Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Vidya hears Gaura badmouthing about Kokila that Kokila looks like an ugly witch and even if a normal person sees her, he/she will get heart attack, etc. Vidya silently hears her standing behind and thinks whom she is taking to. Meera and Durga also come there seeing Vidya. Gaura turns back and says Vidya she frightened her. Vidya asks in front of whom she is badmouthing about her grandma. Gaura says Kokila is her enemy and she can badmouth about her. Vidya says she should in front of others. Meera asks Vidya to behave well. Gaura says she is venting her frustration in front of her and gets a baby goat in. Meera and Vidya pamper goat. Gaura thinks this goat will be reason for Vidya’s destroyal.

Goat shits. Meera silently walks out seeing goat urine

and dung. Gaura scolds Durga to clean it. Dura picks cloth shivering. Vidya asks Durga to stop and says she will clean it. Gaura says she wants Durga to clean and if Vidya cleans, she will have to clean it daily. Vidya says she will take care of this goat daily. Gaura says once this goat grows she will go back to her mother. Vidya says she should not badmouth about her grandma even in front of animals. Gaura smirks.

Kinjal frightens Urmila that Madhuben is preparing tea in kitchen, she has come well prepared this time to take revenge. Sapna hears their conversation. She serves tea to Hetal and others. When Kinjal takes tea, she snatches cup and says it is for her. Kinjal asks what about her tea. Sapna asks her to prepare it herself and says it is punishment for her badmouthing about her mother in front of mad woman/Urmila. Gopi instead of scolding her asks Kinjal calm down and to go and prepare her tea. Kinjal angrily gets up. Sona asks her to prepare one more cup for her. Urmila laughs. Kinjal says next will be her turn.

Madhuben senses an opportunity to insult Kokila. She sees her standing near steps, holds her hand and repeatedly asks to forget the past and start afresh. Kokila asks why is she holding her hand so tightly and frees her hand. Madhuben purposefully falls down from stairs. Gopi and others runs and get her up. Madhuben asks Kokila why did she push her from stairs. Kokila says she did not. Sona picks vase angrily and tries to hit Kokila, but Ahem holds her hand. Sona shouts at Kokila how dare she is to push her mother. Madhuben slaps her and asks to behave with Kokila as she is Gopi’s saas. Kokila says why is she changing topi, she never pushed her at all and she herself fell down slipping. Madhuben shouts at Sona that Kokila is owner of this house and like god to this family and she will never lie. Kokila looks at her in a surprise.

Precap: Gaura beats Meera without a reason. Vidya asks why is she beating her sister.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. jhamkudi

    gaura is frnd of kokila who came here to take revenge from kokila becoz due to kokila’s misunderstanding her brother was defamed and commit suicide

  2. ""Diva""

    gaura offered meera to marry his grandson sharavan but she refused but later she felt jealous to vidya n want to rule on her so she married to gaura’s son dharam. its all foul play done by gaura. it was gaura tacts to trap kokila to take ravenge of death of her brother karunesh. karunesh liked kokila’s sister jigna but kokila rejected his offer. she misunderstood him n blamed of teasing jigna. villagers boycott gaura’s family. so karunesh commited suicide

  3. Aradhya

    gaura is so clever as she pretend herself i like urmila’s previous role. really fantastic
    bestum best sns

  4. Akshay

    sid its story of old days yar i miss those days very much lot of frnds r here like achu baby orion adrita kajo lee chowmeen dhaval paridhi vidya meera but due sm misunderstanding nothing is left nw
    when u r hostel or room with friends all r using ur laptop computers. one of my frnd created misunderstanding so……..
    well leave it.
    upcoming track will be triangle among sona tolu n molu right divu?

  5. ""Diva""

    oh akki don’t be sad nw v r here na. vl nvr left u.
    i guess it will be triangle n vl becm bi reason of cleft between tolu n molu they vl fight to each other

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