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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila sees Madhuben speakingto someone and asks whom she is speaking to. Madhuben nervously says no one. Kokila takes her mobile and checks her call log. Madhuben gets nervous that she may look at Gaura’s number and starts swearing. Kokila checks mobile, retuns it and says people only shiver if they are wrong.

Dharam asks Meera if she is fine now. She says yes. Dharam leaves. Meera asks Urmila if she will not give detailed report to Kokila. Urmila gets tensed. Gaura watches that and smirks thinking it is time for madam to watch english serial.. Vidya asks Meera how dare she is to talk to naani/Urmila like this. Meera says what wrong did she say and walks out from there angrily.

Meera passes by Gaura’s room. Gaura calls her and says she needs her

help. Meera surprisingly asks why from her. Gaura takes her in and says her geyser is not working, so she needs hot water from kitchen. Meera says she will ask servant to get her hot water. Gaura says what will Dharam feel if he will know that his wife is not serving his Baa properly. Meera thinks she may really complain and says she will bring it. Gaura smirks.

Urmila tells Vidya that Meera is not ready to understand that everyone are concerned about her. Meera passes by and she asks what happened. Meera says nothing and angrily walks into kitchen. She takes hot water bucket and gives it to Gaura. Gaura asks her to light perfumed candles. Meera does. Gaura then throws hot water. Meera asks why is she trying to trouble her. Gaura says whatever she thinks, pick petrol can and pours petrol in bucket. Meera asks what is she doing. Gaura says now she will see what she can do.

She pours petrol on herself and runs out shouting Dharam asks what happened. Gaura says Meera poured petrol on her and tried to burn her. Meera is shocked. Meera reminisces Gaura picking petrol bucket to pour it on her and then pours it on herself and shouts Gaura says Meera has matchbox in her hand. Meera asks what the hell.. Gaura says she brought petrol and mathbox, poured petrol on her and said she will burn her. Meera shouts she is lying, she asked me to bring hot water. Gaura asks Dharam if this bucket has water. Dharam says this is petrol. Meera says she gave her water. Urmila says her Meera cannot do anything like this. Gaura asks if she saw Meera carrying bucket or not. Urmila says she saw, even then she will not believe that Meera can try to burn her. Gaura says she will not believe as she is her granddaughter, Meera brought petrol and said she is a bahu who will burn and not get burnt instead. Vidya says whatever she says, her didi can hurt with words but not by deeds. Gaura says when Meera can try to kill her mother, why can’t she try to kill her. Vidya says she was present at that time and saw what happened, Meera will never harm anyone physically.

Precap: Dharam lashes himself with hunter and says he loves Meera and can punish himself for her mistake.

Update Credit to: MA

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