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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila reaches Gaura’s home with Gopi and Ahem and lady found on road. Gaura starts dancing and says Kokila that this new woman is Meera’s sautan. She tells Meera they should show Modi’s that they are not saas/bahu but maa/ beti. She tells lady that Vidya is her bahu and Meera is her soutan. She asks lady to touch everyone’s feet. she touches Kokila’s feet first and then Meera’s. Meera asks her not to touch her, else her legs will get dirty. Shravan shouts not to misbehave with his mother.

Gaura tells Shravan had a condition if he marries he selected girl, his mother should be allowed in this house. Vidya is surprised. Gaura asks if Shravan did not inform her about it. Shravan says Vidya he will not lie and accepts it, says he loves

her though. Ahem tries to slap him saying he cheated Vidya. Gaura stops him and asks him to lower his voice and dare not to touch his jamai as he is her grandson. Ahem shouts she and her grandson cheated them and Vidya. Gopi asks Shravan why did he do that and says she and her family used to think he is perfect life partner for Vidya, but he betrayed them.

Vidya says Shravan she accepted him as her husband by heart seeing his good nature, but he betrayed her with Gaura. Shravan says he did not know about Dharam and Meera’s marriage, else he would have stopped it. Gaura tells Kokila that Meera was hell bent on marrying Shravan and since Shravan was already engaged, she let her marry Dharam. Gopi asks Meera why did she do this. Meera says they fixed her with Shravan at first, but then they ignored her completely, so she married man of her choice, Dharam.

Hetal gets worried that neither Gopi/Ahem nor Kokila is picking phone. Kinjal shouts Meera must have done something. Tolu speaks with Paridhi over phone. Hetal asks if he told her about Meera and Vidya. He says no. Hetal asks him not to inform Paridhi about Vidya or Meera as she is already disturbed with her papa’s health. Urmila says if something has happened there, then Gaura would be responsible as she doubted Gaura from the day she met her.

Kokila asks Gaura why did she do that. Gaura says it is very small in front of what she did and drags her to Karunesh’s room.

Precap: Kokila is shocked to see garland on Karunesh’s pic. Gaura says because of her, Karunesh did suicide.

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  1. Omg super melody drama continues in saathiya.
    Gopi di I like your furious character…?

  2. Finally, two people agree that this the the best serial, awrsome, amazing serial. Please continue this serial for decades.

  3. Nice show

  4. No plz end this serial hate it now how can they even continue it for more years or decades

  5. Love this seriel!! I hope Shravan raises his voice against gaura and dharam!!

  6. What i’m yet to understand is the intention of Meera

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