Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera starts yelling and shouting at Ahem that he is a world’s worst/bad dad. Gopi says she is misunderstanding her dad. Pari asks how dare she is misbehave with jiju/Ahem. Gopi asks her again to stop misunderstanding her dad. Meera says it is all because of her and tries to slap her, but Vidya holds her hand and pushes on floor. She asks how dare she is even touch her mom and asks if she is in her senses. Meera shouts that even she is against her now like papa and yells at Gopi that because of her even Vidya is against her now. Gopi says she is misunderstanding her. Meera shouts that she is selfish, cunning, dirty woman, etc.

Kokila interrupts and asks how dare she is to misbehave with the her mom, she will never tolerate anyone misbehaving with her gopi bahu. Meera

what will she do else. Ahem asks her to stop as Kokila is his mom. Kokila says she has forgotten relationships, earlier it was between daughter and parents, but now it is between daughter and grandma. She continues that Gopi would have done one sin in her last life that she got daughter like Meera. Meera crossed her barrier by trying to hit mom.

Kokila continues that mom tolerates anyone insulting her, but breaks down if her children insult her. She has gone mad in fraud Sanskar’s love. In this world, mother’s love is above all love. Even blind person can feel mother’s love, but she is worst than them that she cannot see her mom’s love. She still remembers that because of her, Gopi fell from building and was on a death bed. Meera shouts then why did not she die. Ahem angrily tries to slap her. Kokila stops and says she will show Meera her place now. She says she has lost right to live in her home. Gopi and Hetal plead to forgive Meera and even Baa says she is a child and did mistake. Kokila says she has grown up and is calling her mom by name. Vidya also pleads to forgive didi. Gopi says Meera is a kid and she cannot live without her. Kokila says she should live without Meeera and tells Hetal she must remember gujrati proverb which means no matter how children misbehave with parents, parents will continue their care for them. Parents have to use new thinking to teach them a lesson. Gopi again pleads to forgive her and Hetal asks what will society say if she throws Meera away. Kokila says she insulted Gopi and she will have to be punished. She pushes Meera out and asks her to not show her ugly filthy face.

Gopi pleads again to give Meera a last chance for her sake. Vidya also says same. Meera says she herself wants to go from her house as she does not consider this house as hers and was staying here for her dad and when he is against her, she does not want to stay here. She tells Gopi that she lost only her dad and Vidya, but she also lost her daughter and is a big loser. Kokila says Hetal that she was right, kicking her out is not a solution, she will not repent for her mistake, now she will keep her in his house and make her repent for her each mistake. Meera asks what will she do, she can just taunt and torture her. Kokila says she will do which she would not have tought even in her dreams. She will not go out of this house now as she is not capable of facing this world. She drags her to her room while she continues yelling that she does not want to stay here. Gopi says she cannot lock Meera like this. Kokila asks to shut her mouth and applies door lock. Gopi says she is a kid and will get lost. Kokila says she has already and tells Meera that until she starts behaving with her parents, she will not be out.

Precap: Kokila says she will mend Meera. Meer thinks of eloping and smiles after getting an idea.

Update Credit to: MA

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