiya and says she has become so lean, now she will make her fat until she goes from here. Naiya says she will stay in lawn. Gaura says she is her granddaughter and will stay inside house. Durga takes her in.

Ahem drives car rashly. Kokila asks her to be careful. Ahem says he cannot leave his daughter in Gaura’s home. Kokila says calm down. Ahem says she or Gopi will not understand his pain and gets out of car angrily. Gopi says Vidya is married now and has to stay at her in-laws house. She continues her moral gyaan that Vidya has grown up, etc.

Vidya prays god crying. Shravan tries to cosonsole her. Meera asks why did not he speak in front of everyone and showing his fake concern now. Gaura comes and yells at Meera to speak to her and not scold Shravan. Naiya asks them not to fight because of her, gets dizzy and falls down. Durga and Shravan take her to her room.

Kokila starts her morgal gyaan next and tells Ahem and Gopi that she will go to any extent to save Vidya’s child when time comes.

Precap: Meera asks Dharam if it was her child, would he have given it to someone.

Update Credit to: MA

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