Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durga continues flashback where Durga cuts her finger and with her blood promises Devang’s family that she will give Shravan’s first son to Naiya. Kadambari says she does not trust her. Gaura convinces. Kadambari says until she gets legal heir, she will keep Naiya in her home. Dharam asks how can she do that. Gaura asks him to agree for Shravan’s life. Dharam agrees and lets Kadambari and her bahus take Naiya with them and requests not to harm Naiya.

Kadambari and her bahus yell that Gaura does not want to fulfill her promise, so they should take Vidya with them. Kokila stops her followed by gopi. Kadambari’s bahus try to use their gun power, but Gopi warns them that her whole family is with her now and whole family surrounds Kadambari and her bahus (play ringa ringa roses).

Dharam tells Gopi that she does know these oldies, they press gun trigger like mobile buttons. Gopi says she will not let them do injustice to Vidya. Gaura tells Kokila that she lost her brother long ago because of her and now she will take revenge by snatching Vidya’s child. Gaura says she cannot even touch Vidya.

Kadambari throws Naiyaon floor and says she is inauspicious widow. Gopi gets her up and Kokila says even they are widows. Gaura asks Kokila not to intefere as she does not know anything. Kokila says she so shameless to see her granddaughter being tortured. Kadambari says they are old, but Naiya is young and anyone can fall for her. Kokila says she comendens her low thinking. Kadambari says she will take come back after child is born, until then Naiya will be at Gaura’s house.

Precap: Gaura tells Kokila that she will not break her promise made to Hansa ben. Kokila says Vidya is her granddaughter and she will not let anyone do injustice to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. HEI GUYS…….., What do you think about Naiya ?

    1. Hai Nisha…i read somewhere that “devoleena said she will be quitting the show if she should play a grandmother’s role…she is just 25 and she was not even ready to play as mother of grown up children,but still she continues..Now as vidya (gopi’s younger daughter) aka sonam lamba is shown pregnant in the show.soon devoleena will have to play a grand mother’s role..the young actress is not willing to do this…

  2. Whats wrong with dis gaura why is she mad on kokila as she know that karunesh is dead n will never come…feeling sad for vidya

  3. i hate gaura she is so mean and if shravan really loves vidya why doesnt he talk

  4. Gaura is one of the best vilians this serial has ever produced.

  5. Unnecessary story track of this naiyaa!!already lots of pblms arent come to end!!meanwhile this too!!lack of hppyness in the modi parivaar!!if they just strt to smile anothr tragedy follows!!

  6. Btw they just found out Vidya is pregnant so are you telling me the Indian people can also predict the s*x of a baby. Are they God to know it’s a boy. And even if it is a boy it doesn’t have the bloodline of those old hags wannabe dacoit. They might as well just kidnapped some Strangers kid or that lady should have had another kid after her son’s death

  7. Heard amar upadhyay(dharam) quitting the show!!…anybody know why??…hope he is not…hope its a false news…

    1. Hai priyanka..i too heard it…but it’s fake…dharam’s character will meet an accident but he will not die..and gaura will say that dharam died to put blame on meera…dharam is chill amar is not quitting..

    2. Nope he is not quiting the show..but will be shown dead in the show

  8. Thank you so much Anakha for the reply .

  9. i think that naiya will be married to molu…

  10. The present theme is worse .it irritates the viewers ..

  11. guys paras who plays the role of molu said that a widow character is being introduced for him so naiya is going to be paired with molu in upcoming episodes

  12. That will be a solution for all the problems..

  13. Thank you anakha priyanka info dene ke liye ki amar is not quiting show you gave me lots of happines bcz i am big fan him

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