Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan suggests Naya not to involve anyone in the matter. Modi’s watch them go away. Gopi suggests Gaura is alert they are heading towards her. Gaura awaited Kokilla. Kokilla asks her team about implementing Divide and Rule concept over the guards. They successfully get a few goons and beat them, throw chillies in the eyes of few. Kokilla sends Sahir to shut the last goon in the bus as well and head towards Gaura.
At home, Dadi prays for her family’s victory.
Some more goons come out looking for others when Modi’s were about to enter. The hide themselves and confront the goons. One of them recognizes Kokilla whose photo Gaura showed them. Ladies come fighting them with sticks. Gopi hear one of them go to Kokilla, she shouts her name. Gaura cheers hearing the shout and dances inside. Kokilla turns to see Ahem. Modi’s family succeed in confrontation, Gopi asks Kokilla to move forward.
Gaura dances in the hall. Kokilla enters the house with the stick in hand. She tells Gaura no matter whatever she does, she can’t change God’s will, it’s always with the truth. Modi family enters to back Kokilla. Gopi asks if her goons could stop their family, especially when it’s about Meera. Ahem calmly says he has broken his vow not to hold his hand on women anymore. Gaura claps, Meera is about to get death sentenced has turned them all crazy. She asks them all go and bring all the welcoming material for Meera. Gopi warns her to shut her mouth, else… Gaura asks if she would kill her? She repeats Meera would get a death sentence tomorrow. Kokilla heads towards Gaura and beat her with her stick in hand. Gaura fell on floor. She warns her last time asking where Dharam is. Durga comes advocating Gaura, Gopi asks her to stay out of the matter. Kokilla holds another hand, Gaura joins her hands in apology and cry. She drags Kokilla’s feet, the stick fell off. Gaura takes hold of her stick.

PRECAP: Gopi calls for help, Durga comes inside with a lamp and find Dharam there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Amazing episode….great….now a days this show is so interesting to watch

    1. you’re right 🙂 😉

  2. what a bunch of monkeys: the cast n the production team,u r all good 4 eating garbage

    1. i do agree with you, they all acting like fools and mans in the show have not much to say

  3. Such a crap show

  4. Nice episode.

  5. Wat the crap is going on on this…why this star plus serials r prolonged? come on yaar……sns has dumped the relationships…? means no moral values…if it goes on prolonged for 6 or 7 years who dare to watch it..???

  6. What a crap show, now its spoiler alret Gaura has hired helicopter and she along with her goons manages to take Dharam into helicopter and move to Karachi pakistan as Rajkot is near to that place, bcos of no proof Meera gets hanged and all says we will take revenge, so Kokila gets inspired by Bajrangi bhaijaan only Kokila n Gopi goes on border to cross into pakistan with help of Kanhaji. Ahem again thinks this is due to Gopi so he gets married to someone new person, Pari is tired of Jigar voice so she goes in depression, and all old men dies, and Sona handles complete Modi house as new Rashi. Small Rashi turns big and becomes like Gopi, and takes vow that she will go to karachi and bring Gopi and Kokila who are in jail of Pakistan.

    1. Omg LOOOOOL if only ????

    2. Lol! ‘ I don’t think this cud happen.
      But if it does.
      It’s better they stop the serial.. The men in the serials always had no role.. Kokilas nd hetals husbands don’t open their mouth to spk a word.. They wait for Kokila nd gopi to start the drama..

    3. hahahahha.hohohoho. meri hansi hi nhi ruk rhi.

  7. I knew she would find Dharam n i think she Will hide him from them also

  8. ahana lara if u don,t like the show nobody forcing you to watching it but other people like it so you two better keep your opinion to yourself.

  9. Comments are to post.. Mr so called amirul.. It’s not their problem if the show is turning out to be dum.. If you don’t wanna give an ear to their comments, don’t bother reading such.. Like they said.. It’s all Crap!!

  10. Nice ep.

  11. plz change the title to saath nibhana gopi and kokila bcoz i dont see any meaning in saath nibhana saathiya. can’t bear more.end this crap and replace it wid some gud serial.

  12. Hey lara nice spoiler I think they can even add this bajarangi bhaijaam track after all they are SNS they can go to any extent for shows long run.
    I think they should have stop the serial after rashi’s character died or even when radha died and gopi came back from jail they would have shown gopi living happily with her two grown up daughters but they are simply dragging this show for more 6 years
    SNS have always been mindless and childish but even in those days it was interesting but now they are crossing their limits

    1. I agree with you, before issue between Kagdi and Urmila ki kalakari were interesting but now it is just dragging stopped watching and read it from here and my episode is done in 3 mins instead of wasting half hr.Why don’t they stop it and something new fresh comes up but they will not close as long as they getting hight trp ratings from crappy story loving ppl.

  13. mera naaam ;-)

    what is this they are simply extending the episode with slow motion… 3:-)
    🙁 if we see it in normal motion it won’t off 15min also……

  14. Nani babi ki meaning kya he? Nani ki meaning tho maa ki maa ,aur babi ki meaning tho bay ki patni .tho nani babi ki mathlab kya h?

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