Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya gets concered seeing Kokila limping and writhing in pain. She asks what is all this. Constable says she slipped and fell. Vidya thinks she cannot speak in front of constable. Kokila signals Vidya and asks her to give her love to whole family. Vidya says constable that daadi has allergies to certain medicines, if she don’t mind, she will write some prescription. Constable says if her supervisor permits, she will and asks another constable to bring notepad and pen. Constable brings. Vidya scribbles on paper.

During morning pooja, Gopi asks Seeta to dorn chunri to maata. Urmila says by god’s grace bomb did not explode at home and even Seeta is safe. Jaggi praises Seeta and Gopi continues her heavy dialogues.

Vidya gives prescription to constable. Constable

says so many medicines. Vidya says she wrote some multivitmains also. Constable says her visiting hours are over and she should go. Vidya touches Kokila’s feet and silently keeps chit under feet and leaves. Kokila reads chit that baaji/Gaura tried to explode bomb, but it blasted outside home and whole family is safe. Kokila thanks god for protecting her family and thinks it is time to inform Gopi and Jaggi about Gaura’s truth.

Gopi tells Seeta that Bhavani planted bomb and hopes police find proof soon. Seeta worries that Bhavani may implant bomb again. Gopi says Bhavani will not repeat her mistake and even if she does, Kanhaji is with them. Seeta says she is surrounded by problems, her maaji is in jail, Jaggi’s mother is in coma, etc., how she gets so much strength and confidence. Gopi gives moral gyaan that her maaji thought to be confident of self, she can fight any problem, even she wants to do same and continue walking. Seeta says if she guides her, she will sail through her fear. Gopi emotionally pampers her.

Bhavani orders her puppet goon to clean her gun and load bullets in it, she oer over phone orders another puppet that needs total info about Modis. Her husband hears that and asks what. She says he is deaf, then how did he hear what she said. She is eagerly waiting to meet Modi’s enemy who blasted bomb, she has become his/her fan and wants to befriend him/her.

Vidya returns home and sees Gaura speaking to her puppet constable over phone and ordering not to let Vidya meet Kokila again and she her back. She sees Vidya and taunts her. Vidya walks towards her to confront her when Shravan comes with Priyal. Gaura shows her fake concern for Meera’s children.

Gopi tells Jaggi that she feels her maaji is in trouble and wants to meet her. Jaggi says it is night and khadoos constable will not let them meet. Kokila reminisces Vidya in a note requesting her help to confront baaji and prays god.

Precap: Gaura orders her puppet constable to kill Kokila. Constable says she will tonight.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi sunshines, boss, Rose, ramona, shakaib, akshay, mahi, sowmya, nandhini, nisha, v.p, chitu, chinu, pratyusha, isaaq, riana, amalina, amirul, s. p and all beautiful sunshines, this episode is ok but o want meera come back.

  2. i do hope gaura is caught soon and kokila goes back to her home it looks as though meera has left this show now for you isaaq it takes a fool to know one i had to humiliate you so that you stop writing about your dreams and no one i mean NO ONE can stop me from commenting here i do not have to be in any group to comment here and siddarth who do you think you are some blo*dy celebrity?that you are telling me i cannot join this group it shows what kind of a people are in this group you are all selfish i tell it as i see it and all of you are annoyed with me for speaking the truth speak the truth and kill the devil now one has to pay a price for being honest my my some things are better left unsaid rishi umeir john do your thing i have nothing more to say and shakaib you were the only one who was kind enough to say i can join the group thanks kiddo but i must say to the others ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ i do not need a group to do my comment i consider myself a one woman army i am too blessed to be stressed so later to all my haters i know i am the girl you people love to hate bye and isaaq i am ready to tango any time DO NOT MESS WITH ME for i can be your worst nightmare take care

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