Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar tries to get out of house with his bags. Ahem and other family members stop him and ask where is he going. He says he wants to go away from these tensions for some days. Baa says without him, her family will be unhappy. He says he will die if he stays here for some more days. Hetal shuts his mouth. Pari asks Gopi to stop him. She asks him to stay for his children’s sake. Pari asks him to stay for her sake. Kokila gets irked and says even now Pari is thinking of herself. Hetal says if he goes, she will die. Kokila says Pari has to go from this house and not him. He says he is doing only wrong since a few days and is unable to concentrate at all, whole family is getting in trouble because of him. Gopi stops him again. He says he is not going away from the family

but wants to be with himself for some days, else he will become mad. Gopi says she does not want him to go, but if he has decided to go, then he has to accept her condition.

Ahem asks Gopi what is her condition. She says he has to take Pari with him. Ahem asks what is she telling. She says she is telling right, during marriage 7 pheras, we take an oath that we will be together in both bad and good days, today that day has come for Pari. Pari hugs Gopi and says she will be with Jigar always. Jigar says he wants to stay alone for the time being. Gopi says she understands his mental status, but he should remember what she told him today. He reminisces that she telling only his love can change Pari and says Gopi that he will take Pari with him and walks out with her while whole family watches them in a shock. Radha thinks they really went, what will she do now.

Kokila claps and says she is clapping for Gopi as she proved today that we are all fools and Gopi is intelligent. She says we were all trying to stop Jigar, but she took Jigar’s side and even sent Pari with him. Hetal asks what is she telling. Kokila says it is issue between her and her Gopi bahu, so Hetal should not interfere. She says Gopi that she always thought for Gopi, only family’s unity matters, but she proved her wrong today. Gopi tries to speak, but Kokila stops her and says there is no need for explanation. She says she gave oath of helping her in keeping the family united, today she will break that oath. She further says Gopi that she gave oath to her husband that she will be with him in both happy and sorrow days and even she took oath that she will help Gopi follow the aath, today she will break that oath. She also promised to keep her happy all the time by fighting with the family, today she will break even that oath. She says she promised to stand with her husband, even she promised she will stand with her, today she will break that oath. She had promised she will be Gopi’s mother instead of mother-in-law, she breaks even that oath. Gopi asks her not to do that, she is her mother and her strength, she cannot live without her help. Kokila says there is no use of crying now, the relationship they had has broken now, today she broke her family’s unity and Jigar left house because of her.

Precap: Gopi requests Ahem to tell Kokila not to break their relationship. Ahem says he already explained her not to go against mom’s wishes, but she did not listen to him, now he is with his mom.

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  1. bullshit.
    Radha should have murderered kokila long back so that we dont have to tolerate her anymore. She is annoyed with Gopi for no reason.
    Gopi also tries to be maahaan.
    Hetal bahu rocks now. She should slap kokila atleast 4 times. Baa should die. She is useless lady.

  2. aa

    gud nice happend 2 gopi…when she doesnt take d pain of listening to elders she is liable to get dis treatment…

  3. nirmala


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