Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya asks Meera why did she lock Priyal’s room. Meera says because Priyal is going to boarding school. Vidya asks what does she mean.

Kokila tells Urmila that the way Premila and Gopi are now, she felt she and Gopi were years ago, she sees herself in Premila’s place. Kokila says she cannot compare herself to Premila as Premila is too witty and cruel.

Vidya stops Meera and asks how can she think of sending Priyal to boarding school without her and Shravan’s permission. Meera says she is Priyal’s mother. Vidya says she gave birth to Priyal and she will not let anyone send Priyal to boarding school. Priyal comes pleading to oen her toy room. Vidya takes her from there. Meera thinks she will send Priyal to boarding school at any cost.


continues working on her saris till night. Kokila comes and asks her to go and rest. Gopi says she has to deliver miss Gujrath competition’s selected saris to Belji in the morning. Urmila says she will help Gopi. Premila brings tea for Gopi. Kokila says saas’s prepared tea cannot be missed. Gopi sips tea. Premila says even she will wear Gopi’s company sari and asks which one to wear. Gopi selects a sari and says she will look pretty in it.

In the morning, Kokila comes searching for Gopi telling it is already 6 a.m. and Gopi did not come to room yet. She sees Gopi sleeping at work place and asks her to come and sleep in room. Gopi says Belji will be coming soon. Kokila says he is comig at 10 a.m. and she can rest till then. They both walk towards room and see Premila writhing in pain in he room. Gopi asks her to take pain killer and rest. Premila says she needs hot water massage and asks her to bring hot water bag. Gopi goes to kitchen and gets hot water bag and starts massaging Premila’s knees.

At 10 a.m., Belji comes. Pari and Mona smirk that due to Premila, Gopi cannot meet him. Belji asks where is Gopi. Pari says she is resting as she worked whole night. Belji says Gopi did same yesterday and even now he has to waste time, he has to go somewhere else also. Kokila sees him and asks him to sit while she calls Gopi. Gopi comes out. Pari asks Mona to go and wake up Premila while she gives tea to Belji. Gopi conveses with Belji and gives him saris selected for miss Gujrath competition. Mona goes to Premila’s room and sees Gopi massaging Premila’s knees and then sees Gopi also with Belji. She thinks how can there be 2 Gopis. Belji leaves happily taking saris. Mona informs Pari that Gopi is present in Premila’s room and even here.

Precap: Pari and Mona see Urmila massaging Premila’s foot. Gopi comes and Urmila leaves. Premila opens eyes and sees them.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I knew that ,it is urmi maami

    1. Urmila Mami ki kalakariya shuru

  2. I don’ t like to watch the scenes of meera & vidhya especially of meera

  3. Hey , Where are you guys???????????????????????

    1. Hey I will only comment when Mohammad Nazim comes back.

    2. I m here angel

  4. I think dharam Wil stop meera from sending priyal to boarding school

  5. Haha funny

  6. it seems Dharams character is going to die in SNS

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