Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari serves breakfast/dhoklas for her family, but they all like Gopi’s snacks/fafda instead. Jigar says he will finish them all. Tolu/molu ask him to leave some for them. Hetal says papa likes Gopi’s fafda so much, he will finish them all today. Pari feels dejected and goes back to kitchen with her dhokla. Kinjal senses opportunity and brainwashes Pari against Gopi.

Paridhi tells Jigar that they will take the sarees. Jigar insists to go and meet Rashi. Kinjal smirks and fills Paridhi’s ears against Jigar and Gopi. She tells that Rashi will be back in the house. Paridhi shouts stop and asks Gopi, why you are doing this. Gopi asks what? Paridhi asks why you are interferring in our lives. You want your lost position back. Tolu and Molu interfer and support Gopi.

Meera says wherever she goes, creates problems. Gopi asks what did I do? you are talking to me so bad. Paridhi says you interferes in every work. gopi says can’t I say anything to you. Paridhi says I am a better bahu than you and had taken care of everyone like a good bahu. she starts self praising herself and says she has not let the house break unlike her.

Ahem gets ready. Urmila says he is looking hero no. 1. Kokila asks where are you going? Ahem tells that he is going with Mansi. Urmila asks Kokila to control Ahem. Kokila asks Ahem to sit with her for sometime. Ahem says he needs to meet her. She is feeling low nowadays. Please try to understand. Vidya comes and asks kokila to let ahem go and meet Mansi.

Mansi comes to the hotel and gets happy looking at his decorations. She thinks meera did a good arrangement for them and tries to call her, but no signal. She thinks to have perfect dinner with Ahem. Paridhi asks hetal, did I ever step back from my responsibilities. hetal says no, you have taken good care of us. she asks Tolu and Molu. They say it is not like that. Paridhi says everyone is behaving differently with her and praising Gopi only. hetal and Baa say that you are misunderstanding her. paridhi says I always supported Gopi, but she wants to snatch my family. vidya asks Ahem to leave as Taxi has come. Jigar comes and asks if you are going somewhere. Urmila says he is going to meet Mansi. jigar meets Rashi and takes her from there. ahem talks on phone. Paridhi badmouths about Gopi and asks what is our problem if your marital life going bad. She asks why you are after my husband Jigar. why can’t you let my family live peacefully. gopi says this family is mine too. Paridhi says this family or house are not yours. Neither your husband or your mum in law stay here. Your daughters hate you very much, then why you are saying that this is your house. Ahem jiju is not staying here. Gopi says if Ahem is not staying here, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any right on this house. Paridhi says i will not bear you anymore. I want to live peacefully, it will be possible when you are not here. She asks her to go. Gopi refuses and says this house and family are mine. Paridhi says no and asks her to leave. Paridhi holds her hand and throws her out of the house. She folds her hand and asks her to leave. Hetal asks her to stop it. Paridhi promises that if anyone stops her, then she will leave the house. She threatens everyone that she will leave Modi bhavan forever if Gopi ever comes back.

Gopi runs to Urmila’s chawl and tells Kokila that Pari kicked her out of house.

Precap: Ahem consoles Gopi and says everything will be fine soon. Mansi comes back, sees that and shouts at Ahem.

Update Credit to: MA

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