Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila cries seeing Gopi’s condition. Dr. Krishna consoles her with his jokes and says he knows everyone’s secret here as he is Gopi’s doc since 5 years. He jokes he loves Pari and wants to get Jigar out of way. Kokila smiles and braids Gopi’s hair. He jokes that he is an alien, etc.

Pari and Monica are busy with their makeup and chitchat. Meera calls them and invites them for Dharam’s birthday party. They agree to attend party. Dharam calls Kokila and asks if she remembers what it is today. She says yes, it is his birthday and wishes him happy birthday. He invites her and Gopi for birthday party and insists. Kokila agrees hesitantly.

Kokila sees Dr. Krishna braiding Gopi’s hair and apply kajal in her eyes and asks if he is doc

or beautician. He says he is multitalented. She tells today is her pota damad’s birthday and he has arranged a lavish party, requests him to bring kurta for his pota damad. He says he will bring it. She gives him money and says her pota damad is of his height. He says okay and says she told many times about her granddaughters, why don’t she take Gopi to their house for sometime for a change. She says she does not want to disturb their settled life and gets emotional that Gopi is not coming out of shock at all. He says she will only if she wants to.

Meera distributes blankets to poor people and asks them to bless Dharam. Vidya is shown holding blankets like a servant. One blanket falls and Meera yells at her. Naiya comes wearing red dress and Meera says she saw it somewhere. Naiya says it is her dress and she gifted it after wearing once and starts buttering her. Meera gets faltered and says she will give he more dresses. She then continues shouting at Vidya and leaves. Vidya reminisces Meera’s love for her since childhood and gets sad. Shravan watches teverything standing at a distance and tells Vidya he told her many times they should leave this house, but she is not agreeing. She says she is repenting for what she did with Meera.

Kokila gets Gopi ready and says she is looking very beautiful in this color sari. Gopi reminisces Ahem saying same and smiles.

Precap: Dr. Krishna sees Gopi smiling and says Ahem always takes her away from him, it is strange that Ahem is no more but is closer to her, but he is not.

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  1. abhi

    Finally meera and vidhya are shown…
    merra has become again very rude
    quiet disappointed

  2. Isaaq

    Meera didn’t even call Kokila, she called Pari? What the hell has happened? Even her daughters don’t support her.


    Why meera is behaving rude with vidhya and why vidhya said she is repenting for what she did with meera.what has vidya done with meera.can anyone tell me.

  4. Paras

    They showed 4-year leap and everyone r saying “5 saal se”, ” since 5 years…” , …
    Are they out of mind or what???

    • Rianaa

      Not at all actually i think there is a printing mistake when they showed the leap line sentence…..

  5. Maybe. The marrige day when.meera and dharam were marrying i think tab ne meera ko insult kiya that ahem is dead because of you

  6. nisha

    Stupid meerasoorya………
    She was saying that nobody loves me but actually she does not loves anyone.
    SELFISH MEERA CHI…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. nisha

    At start this serial was keeping the relationships but now it does not hold any moral qualities , relations ,Etc

  8. nisha

    I was said that nayya is mirror like form of gaura.but you did not support me isaaq .you have said that she will become good as rashi . now what you want to say about it , about her????????????????????

  9. nisha

    Oh don’t know that Aayush
    But iam sure that would be sad story …..
    (The only expectation is saaaaaaaddddddnessssss )

  10. Nandhini

    So meera has becom negative…and vidhya is serving her…dats y she cant take care of gopi…and i am sure in upcoming episodes dharam wil also listen and nod for evrything decided and said by meera…he is a good person but he has no other option but to obey her as he is loving her….

  11. XYZ

    And for god sake don’t that baa is eternal
    Kamaskam us budhi aurat Ka toh mazaak mat udao joh baa ka kirdaar nibha rahi hain
    Had hain yaar

  12. Rianaa

    I think naiya had encouraged meera for all this….i am eager to see what will be gopi’s reaction after knowing all changes in this 4 years or 5 years whatever

  13. manisha

    how jigar and paridhi’s attitude changed??.. everything is going over my head.. so confusing serial.. ekdaam bekaar.. it should be stopped now..

  14. Ineya

    Naiya, Meera are obviously bad big sisters don’t they cate about Vidya and Sharvan.Their first sibling they got in life

  15. Sravs

    Irritating serial.. writers dnt hav heart at all.. gopi is suffering since frm childhood.. wen she will get relieved??? Wat abt vidya… wat she did dat much to b treat her as a slave… writers can go to any extent to prolong their serial.. is these all things can really happen in reality??? Any sibling can treat their sister like meera??? evn d thought is hurthing… chaaa… nxt tolu.. d cjildren r soo cute.. how jigar can talk rudely wid dem.. evrythng is stupid… we r waiting like med people for happiness in serial.. it wont happen.. dey all will smile nly at d end. Until d last min dey all will cry

  16. Harsha palav

    On a serious note we are not at all enjoying this show as we use to do before. I dont understand what the writer is upto. Many people are missing and rest are in negative roles. Its getting Bullshit now. We loved the show because of gopi and ahem. Bring ahem back.

  17. pari miss

    hi guys,
    i watch saathiya a lot. but i dont get why tolu molu used to call gopi pari miss. plz can anyone tell me why thank you

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