Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with the kids are discussing about the family gopi and ahem. Vidya wants to talk to ahem. Sahil come with a phone. Sahil calls ahem and asks if he could talk. Ahem surprisingly says why not?. He then hand overs the phone to vidya who asks how he is. Ahem says he’s fine. They both have a conversation. Vidya is about to accidently talk about gopi when sahil takes the phone. He says ahem is very short tempered and she shouldn’t tell it. Vidya asks why gopi is not staying with them. Samar says they should ask gopi when sahil remembers how kokila said that no one should talk about gopi. They wonder what are the differences between them. On the other hand ahem feels a connection with vidya.

Rashi calls urmila and tells her how she don’t want ahem to marry radha. Urmila sort of agree with the marriage but then denies. Kinjal over hears urmila talking and says if she’s with the decision. Kinjal says she don’t know but ahem has suffered alot and gopi left without letting anyone know about anything.

Vidya is applying oil in gopi’s hair. Gopi smiles seeing her cute antics. Vidya insists her to wear the saree she got for her. After a while she does accept it and comes wearing it. The kids come and compliments her. Prateek gives her a rose. Vidya puts the rose on her hair. Gopi is passing by the mirror and is lost for a while.

Hetal is discussing how ahem is changing and she’s happy about it. Baa to agrees. The sales man comes with sarees. Hetal choses one for radha. She praises it and says she’ll first chose one for hetal and then her. Baa says its her marriage so first for her. Ahem and jigar are going to hostel for kids. Jigar says the kids have bonded so well and vidya is amazing. Ahem agrees saying how she connects with him.

Later urmila and madhu comes to modi mansion. Madhu denies marriage of radha and ahem. She says she lost one daughter due to them and how can she accept another. She says she wants to meet kokila . Kokila says she’s there.Vidya is sad the twins and prateek is going. She insists to go but gopi says they’ll be back soon. Ahem and jigar arrives there. Gopi too is looking on.

Precap : Gopi and Vidya waits for Tholo and Molo’s family.

Update Credit to: muskii

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  1. Bt in d precap it seems like der is nobody in d car Wat the hell how many times more u. Can make coincidences like dis no stop dis n give a happy ending entertainment is for fun bt wen d same entertainment becomes boring??

  2. there sud b patchup betwin ahem n gopi otherwise it wnt b interesting

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