Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2013 Written Update

Gopi from her room finds rashi taking milk from cow. Gopi keeps mira on bed and feels bad for rashi. Gopi prays khana ji that rashi changes her way of thinking. In the garden, rashi will be talking to urmi on mobile. Rashi says she would never tell the truth before koki instead she would do the cow work only. Cow puts shit so rashi gets irritated and leaves from there.

In the kitchen, koki feels happy to have fresh milk tea. Koki asks gopi about rashi and gopi says she is cleaning the cow. Koki surprises about rashi’s behavior. Gopi brings tea for rashi and rashi taunts gopi for showing sympathy for her. Rashi says she would never reveal the truth before koki and admit her mistakes. Rashi says she would never quit to lie. Gopi recalls rashi about her promise.

But rashi denies to admit her mistake though gopi blackmails her about the promise.

Rashi in her room will be packing her clothes. Gopi comes there and asks what is she doing. Rashi says she is leaving the house. Gopi tries to stop her. Ahem and jigar arrive home. Koki will be in the hall. Jigar asks koki about rashi and they all hear gopi stopping rashi. Rashi comes downstairs. Koki asks where is she going. Rashi replies I wanna go to my home. Koki again says we have no relation between them and her now. Rashi cries and says koki that she cant deny her mom though urmi has done so many mistakes. Bha comes there with mira. Rashi pleads jigar and bha as well to allow her to go to her home. Bha feels bad and asks koki to send rashi at least if they all want to ignore her. So koki declares rashi to go to her home but urmi cant come to modi bhawan. Rashi happily thanks koki and jigar. While rashi is leaving gopi gives 2 apples to rashi and asks to have them in drive. Rashi says, “gopi now I need not clean the cow nor do its work. I will come back to modi bhawan only when you accept me as I am. And when you stop blackmailing me. Till that time I will be at my mom’s place only. Think well and decide”. Rashi leaves and gopi remains shocked.

Urmi and rashi in urmi’s house, urmi scolds rashi for coming home by scolding gopi. Rashi gets scared and gets tensed. Urmi tries to console rashi and asks rashi to have fun at her home. Even urmi gets worried that gopi might reveal their secret. Kinjal finds rashi in their home and wonders. Rashi speaks rudely with kinjal. Kinjal asks rashi not to fight with her when she is in the house. Urmi will be preparing poha for rashi but rashi asks her to prepare some chat pata food. Urmi feels bad that her daughter’s food menu has completely changed.

Koki brings some devotional books and gives them to gopi. Koki asks gopi to give them to rashi when she will be back. Koki asks gopi not to hurt rashi as she is pregnant. After koki leaves gopi feels bad as because of her rashi has left the house. Gopi prays khana ji to help her. Gopi calls rashi but rashi cuts the call. At urmi’s place, rashi feels happy as urmi has prepared mutar pulao and theple. But rashi doesnt feel to eat. Rashi asks to prepare some Chinese food for dinner. Gopi once again tries to call rashi but rashi cuts the call again.


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